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      Con Express

      R 2002 1h 35m Action List
      Reviews 31% Audience Score 250+ Ratings Two agents (Sean Patrick Flanery, Ursula Karven) battle terrorists to recover nerve gas aboard a runaway train. Read More Read Less

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      Emanuel Levy EmanuelLevy.Com Rated: 2/5 Aug 22, 2005 Full Review Jamie Gillies Apollo Guide Rated: 36/100 Oct 30, 2002 Full Review Walter Chaw Film Freak Central The main problem of action films that rely on unused footage from bigger-budgeted films is that said footage has probably been excised for a very good reason. Rated: 0.5/4 Aug 15, 2002 Full Review Christopher Null Non-horrible. Rated: 3/5 Aug 3, 2002 Full Review Read all reviews

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      Audience Member I like this movie it's cool Rated 5 out of 5 stars 01/22/23 Full Review Audience Member This is a great film, except that it uses a plane crash from "Cliffhanger" and some train footage from another movie made in 1985 (from IMDb). Overall though, the movie is decent, and Sean Patrick and Arnold Vosloo lend a great air to this moive. Vosloo himself is a great villian. Ursula Karven is awesome as well, although her motives are a bit "personal." The pacing is ok, the dialogue is a bit stiff and forced in places (owing to the fact that Terry Cunningham is relatively new at this point). If you want a great "b" action flick, this movie is a great pick-up. If you want a slam-bang thriller, pass this one by, as it lacks that "punch" of many action films. Rated 3.5 out of 5 stars 01/29/23 Full Review Audience Member This familiar, far-fetched, formulaic actioneer about an indestructible Alaskan Customs agent, Alex Brooks (Sean Patrick Flanery of "The Boondock Saints"), and a renegade Russian general, Anton Simeonov (Arnold Vosloo of "The Mummy"), who tangle over three barrels of highly toxic Sarin gas boasts few surprises. Odorless, colorless and 26 times more deadly than cyanide, this lethal biochemical stuff has been stolen from a Russian facility, and Simeonov and his trigger-happy band of terrorists not only wipe out armed Defense Department troops assigned to guard the deadly cargo on the Yukon Express but also take over the train. Of course, one of the DD troops survives the massacre, but he doesn't last much longer. Simeonov discovers that the plans of mice and men rarely work out. Director Terry Cunningham and "Escape Velocity" scenarist Paul A. Birkett sabotage what little suspense that they try to drum up early into this 94-minute made-for-television melodrama with a garrulous question and answer dialogue scene between Brooks and two senior bureaucrats. Mind you, these two buttoned-down, suit-and-tie executives, Agent Rowe (J. Patrick McCormack of "Zodiac") and Commissioner Dunn (Michael Kagan of "The Chaos Factor"), are grilling our hero after the fact. Rowe wants to establish beyond a shadow of a doubt the moral and ethical values by which our hero conducts his life. Consequently, suspense gets the short shrift because it is clear that our hero has survived the obstacle course-laden adventure. Eventually, Cunningham and Birkett shift from this long-winded expository scene to the bullet-riddled action. A sexy Russian agent, Natalya (German actress Ursula Karven), who displays deadly accuracy with a pair of automatic pistols in her fists, teams up reluctantly with Brooks to apprehend Simeonov. She has a persoal vendetta to settle with the rogue Russian ruffian. Brooks and his team are inspecting suspected barrels of contraband material when all hell breaks loose about 15 minutes into the story and everybody starting blasting away at each other. Brooks learns that he has interfered with an FBI undercover operation. They capture Simeonov, but the evil Russian escapes when they put him in handcuffs on a flight to Washington, D.C. Naturally, Brooks and Natalya accompany Simeonov but survive a plane crash in the middle of the rugged, snow-swept Alaska countryside. Simeonov bailed out with the other bad guys. Meantime, Natalya manages to halt the plane on a mountain cliff with the nose protruding over the edge of the mountain. They trudge through the wilderness and warm up at a convenient cabin with all the amenities. This gives Cunningham an excuse to let both Brooks and Natalya strip off their sodden clothing. The hero and heroine parade around each other naked and inspect each for hidden weapons. Predictably, Natalya doesn't trust Brooks and they have a tough time bonding. Meanwhile, Simeonov sends a squad of his henchmen armed with assault rifles to check the plane crash to assure him that Natalya is kaput. When they cannot locate her body or Brooks, they cruise off to the cabin. A noisy gunfight erupts and our hero and heroine triumph over twice their number and take an SUV to catch up with Simeonov. By how, Simeonov has commandeered the train and everything is looking good, until he realizes that the throttle on the locomotive is jammed and there is no way to halt the runaway train. Before it is all over, including the train careening out of control and an avalanche roaring down on top of him, Brooks has to contend with another villain who has pulled a fast one on everybody. He arrives at a nearby airport as the villains are trying to get away on a twin-engine plane and uses to a semi-truck to stop the plane from taking off. Veteran actor Tim Thomerson of "Dollman vs. Demonic Toys" has a small role as Brooks' superior. Cunningham seamlessly integrates stock footage from three theatrical releases, including "Runaway Train," "Cliffhanger," and—believe it or not—"Stop or My Mom Will Shoot" into the action. Dependable heavy Arnold Vosloo delivers the best performance, while Flanery maintains his unflappable cool throughout the mayhem and takes a bullet in the shoulder. Altogether, this forgettable potboiler may take your mind off your problems, but don't expect much more than a minor distraction. Rated 2 out of 5 stars 01/17/23 Full Review Audience Member We all remember Arnold Vosloo from the mummy, I think he would have made a good character on the old prison break series. Rated 2.5 out of 5 stars 01/19/23 Full Review Audience Member I think this was an excellent movie! I love the course of action and Arnold Vosloo plays a very convincing russian General! I love it! very well put together... Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars 02/12/23 Full Review Audience Member just watched it startin my other favorite arnold vosloo aka billy zane look alike its good i gaurantee it Rated 5 out of 5 stars 02/04/23 Full Review Read all reviews
      Con Express

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      Synopsis Two agents (Sean Patrick Flanery, Ursula Karven) battle terrorists to recover nerve gas aboard a runaway train.
      Terry Cunningham
      Paul A. Birkett, Terry Cunningham
      Production Co
      PM Entertainment
      Original Language
      Release Date (Streaming)
      May 22, 2017
      1h 35m