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      Roald Dahl's Matilda the Musical Reviews

      Mar 21, 2023

      After less than 30 minutes of watching this movie, I had to turn the TV off and find something better to do. Honestly, this movie was not what I was expecting at all. Not only is it too fast-paced and misses important scenes, it completely ignores the significant parts of the movie. It also contains excessive bullying, even from the headmaster, but the worst part is, it sets a really bad influence on primary-aged children. The way Matilda's school 'gangs' up on the headmaster is atrocious. I understand she is pretty mean, but that gives no excuse to 'teach' children to rebel against their own teachers, even about small, petty drama. And, yes, I know it is a musical, but there is too much music, I was really getting a headache. If I could, I would give this movie a zero-star rating. I do not recommend it to anyone.

      Mar 19, 2023

      The amount of talent pours from the screen. While Emma Thompson and Lashana Lynch shine as Agatha Trunchbull and Miss Honey respectively; it's the children who carry the bulk of the weight in the film's musical performances. One sequence finds no less than 200 children dancing and singing perfectly and it's hard to get through much of the film without wanting to instantly rewatch performances. Alisha Weir is instantly likable as the titular character and the film is not short of phenomenal performances from all. One of the best of 2022.

      Mar 15, 2023

      The movie itself was OK (and my daughter loved it to be fair), but to call it Roald Dahl's Matilda is an insult to the fabulous author that inspired so many children. The storyline is so far off the book that it should have a completely different title. If it did, I might give it an extra star!

      Mar 12, 2023

      Most entertaining. Academy Awards is ridiculous... Not one nomination. Something is rotten in Denmark.

      Mar 9, 2023

      Esta adaptación del relato de Roald Dahl muestra una visión muy diferente de la primera adaptación ya que esta se baso mas en una obra musical que se hizo de dicho relato, así que se trata de una adaptación completamente distinta. Visualmente es una película decente con secuencias interesantes que la tornan surrealista. La producción es mayormente buena en especial las escenas de la escuela sumando el buen vestuario hacen que recuerden un poco a Another Brick In The Wall de Pink Floyd. La mayoria de las canciones son buenas y aceptables. En cuanto al elenco y personajes, Emma Thompson hizo muy bien su papel de Tronchatoro y se mantiene aferrada a la personaje original. Alisha Weir también funciono bien como Matilda y esta muy bien plasmada su personalidad y psicología atraves de las secuencias musicales y surrealistas. Lashana Lynch como La Maestra Miel lamentable no pega muy bien no solo por el cambio de raza, sino mas bien por su faceta ya que para dicha personaje, se pudo elegir una actriz de apariencia mas atractiva, aun así la historia sobre su pasado es impactante y esta muy bien la forma en que Matilda lo narra. Los padres de Matilda aquí son mas caricaturescos, exagerados y mas crueles con ella lo cual hacen que uno extrañe a los Wormwood de la primera adaptación. En cuanto al elenco infantil, hay niños que están bien y los que son amigos de Matilda merecían mas tiempo en pantalla. La historia esta buena, pero se omiten muchas cosas de la historia original ya que es mas breve y se centra mas en la escuela donde Matilda asiste. De cierta manera esta es una película que puede dividir a los que crecimos con la adaptación de Danny DeVito. Esta es una historia que no tiene mucha comedia y es mas sombría y seria cuyo momentos alegres y coloridos parten mayormente de los números musicales. Hay gente mas abierta que de seguro la disfrutara por sus canciones, argumento mas serio con un poco de humor y momentos surrealistas, pero también hay gente mas aferrada a la primera adaptación que de seguro la despreciara por tener otra visión y no tener la ternura y dulzura que caracterizaba a aquella versión. Lo mejor es verla con la mente mas abierta posible y otros ojos dejando a un lado la primera adaptación. En conclusión, esta Matilda es una película ubicada entre regular y decente que puede generar rechazo de quienes se aferran a la primera adaptación, pero ofrece una historia entretenida y conmovedora al verla como otra película diferente. Mi calificación final para esta película es un 7/10.

      Mar 7, 2023

      Exactly what I expected from a musical film, very well produced. Very similar to the west end stage show. However, was missing some key elements from the original film to surpass it in my opinion.

      Mar 6, 2023

      i love it a lot so good

      Mar 5, 2023

      It's a beautiful adaptation of classic.

      Feb 27, 2023

      Honestly. The only Musical movie I have ever enjoyed. I Personally think this version is better than the original. But don't me wrong I still like the 1996 version. I just think Alisha Weir was absolutely prefect for the character of Matilda and understood her.

      Feb 27, 2023

      i was so surprised how good this was. I don't know why people gave it such low reviews on other websites. This is worth the time to watch it. Not like the original. Better!

      Feb 26, 2023

      Matilda the Musical is full of nostalgia and catchy songs, giving a new generation the chance to experience Matilda and her magic. Besides, who doesn't enjoy being a little naughty sometimes? Matilda the Musical is the retelling of the classic 1996 film, Matilda. Matilda (Alisha Weir) is a young girl with a brilliant mind and a vivid imagination. After meeting a kindhearted and loving teacher named Miss Honey (Lashana Lynch), Matilda finally gets to go to school and get relief from her neglectful parents. It isn't all sunshine and rainbows, however, as she soon finds herself fighting back against the merciless principal of the school, Miss Trunchbull (Emma Thompson.) Matilda the Musical is a musical whose songs will stick in your head all day. The casting for this musical is perfect for the characters and the story, especially in the roles for Alisha Weir and Lashana Lynch. They are both able to convey the delicate and innocent personalities that are Matilda and Miss Honey. When they are on screen together, the only thing the audience thinks about is how they want everything to work out for them. Matilda and Miss Honey are the definition of lovable characters. The process of Matilda developing telekinesis seems somewhat rushed, though — it is such an important factor to the original story, and it might feel random or as though it came out of nowhere for some. We don't see Matilda building up her skills, so that is rather abrupt. The choreography, by Ellen Kane, is intricate and advanced. One of the concluding songs, Revolting Children, led by Hortensia (Meesha Garbett) and Bruce (Charlie Hodson-Prior) has choreography that has already become a fan favorite. The moves—combined with the talented dancers—capture everyone's attention. The message of Matilda the Musical is that if there is something in your life that you believe is detrimental, or not adding value, it's okay to move on. Matilda the Musical shows the audience that you don't have to feel bad for choosing something better for your life. I give Matilda the Musical 4.5 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 5 to 18, plus adults. Matilda the Musical comes out on Netflix in the U.S. and in cinemas in Ireland and the U.K. on December 25, 2022. Make sure you check it out. By Maica N. KIDS FIRST!

      Feb 25, 2023

      LOL, the funniest 01 hour: and 57 minutes ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Feb 25, 2023

      I'm not really into musicals hence I was a bit apprehensive but once I started I couldn't stop watching, what a story. Loved it! Love the classic version too btw.

      Feb 20, 2023

      Even though it is a classic, I wish they found a more kid-friendly way to have Miss Trunchbull throw the kid across the yard. I did enjoy the ending, where they explained who Miss Honey was and what her backstory was in the film.

      Feb 17, 2023

      My 5 year old daughter absolutely loves this. We have the songs on repeat, I think she's been really inspired by a lot of it. I enjoy it too, much better than listening to disney songs all day.

      Feb 17, 2023

      I loved this film so much. Such an uplifting and life affirming message. The people who have left such negative reviews are clearly dead on the inside and lack any sort of imagination. The film was fantastic and kids will love it.

      Feb 15, 2023

      The British know how to adapt Roald Dahl better than anyone. It's probably one of the most sweetest, heartwarming movies I've seen all year. People need to let go of their nostalgia and embrace a much better movie.

      Feb 15, 2023

      I don't understand why movie makers think they have to make a book adaptation so big and dramatic. This movie had so many moments where I felt like they were taking everything good about the book and then making it so big that it was unrecognizable, just like every corporation does nowadays. Like the chokey. There was too much of it. It's not supposed to be something that the Trunchbull enforces upon everyone once Matilda makes her mad. The Trunchbull I know wouldn't fill a classroom with chokeys, she'd stuff all 20 students into a singular one. Secondly, Matilda's powers. It's not supposed to be a superhero movie, but you could tell me that this was a PG musical Marvel movie and I would believe you. The emotion of how much Magnus is connected to the Trunchbull wasn't strong enough so they had to have that visual ooh-ahh of a giant chain mech at the end. I'm not impressed. Matilda's powers needed to stop at the chalk.

      Feb 14, 2023

      Well.. I love a good musical but there was lots wrong with this movie adaptation. Matildas "magic" has very minimal screen time, or explanation of its origin. The songs? What? Revolting children was great, but other songs I struggled.. Just when you felt they would rhym or hit or rhythm... They missed the mark. The touch of the travelling book library was a great addition, plus the back story of Miss Honey. However, past that, it was rather bland and if my children had asked to leave the cinema early I would of gladly obliged. Maybe a bit too similar to theatre rather than musical film, who knows. All I know is it lacked the pazaz and sparkle of the matilda we all know and love and rather than giving us some bang for our buck, it fizzled in the bucket of 2023. Emma Thompson, the librarian and Mr wormwood were excellent casts. The others such as Mrs wormwood lacked the lustre and the characature nature of Roald Dhals beloved characters. Overall, it wasn't terrible, but I think I'd rather have an early night than watch it again.

      Feb 14, 2023

      This is just great fun! I'm admittedly a fan of the stage production but that doesn't always mean things translate on to the screen (Les Miserables, in my view), but Tim Minchin's music and a strong cast of both adults and children has combined to deliver a great piece of family viewing.

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