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      Porter Hall

      Porter Hall

      Highest Rated: 100% The Petrified Forest (1936)

      Lowest Rated: 67% The Great Moment (1944)

      Birthday: Sep 19, 1888

      Birthplace: Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

      Cincinnati native Porter Hall made a name for himself by almost exclusively portraying evil, low-life characters in the 1930s and 1940s. While he was a gentle-mannered, church-going man in real life, Hall did very well for himself with his bad-guy image, aided in no small part by his bug-eyes and cold exterior. He originally mastered his acting chops on the theater stage, but it wasn't long before Hall made his way to the bright lights of Hollywood, debuting on-screen with two uncredited 1931 roles in the George Abbott-directed dramas "Secrets of a Secretary" and "The Cheat." He eventually graduated to side roles in films like the 1936 Cecile B. DeMille western, "The Plainsman," but Hall truly broke out in the late '30s, particularly with a role as Senator Martin Monroe in the 1939 James Stewart-starring courtroom drama, "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington." Though Hall always found work playing side characters, never fully moving to leading man status, he became a reliable character presence throughout the 1940s and 1950s, popping up in many high-profile pictures, including the 1940 Howard Hawks screwball comedy, "His Girl Friday," the 1944 Billy Wilder film noir, "Double Indemnity," and George Seaton's 1947 Christmas feel-good film, "Miracle on 34th Street."

      Highest rated movies

      100% Sullivan's Travels
      100% Dark Command
      100% True Confession
      100% Make Way for Tomorrow
      100% The Plainsman
      100% The Petrified Forest
      99% His Girl Friday
      98% The Thin Man


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      99% 90% His Girl Friday Murphy, reporter (Character) - 1940
      100% 70% Dark Command Angus McCloud (Character) - 1940
      No Score Yet No Score Yet Trail of the Vigilantes Sheriff Korley (Character) - 1940
      No Score Yet 64% They Shall Have Music Mr. Flower (Character) - 1939
      97% 94% Mr. Smith Goes to Washington Sen. Monroe (Character) - 1939
      No Score Yet No Score Yet Tom Sawyer, Detective Uncle Silas (Character) - 1938
      No Score Yet No Score Yet Wells Fargo James Oliver (Character) - 1937
      No Score Yet 45% Souls at Sea Court Prosecutor (Character) - 1937
      100% 47% True Confession Mr. Hartman (Character) - 1937
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      No Score Yet 22% Satan Met a Lady Milton Ames (Character) - 1936
      86% 54% The General Died at Dawn Peter Perrie (Character) - 1936
      100% 52% The Plainsman Jack McCall (Character) - 1936
      100% 80% The Petrified Forest Jason Maple (Character) - 1936
      No Score Yet No Score Yet The Case of the Lucky Legs Col. Bradbury (Character) - 1935
      98% 94% The Thin Man MacCauley (Character) - 1934
      No Score Yet 17% Murder in the Private Car Murray (Character) - 1934
      No Score Yet 55% The Cheat Unknown (Character) - 1931