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      Blood Reviews

      Mar 12, 2023

      What's really sad is that this movie had a lot of potential. It's an interesting idea. But the direction, the script, the acting, and the plot just did not live up to the idea. That really sums it up. Great idea, interesting story - - just doesn't suck you in (pun intended).

      Feb 25, 2023

      I hate to say it but this is no different than 'Let the Right One In.' Like almost identical in terms of a child having a 'disorder' that makes them require blood to live a normal life. So the plot is all about how to manage the fact that your child needs blood without allowing them to kill humans to get it. And the fact that Hollywood continues to chase its own tail constantly, stealing ideas, lifting concepts from other, more creative movies...they might as well go full AI at this point and let a computer write the stories. Honestly, at least we might get a few new concepts once in a while. These constantly recycled ideas are getting old and it seems like it just keeps getting worse.

      Feb 11, 2023

      I enjoyed this movie, Michelle is such a good actress. The movie was unique and worth the buy. Looks like there may be a sequel based on the ending.

      Feb 10, 2023

      This was the dumbest dullest movie ever. No plot, no clever story, no climax, just dull boring misery and a boring illogical storyline.

      Feb 6, 2023

      Well-directed by Brad Anderson and starring journeywoman actress Michelle Lynn Monaghan, this thriller starts off slowly, with no indication of where it's headed. After about a half an hour, the plot takes shape and the middle section is mostly realistic. Towards the end, all hell breaks loose. I was riveted to the screen during the almost two hour running time. I subtracted a star and a half because of a glaring loose end (i.e. "the tree") but added back a half a star because a brief after-the-end-credits scene indicates a possible sequel. The line "I want more" you might recall from Interview with a Vampire.

      Feb 5, 2023

      If you like vampire movies, it's worth the watch. Pretty bleak with no happy ending. The idea is scarier than the movie itself. Good stuff though.

      Feb 5, 2023

      More of a family drama with horror elements . Shows more on how a mother would do anything for her kids deluding her on making a bad decision. i wont say it's the best vampire movie out now but certainly not bad watchable once .

      Feb 4, 2023

      it's morbius time, and, as far as the story goes, equally uninspired

      Feb 4, 2023

      mom does weirdo stuff no mom would ever do.

      Feb 4, 2023

      A definitely worth movie to watch after Let The Right One In TV Show

      Feb 2, 2023

      Couldn't look away! A modern twist to the age old question - what would you do to save your child? Is this an origin story?

      Jan 30, 2023

      A very good film . And very attractive as myself wanna see more films like this

      Jan 28, 2023

      Brad Anderson's Vampire Movie Bites into Addiction and Chronic Illness

      Jan 27, 2023

      Promising setup, fine actors, but fails to deliver on an emotional level.

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