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      Alice, Darling Reviews

      Mr. Hollywood
      Verified Feb 9, 2023

      The marketing to this was so disingenuous it will leave a sour taste. This aint a thriller or a suspense movie. Its about a woman who is in a toxic relationship. And I would say when youre told this, it doesnt feel earned. And the ending is just so plain. Not worth a theater trip, maybe a lazy afternoon watch but maybe not even that.

      Mr. X
      Verified Feb 6, 2023

      This movie triggered me in both a bad and good way. I was in a relationship with a narcissistic woman going through the same emotional breakdowns while trying to keep an outward look of strength. The love bombing followed by the the removal of my self esteem and of course the complete lack of any resemblance of privacy. I finally did put my foot down and told her goodbye and kept it at goodbye when she kept coming back from time to time. This movie made me remember all of that. semi spoiler I was so relieved and happy at the end that she was finally able to remove herself with the help of her friends and begin to rebuild herself. This should be required viewing for anyone who has been in a narcissistic and controlling relationship past or present.

      andrea b
      Verified Feb 1, 2023

      It wanted to be a thriller but NOTHING happened. Just felt long wating for something to happen.

      Isaac Foote
      Verified Jan 30, 2023

      The idea of this movie is better than the movie itself. It’s essentially a psychological thriller with too few thrills. Anna Kendrick was still great though and it’s not as if it completely lacks creativity.

      Verified Jan 27, 2023

      So disappointing - they could have explored this topic deeper. Neither sad nor suspenseful enough. No character development - we knew nothing about the main characters, which would have established motivation and relationship of the couple. The odd missing girl went unresolved.

      Emma B
      Verified Jan 26, 2023

      A beautiful and heart wrenching story that felt so true to life and the experiences of relationships and friendships in womanhood.

      Verified Jan 26, 2023

      I appreciated the subtlety of the portrayal of abuse, but also the subtlety is what I think does the movie a disservice. I think it would have been perfect if they had established the abuse a little more and explored the boyfriends character and their relationship a little explicitly. Same with the ending and the tie-in with the missing girl it was just all very subtle.

      I do not recommend !
      Verified Jan 25, 2023

      The movie was not good. There was no good story line.

      Jeanie Z
      Verified Jan 23, 2023

      Anna Kendrick put on an amazing performance!

      Verified Jan 23, 2023

      The difficult emotional nuances of emotional abuse and the complicated nature of friendships were well portrayed, a parallel process to the often tedious, slow, and difficult moments in relationships and life. While to an easy movie, it carries some important messages vital to consider.

      Verified Jan 22, 2023

      Triggering. Mental abuse is real, and remember that women aren't always the abused and men aren't always the abusers.

      Amelia S
      Verified Jan 22, 2023

      Was interesting but very slow moving and expected more of a twist at the end. Anna Kendricks performance was good though.

      Verified Jan 21, 2023

      It felt like an indie film, really raw and kind of unscripted. Everyone did their roles well and I like the way it was shot from waist level like you were in the conversation as well. I love Anna Kendrick I'll see anything she's in and she definitely did not disappoint here.

      Verified Jan 21, 2023

      Story line was fair. The tie in to missing girl was odd. Anna Kendrick was really good. Movie fair.

      Verified Jan 21, 2023

      Anna Kendrick did a great job. I wanted the plot to be stronger. Many people dont understand emotional abuse and the boyfriends character and actions needed to be developed more. Loved the maul. Rift between the girlfriends needed to be clearer. Again, Anna Kendrick did a fabulous job.

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