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Shogun's Ninja

1980 1h 55m Action List
Reviews 55% Audience Score 100+ Ratings
Rival 16th-century ninja clans battle for possession of a gold cache. Read More Read Less

Critics Reviews

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David Cornelius As a film, it might be no great shakes, but as an action flick, it's fairly awesome. Rated: 3/5 Oct 8, 2006 Full Review Oz While it's a neat bit of schmaltz to make fun of over a few beers, it's really not a great flick. Rated: 2/5 Mar 4, 2004 Full Review Read all reviews

Audience Reviews

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Audience Member Fun nonsense with lots of fists flying and lots of blood. It would make a nice double feature with the western Keamo because of it's completely mismatched soundtrack. Rated 3 out of 5 stars 02/02/23 Full Review Audience Member Better watch something else. Rated 0.5 out of 5 stars 01/13/23 Full Review Audience Member Some niffty fight scenes and ninja debauchery. Rated 4 out of 5 stars 02/17/23 Full Review Audience Member The times brought forth a new protagonist of power Momochi Takamaru is the son of a shogun. When his father is slain, he escapes his household with a dagger that has a treasure map stored in the handle. As he grows older and begins to translate the treasure map, he decides to seek out the dagger with the remaining portion of the map. As he seeks the map, he is hunted by a rival clan leader by the name of Shiranui Shogen (Chiba). "I will inspect your faces!" Noribumi Suzuki, director of Roaring Fire, Sex and Fury, School of the Holly Beast, Girl Boss Revenge: Sukeban, Women's Violent Classroom, and The Secret of Flyfot, delivers Shogun's Ninja. The storyline for this picture is okay and not delivered as well as one may hope for a film within the samurai genre. The cast delivers uneven performances and includes Sonny Chiba and Hiroyuki Sanada (Twilight Samurai). "Sometimes life is harder than death." Shogun's Ninja is a film that came free with my Shadow Ninja television series box set. This was a sweet deal to obtain free as part of another box set; however, it was not as good as most samurai pictures and far below the expectations you may have for a Sonny Chiba and Hiroyuki Sanada picture. There is some dancing and action scenes that seem more like gymnastic routines than samurai genre fight sequences. Overall, this movie is worth watching as long as you're a fan of Chiba and don't mind a few awkward fight scenes. "You must wear armor made out of anger and pain. You must be like an animal." Grade: B- Rated 3.5 out of 5 stars 01/19/23 Full Review Audience Member This is a bizarre movie that requires the viewer to keep an open mind. iLike this movie. I especially like the awesome 80s soundtrack. Only complaint is that there are very few correctly dressed Ninjas in this movie. Good fun Rated 3 out of 5 stars 02/08/23 Full Review Audience Member I like ninja movies. This is pretty cool if you can appreciate the time this movie was made. Today would be a great time for a remake ^_^ Rated 3 out of 5 stars 02/05/23 Full Review Read all reviews
Shogun's Ninja

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Synopsis Rival 16th-century ninja clans battle for possession of a gold cache.
Noribumi Suzuki
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Aug 25, 2018
1h 55m