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      Dancing Ninja

      2010 1h 37m Action Comedy Crime Drama List
      Reviews 33% Audience Score Fewer than 50 Ratings Ikki grows up learning acrobatic dance moves from a mysterious ninja master who forbids his enrollment in a martial arts school. When the master is attacked by an American movie star (David Hasselhoff), Ikki travels to America to avenge his teacher. Read More Read Less Watch on Fandango at Home Buy Now

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      Dancing Ninja

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      CJ Sheu Critics at Large It points up the utter ridiculousness of comic-book superhero conventions while wearing its love of comic-book superhero conventions on its sleeve. Jun 30, 2020 Full Review Read all reviews

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      Audience Member Baaghi By Shifuji Shaurya Bharadwaj Page 1/39 1 Sir, we profited 75 crores... ...from our Xantray fight club. 5O crores from Hong Kong fight club. 4O crores from Korean fight club. Raghav. . .vve found her! Where? Hyderabad. Cut! Cut! Cut! Move! Pack up! Baby injured...| am ruined! My daughter's worth 100 crores. Call the ambulance. Call a doctor! Sir...vvhere are you going? Wait sonny boy! Didn't you hear? I said it loud and clear... Pack up! What are all of you doing here? Pack up means pack up! Shooting resumes tomorrow. And this fake gun that you're holding. I must admit that action isn't my forte... ...but back home people use real guns with real bullets to unbuckle their belt. Like this... They shoot...|ike this... Take a look... Like this... Then fire... |... I was going to return your money! I mean... Dad what... What? Raghav! No, no, no! The local police can't help you. Sir... - Go talk to some Minister or someone. Now go! We can't take any action against Raghav. He's the reason we get votes. Page 2/39 But... - Sorry! I am sorry for whatever happened with your daughter. But the problem is... ...we don't have any extradition treaty with Thailand. I mean I can notify the officials. But it's going to take a lot of time. Rama! Rama! The film was already shelved 3 times. Impossible. Not even God can save my heroine, your daughter. There is someone. Yes. Look, Ronny. Subbu's test reports have arrived. And he can definitely speak again. All you need to do is arrange for the money as soon as possible. Because Dr. Robert will be in India only for few more days. 9K8)- You Ronny? Myself Guddu Sohan. Film Producer. I started making a film 2 years ago. And reshot it three times. My first heroine... eloped with her lover. The second one... got pregnant...and ran away. And the third one... Well, she didn't run away. She was abducted... and took her to Bangkok. Bloody... You've to bring her back. You.. I'm ready to pay any price. . This is her photo. Siya! Page 3/39 You need to bring her back... ...and complete my shooting. Never! Save her. You love her. Please. . . listen to me. Rama! Rama! Rama! Rama! He won't do it. He hates her. I was afraid that he might have stopped hating her. But there's something still left. Otherwise he wouldn't be so worried. What happened? Changed your mind? I'll do it... But only for money. Money? Sir, can you switch off your laptop? We're ready to take off. Thank you! Hey...! Why did you stop? Feeling shy? Enough with your attitude. You know I love you. Please rain...please rain. Rain so hard...and don't stop. You won't? You won't? Fine! I am not talking to you! Bye. Are you done? - What? Checking me out. Do I look fine... ...or should I lose some more weight? You must have read behind trucks! "Horn OK Please!" "Keep Distance!" Well, I was just waiting. - For whom? You, of course. I mean...if you're done, then... Page 4/39 ...can I talk to the clouds as well? You're crazy. Nice? - Who? Me? Your sense of humor. You'll really make it big someday. Really? - Yes. Everywhere you go, people will say... "Get lost." Where were you? Where's Daddy? PP Khurana, pride of Ludhiana... has entered South. Make arrangements for the shooting... Naidu sir...the heroine's simply the best. I've trained her in dance, drama and self-defense. She'll set the screen on fire. People will start a riot. They'll go crazy. Commit suicides. Burn down the cinema house. I mean...cinema will be revived. People will make temples in her honor. VVe||...the train's 15 minutes... You're too much. Call me back. Change it! I'll go change it right away. Oh God! "Lungi Dance. Lungi Dance. Lungi Dance. Lungi Dance." I'll go check why the train's stopped. Hello, sir. Sir, water problem on the track, sir. Sir, please sit in the cabin, sir. Please. Sir, please. Anything sir? Tea or coffee? Where are you going? Page 5/39 Outside. Your father will get angry. Keep seated. But daddy's out there. Listen. Hi. Stop trying to work your charms on me. It's not going to work. Stay in your limits. And please abandon any wrong ideas you have on your mind? Why do you think I'll only have wrong ideas about you? I can get right ideas too. You'll make it really big someday. But this is it...okay. Over. So soon? I am just getting started. "/ tied the clouds with my tresses. " "My vei/s slipping away. " "After staring into my eyes..." . . the ambiance is going crazy. " "And without a care for the world..." "/ am gonna dance..." "/ am gonna dance..." "/ am gonna dance..." "My heartbeats that's swaying..." " the rhythm of the raindrops..." ..are saying I must live free/y. " "Everyone's tapping their feet with me..." "...whi/e the earth and the sky's swaying too." "/ am like a breeze..." " can't get your hands on me." "/ keep flying away... with my own free-will. " "/ 1's hard to praise myself. " "The night stole my Kohl." "After staring into my eyes..." . . the ambiance is going crazy. " "And without a care for the world..." Page 6/39 "/ am gonna dance..." "Rain drops bouncing... My heart is announcing." "You got to take me away?" "Let's start jumping, My heart goes pumping." "/ love you in every way. " "As the raindrops fell on my heart..." "/ am gonna dance..." "/ am gonna dance..." "Everyone's gonna dance... " Hey...what's wrong? Dad's not on the train. - You sure? Okay, re|a. I'll check. - Okay. You're here? No, I am under the train. Come on. Found him! Not yet. Found dad! Not yet! He's on the train. Come on! Hey! Welcome. All Well? - Very well. Father. - Hmmmm. I thought this time...'|| choose someone else as captain for the boat race. I've been doing it for seven years in a rovv. Its tradition, son. Only the best student of this academy can become the captain. You're not a kid anymore. Always feeding me the first morsel. - l'll always be a kid for you. This time you'll have Page 7/39 to stay back longer. I'm not sending you back until I don't get you married. Teacher? OKay... Well, dad sent a letter for you. Just a minute. So sorry... Just a minute. Yeah. Yes. "Dear Kailash, my friend." "By the time you receive this letter, I'd already be dead." "My illness is beyond any cure." "While fighting for our country in the army..." "...we completely forgot that we need to protect our family and children too." "My son turned out to be a rebel." "He never follows any rules." "He likes picking a fight without a reason." "Earlier his actions would amuse me." "But now... one thing always scares me." "What will happen to him after me?" "This concern won't let me die peacefully." "Save my son." "Turn him into a human being. I request you." "Your friend, Col. Samarjeet Singh." Hovv old are you? - I am 23. I am sixty-eight. Hovv old is that in English? Don't lie. ls it true? That's. . . pretty impressive. Nice. I see you like fighting. Only when someone forces my hand. Maybe you weren't prepared. Come. Page 8/39 I don't attack women, children and old guys. Don't be scared. Try again. Look. ..don't force me. Room no.29. You sleep after I sleep... ...and vvakeup before I do. What's 68 in Hindi? Sixty-eight. Hi. Harish Shivraman. This is Subbu. He can't speak. OKay... Where's your bed? Bed. - Fine. Now turn on the AC. AOs on. Fridge? Fridge! We||...wi|| I get something to eat... You must cook yourself... Not just for yourself, but everyone. Today is a special day. Vallam Kalli Boat Race! Yeah! Vallam Kalli... the Boat Race has begun! Around 15 teams have participated this year. And there's a new team participating as vvell... ...which looks like the biggest competition here. Raghav. Hey move. Raghav, where are you going? We've won the trophy. We're supposed to collect the trophy back there. Where are you going? S1 Who are you looking for, Raghav? Run! You? Page 9/39 So you remember me. Hovv can I forget? You know I felt so guilty. After meeting me? Yes. A boy that missed his train. I missed it intentionally. I thought...what the point of catching a train... ...that has no beautiful girl. Hey...where are you going? Stop staring. And praise me if you want to. Don't you have anything better to do than getting wet in the rain? Don't you have anything to do rather than following me? you live in this town? No. I came here to meet my grandma. That's great. I mean...we can meet every day. Any special reason for us to meet? Every time we meet it starts to rain. Even God wants us to meet. See that Lighthouse. They say that the town looks absolutely beautiful from up there. I really want to know. Let's go there. Come on, let's go. You really are going to make it big. Shall we go? Come on... If there's connect between us... ...then net time it rains... We will meet again. Maybe. Wait. Wait. Let's have some fun. What say? Dude, this guy's amazing. KurusvvamFs son. He's the world champion. Let's go. Page 10/39 Come, come. Raghav. This is their nap time. Sorry, father. I was only practicing. Did you eat yet? Hovv can I eat without you? I am waiting. What girl... Forget that girl. Don't ever make that mistake of forgetting her. Just a minute. One can even find God if you truly seek Him. Why can't you find a girl? Sure you will. I can't find the opener. - Allow me. Give it. Oh no...| drank some of it. . I'll drink it. You won't understand his case. Let me explain you. Question no.1 ...are you from Punjab? With one look I can say where one belongs from? For example... This chicken? Can you tell me whether it's home-grown or farm-bred? Give up? I'll tell you. It's from the farm. It's uncooked. That one's better. No, no...these are uncooked too. Everything on this table is uncooked... Then you don't eat it... You'll get a stomach-infection. Don't touch. ls she a stuffed-bread or a rice-cake? She's a girl. Then stop wasting Page 11/39 your youth over beer. Go find her. Your sweetheart. And shower all your love on her. You... - Father? Don't worry about the father. Let him go to hell. If the boy and girl are willing, to hell with the father. Hey rice-cake, stop drinking, you're drunk. Drink some Sambar instead. Do you have change for 1000 rupees? I'll get it. Sir. Sir... I am drunk. No matter hovv early I wake up... But no student could ever vvakeup before the Teacher. What the... What's your problem? Go! Come on! Go! Come on! Come on! You? Here? Oh. remember? Of course, champion. Who is it? Are you |\/Ir. PP Khurana? Myself Nainsukh Khurana! PP Khurana died yesterday. Died? How? I don't know how. He borrowed 50,000 from me... ...and said he'll double the amount. But all he gave me was double-shock. Do you have change for 1000 rupees? Last note left for buying rations. Hovv much is that? Not 1000. - It's okay, I'll manage. Were you supposed to take Page 12/39 something from him too? - No. We're here to give him something. I you're the generous kind. Come in. Please, come. - I was rehearsing for my play... The apple of my Mama's eye... Nainsukh, the poor boy. And emotional saga. Get some tea, dear. 9K8)- She makes very nice. What are you doing here? - Tea. I'll make go. He has many kinds of business in Hong Kong. I see... A turnover of 5000. 5000? 5000 crore. Look...coming to the point, I really like your daughter. And I want to marry her. |see...! Shouldn't your father be discussing this with me? According to our customs, it's always the elders that bring marriage proposals. Well, that's okay. Thank you for the offer. Tea, please. Please have. Have a cup. Where's Siya? - She's inside. I see... I wonder why she's being so coy. Oh...these silver cups are always too hot. V\/e||...Siya's been getting such offers since she was a kid. She just recently signed a film... ...and soon she'll star Page 13/39 of the film industry. I accept...your turnover's more. But don't mind, you're a bit older as well. Fine, fine...|et's do one thing. Hovv about you ask Gandhiji? - Meaning. Kusum! Yes. Who can be above him? He's the Father of our Nation. Take the bag, it's a token. So should I consider this a yes? Just find an auspicious date. Okay. . . bye. See you, friends. Bye. Stop pouring here. Rain on his house too. So that duffer knows I am waiting for him. Fine...laugh all you want. Laugh all you want. I don't love him or anything. If he would've been here... ...| would've made him friends. His bad luck! Are you done? If you're done. can I talk to the clouds too. You're really going to make it big. "/ am your benefactor. " "My heart shares a bond with yours." "/ can't live without you." "Te// me what to do." "What I0 do? " "What I0 do? " "Gir/ I need you. " "Gir/ I need you. " "Gir/ I need you. " "Never leave you. " "Gir/ I need you. " "Gir/ I need you. " "Gir/ I need you. " "Never leave you. " Page 14/39 "From dawn to dusk..." ../'// spend in your arms." "Keep your face in front of my eyes... and let you dwell in heart." "Your bewitching eyes... I can't live without them." "/ can gulp it down... And become a drunkard for you." "l can't get over your intoxication, l'll forget the entire world." "O gir/...every time I see you, My restlessness is growing." "Gir/ I need you... It's happened for the first time." "Gir/ I need you... I wonder how it's happened." "Gir/ I need you... It's happened for the first time." "Gir/ I need you... " "Never leave you. " "/'ve saved my moments for you." "/'ve given you my heart... without asking for anything." "My eyes get drawn towards yours, what do I do?" "What do I do?" "What do I do?" "What do I do?" "Gir/ I need you... " "Gir/ I need you... It's happened for the first time." "Gir/ I need you... I wonder how it's happened." "Gir/ I need you... It's happened for the first time." "Gir/ I need you... " "Never leave you. " This is really close to my heart. Don't ever take it off. My dad gave me this. You're really going too far. This is not some hotel. Listen, Teacher. I didn't come here willingly. Page 15/39 Yet I am ready to learn... but you don't teach me. And I never will. I don't vvant to learn this nonsense either. The Shaolins have the best Martial Arts. Chinese. World famous. l'll go there and learn. Wait. And listen. In 1542...Lord Buddha went to China from India. He laid the foundation of your so called Shaolin Temple. He...taught the '18 hands of Buddha technique... the monks there. And it's a part of our 'Adavugal' from our Kalhari. And for thousands of years...'s been practiced as Vadakkan Style of Kallaripattu. But you won't understand. Sober yet? Yes. When a deer wakes up in the jungle... ...he thinks, if I don't run with all my might, then I'll die. The same morning, a lion wakes up and thinks... ...if I don't run with all my might, then I'll die of starvation. Whether you're a deer or a lion, you must run. There's not much of a difference... ...between a rebel and a soldier. It's their motive that makes them a rebel or a soldier. Be a rebel. Be a rebel! But for a cause. Do you want to train Page 16/39 furthermor go back? When did we ever begin? Your training began from day 1. "Come on getmget up now." "Fi// your nerves with passion." "Nothing is easy here." "Make your own way. " "Work hard. ..sweat it out. " "No tiring here." "/f you want to win it here." "Prepare yourself. " "Get ready to fight. " "Get ready to fight. " "Get ready to fight. " "Get ready to fight. " "Get ready to fight. " Hey... You're good man. - Thank you so much, sir. Not sir. . . Raghav. Keep it up. Someday I'll call you to Bangkok. Really? Yeah. Siya...does this look special? It's for teacher. It's just awesome. Subu...come on, do this. Hovv much? Rs. 1O -lsee... Oh, it fell down. Ohh...that idiofs coming here too. Dad! Dad? He's your dad. - Yes. Okay, bye- - Go, g0, 9- Ronny... My second cousin lives on the third floor. - That one? That window... Hello, uncle. Page 17/39 - Where did your Juliet go? You shou|d've introduced me to her. What uncle? Net time for sure. I am so sorry. Hovv about a beer? - I stopped drinking. But you didn't stop treating others? So. . . how's your Juliet? Did you kiss her yet or not? - Let it be, uncle. Why should I tell her? - So what? No need to be shy. Tell me. l'll be really happy if you kissed her. You did...didn't you? Yes. I am really happyYou'll have to buy me two beers. All I need is your blessings. Always... What happened? These ladies rings are not lucky. Take it off. Are you getting married? Yes. - When? I haven't thought about it. - Don't even think about it. He didn't pay me. Run away. Get lost. This is not a threat... it's just an advice...from an elder. You always talked about Romeo's and Juliefs. What happened at the end of those stories? Move aside now. I have to go, move. I'll marry only Siya... Even if I have to... get rid of him forever. Page 18/39 What did you say? Greetings, sir. Get rid of him forever? Will you kill him? Father...| love that girl. Humans can achieve victory over someone with his power. Make him bow. But never attain love. I won't allow this injustice as long as I am alive. Sorry, father. I've finalized your wedding date. Yes. We must go to Ivlangalore tomorrow... give the auspicious token. Thank you so much. Ronny, come. Raghavs sent for you. - Raghav! Me? Just 5 minutes. Let the kid finish his ice-cream. What do we do until then? Huh? Play volleyball? You decide. Sorry, sorry. Don't touch the kid. - Sorry. My mistake. Please... Please... I am sorry. Bye, son. Finish your ice-cream and come soon. Subbu! Subbu! Wait! Subbu! Come, come, come. Hey Subbu. Don't cry. No. I am right here. You want baby. Come. Please come, Subbu. Let him go. Page 19/39 No. Subbu! Subbu! Subbu? Subbu! Subbu! Look. You want the kid. Should I let him go? Should I let him go? Here...see. You okay? You okay? You're a kid...and you'll always be a kid. No one could ever match me...and no one ever will. Now this fight will end with your death. Raghav? What's this fight for? Hovv has that kid harmed you? You're the reason... coming in Siya's life. Siya? Yes...| love her. But she loves me. - Women only love power. You can't even save yourself... will you save her? I can die for her...can you? Then come forward. Come on. You're dead! What's the hurry? I am just getting started. Okay, okay...don't be afraid. It's a new life. I can understand, yeah. lam not the kind of girl you think. When I get a chance... ...| will kill you. This is what I love about you. You're different. I admit I came quite Page 20/39 late in your life. It doesn't mean I am wrong. Okay, okay, don't be scared. |...won't touch you... Until we don't get married. Marry... With you... I wish you had read The Ramayan. Then you would've known that it's not possible. Stories change with time. And yes...this is my city. Don't think someone will come to save you. I love you. "Your eyes. ..are uniquely charming." "Your breath makes my heart soar..." "Such is your grace." "Your eyes. ..are uniquely charming." Hey, what are you doing? Cleaning my tai. - Oh, this is not your tai. Didn't you pull the handbrake, the car's driving away. Wait, wait wait! No, no. ..sorry, sorry. He's blind. Do you want your license revoked? - He blind. on, blind. Okay, give me a hug. Hug, me? - Yes, hug. Sorry! Sorry! Jaaki Ivlaaki, did I do something good to her... ...that she's hugging me? Brother-in-law, think about my sister. That's exactly why I am hugging her, you rascal. You can't see the world... ...but you know exactly where my cheeks are. It's Valentine's Day... Page 21/39 She's gone. She's gone. We|| least this way I also cleaned my car. Brother-in-law. - What? Passenges coming. - Passenger? Yes. ls he Indian? - Doesn't look like one. ls he peeing in the bushes? - Doesn't look like it. ls he ogling at the girls? - Doesn't look like it. Then... - Then he must be Italian. If he's |ta|ian...he won't doubt us either. Brother-in-law...good looks, black jacket. Fair face...blackjacket. Italian! Chungking Street. He's saying Chungking Street. Think about my sister. Come on...come. Are you going to tell me, Jaki Ivlaki? 2 breaths straight, 2 degrees right... ...then keep going straight for 1O breaths. 2 breaths straight... 2 degree left... 1O breaths ahead. Slow. ..s|ow. ..s|ow. .. - Slow... Keep going. Keep going. Keep going for 1O breaths. Answer the phone, son. What's the point? Must be our creditors. Could be your sister too? - Why will sister call? You just recently became uncle. You haven't gone home for 2 years... Page 22/39 ...yet you're having kids. Shut up. - You shut up, you blind man. Abuse me in Hindi if you want. Otherwise the Italian will get suspicious. I won't get suspicious at all. Jaki Ivlaki, she's speaking in Hindi. Indian? Please don't complain about us. He's got a license, but he can't see. I can see, but I can't drive. Say something, brother-in-law. What can I say? I am in big trouble. Someone kept my passport as collateral. Even my car's mortgaged. I'm knee deep in loans. Haven't seen my wife and kids for two years. All I want is to go back to India, that's all. Look, I don't have time. - You don't have time. Then watch my Hanuman gear. You won't find a driver like in Bangkok. Lead the path, son. Brother-in-law, 8 breaths straight. - 8 breaths straight. 4 degrees right. - 4 degrees right! 5 breaths straight...straight. - 5 breaths straight. ls everything alright? Keep going. 2 degrees, left. Stop! - 2 degrees, left. Stop! Hail, Hanuman. - Hail, Hanuman. 4O minutes journey completed in 3O minutes. Be careful. Careful...careful...l love my taxi. He hit again. Page 23/39 - He tipped us vvell, brother-in-law. Brother-in-law. - Yes. Hovv long are we going to keep this up? - As long as we can. Until I don't go back to India. l'll keep driving like this. Who is it? - It's the Italian. Why is he back? What is it? Do you want to make more money? - How? Hovv much? 1O times more. - Yes, I do. I do. Come along them. - Coming. Lon! Lon! Lon! Lon! Lon! Lon! Lon! Lon! Lon! Lon! Lon! Lon! Come on Lon, the champion. Go! Go! Go! Come on, do it. Go! Go! Go! Yes! Champion tonight is Lon. Anybody wants to challenge Lon? Anybody? Anybody wants to challenge Lon? Bet everything. Brother-in-law, what was he saying? He says he will win, bet everything. What should we do? Bet it? Here's the new challenger to challenge Lod. Here. You do it too. There's a new challenger who's going to challenge Lon. Ladies and Gentlemen, Page 24/39 the new fight about begin. Come on. The Indian man is challenging the champion Loci. Hovv tall is the Italian? - 5ft 1O inches. 5ft 1O inches. And the other guy? - 7 feet! Huh? - 7 feet. Then bet everything on the 7 footer. We'll definitely win today. Okay, let the fight begin. Come on! He's down. He's down! "Plunder us, Durbeen. " "Plunder us, Durbeen. " Italian. He gave up his life for us. Jaki Ivlaki! Where are you? Hey...7 footer. Where are you? Thank you...for making us win. For sending me back to India. Don't send us back like this? Let me enjoy the show. Hello! Hello! These guys don't let you enjoy the game. Brother-in-law. - Yeah. The 7 footer is down. - Very nice. The 7 footer is down? Pause that! Cheers. - What cheers? We lost everything and cheers. See hovv we live, Italian. Brother, stay here for us. Fight again tomorrow. And send us back to India. I beg you. Page 25/39 This way. Why don't you join hands when you can see them? Please. - Yes. Please fight for us. - Plesae. We want to go back to India. Please. Should we burn him in the same flames? That will make him a hero in Siya's eyes. But we must do something. Someone else is going to do it. I never listened to anyone in my life. Rebelled against everything. But you turned this rebel into a human being. So I promise you... Everything you taught me... I'll take it further. I'll never take any wrong step... ...that can taint your name. I can never repay my teacher's favor. But I will try. So that one day the whole world will know... ...about this art in India. And a stubborn teacher. Who would never sleep... ...nor would he let his students sleep. What's going on? You are under arrest. You beat people up... Endangered lives at the petrol pump. Take him to the van. - Come on! Have you lost your mind? It's true, Siya. Your father along with Page 26/39 Raghav planned everything. Why would he do such a thing? To separate us! If he wanted to separate us, then he would've never bailed you out. So that you don't believe me. And I guess he has succeeded in his plans. You can think so low... ...| shou|d've understood this before. You will never understand, what a daughter means for his father. I thought you won't understand. By the time you do understand... will be too late. I will tread ahead, on the path teacher showed me. My train leaves at 6 o'clock in the morning. If you come to see me off... ...|'|| think you love me as much as I love you. Or e|se...? Or what? I haven't thought about yet... "Your footprints. my path..." - Ronny! Ronny! "Said to me. " "Said to me." - Ronny, no! "Your breathmentwined with mine..." "Said to me." - Don't cry like this, dear. Your father's gone to explain him. All the misunderstandings will be cleared. Your grandma is right, dear. Don't cry, everything will be fine. Ronny is not a bad guy. Look, dear. Listen to me. It's definitely something else. Your father is no saint. I am there, don't vvorry. I and your mother will explain Ronny. Page 27/39 Have faith. Everything will be fine. Just stop crying now. Daddy. Oh, God! What happened? You're bleeding. Khurana is still alive, I am alright. Go inside. on, God! Mother... I am fine. Come...come Kusum, let's go inside. Who did it? Let it be, dear. Who did it? Ronny. - Ronny? I was only explaining him, that he's got the wrong idea. Come back, talk to her. But he hit me, dear. I am greedy, fraud, lowlife... and many other things. And thismring, he threw it on my face. Ronny was really angry, dear. Raghavs after us too. And now this boy. Everything will be fine, dear. Everything will be fine. Nothing will be fine. Now we won't stay here. We'll leave this city tomorrow. "There's something like you... in these tears trickling down my face." "/ wouldn't be lost in these tears." "/f you had been here..." . . I wou/dn I have cried. " "/f you had been here..." . . I wou/dn I have cried. " "/f you had been here..." . . I wou/dn I have cried. " "/f you had been here..." . . I wou/dn I have cried. " Open the door. Page 28/39 - Who is it? Who is it? WhawVVho? S happSning? I guess they are here. Who? Who's here? Rats? Out of their burrow? Meaning? Open. Let's make them run. Run. Where are you going? Catch them! Goons are coming after that Italian. Why are they coming after us? Goons. Run. Right. Right. Run. Come on, move that side. Run! Run! Come on, catch them. Let's take the car. Where? Where? - 2 breaths straight. Come on. Straight. Straight. Goons are after us. Stop fooling around. Brother-in-law. . . basket. . .jump. Basket...jump! Table-roll! Table-roll! - Table-roll! Now? Left. Left. Run straight. Where are you going? Eat some cabbage. I'll get you in the Olympics. Straight! Straight! What straight? I won't run. And anyway, the lands here... There you are Sukhi, I was speaking that way. Page 29/39 Sukhi. My brother. I can't run anymore. Why don't you ask some aunty, to lift me up. And sing that sad song... "Plunder us Durbeen. " "Plunder us Durbeen. " "Plunder us Durbeen. " You sound so different... You dare hit your brother-in-law. Not everyone's Sukhi. Straight. Two breaths straight. I don't have 2 breaths left to run straight... Turn right. Right? Take right... Where is Indian fighter? I am right here. Where's Biju? Where is he? 24, Cut Square. Biju. Oh, God. Biju. Hey. . . Ronny, you here? Where's Siya? Look...vvhat you're a big mistake. Biju. - Wait, wait, wait. Where's Siya? Look. . . listen to me. Raghav is no smalltime criminal. No one can think of getting to him... ...unti| he doesn't want them to. Get me? Hey...vvait a minute. You want to know, don't you? |...|'|| tell you everything. That building's entrance is guarded by armed guards... ...meta| detectors and -ray machines. |\/ can't even Page 30/39 take a needle inside. Elevators can only be accessed through fingerprint. Raghavs private army is on every floor. Professional Killers, Swordsmen. .. Martial Artists! Raghav brings fighters from India... ...and gets them killed out here. And even if someone manages to escape them... ...then before he can get to Raghav, he has to face Yong. And Yong isn't human being, he's a killing machine... mimported from China. Above all this is Raghavs penthouse... ...where he's kept Siya right now. I promised...| won't touch you until we're not married. I am sorry. Hey, stop! Leave me! Now touch me. Stop. Siya? siya, you okay. Siya. Siya, no. No! Somebody call the ambulance. Hello. Yes. Raghav. What? I am coming. I'm coming right away. Raghavs taken Siya to the hospital. Which hospital? Sorry, Ronny. I can't tell you. - Biju. Please. I don't have much time. Which hospital? - Look, Ronny. I beg you. - Biju. Please. There's nothing more I can say. Raghav will kill me and my family. No, no, no. Page 31/39 - Ronny, listen to me. Ronny, no. - No. I beg you Ronn NO! YStop, brother-in-law. Stopped. Wait for my phone call. Careful. Careful. Even he's breaking the car. Let him sit here, and I'll lie down in his place. Brother! Brother! Yong, what the hell are you doing? Sir, actually his brother isn't answering his phone. So he's worried. Where's Biju? - He's on his way, sir. Medicine time. Brother... - Kim, where the hell have you been? I am in the car. In the car? - Locked up? Locked up? Indian? Indian? Okay, don't move. Don't hang up, I am coming. Let's go. Ma'am. Ma'am. Who are you? I am calling security right now. Kim! Hey open the boot. Kim? Hey you. Keep moving. Stop there. Turn around. Remove your mask. You made it this far, Page 32/39 hovv will you get out now? Game over. I said it before...and I'll say it again. I'm just getting started. No... - Take another step and I'll cut her. Don't...don't...take it off. Doesn't make a difference to me. Guns down! Okay, okay... You too...guns down. - Okay. Now don't move. Go. Siya. Hey, Indian! Stop. Careful, I love my taxi. Brother-in-law, go, go, go, fast. Shoot him. Did I run-over a dog? Say something. No, no, no. Don't shoot. Don't shoot. - No! Open the boot. - Open it, brother-in-law. Hey, stop. Don't shoot Kim! Kim! Kim! No! No, no, no need to be worried. I've arranged for everything. This boat will take you to Karabi. I've called Vibhu, he'll come see you. He's an Indian, runs a resort. He'll get you a passport as well. Dear. Siya. Yes. I don't know whether this Hanuman Page 33/39 can ever go back to India or not. Whether l'll get to see my family or not. Siya, don't let go of this hand. Brother-in-law. The boatman is saying we leave now. - It's okay. Best of luck. - This way. This way. Best of luck. Yes? Who are you talking to? Madam came back halfway. - Siya. Why did you come back? What's this? Whatever it's very expensive. All your dreams...vvi|| come true. Siya. Thank you. Go! "Your footprints. my path..." "Said to me. " "Said to me. " "Your sweet smile. ..on my face..." "Said to me. " "Said to me. " "There's something like you..." " these tears trickling down my face." "/ wouldn't be lost in these tears." "/f you had been here..." . . I wou/dn I have cried. " "/f you had been here..." . . I wou/dn I have cried. " "/f you had been here..." . . I wou/dn I have cried. " "/f you had been here..." . . I wou/dn I have cried. " We||'|| be a free bird tomorrow. I didn't expect you would come. Even I didn't epect a lot of things. Sorry. What for? Page 34/39 I had to show you my face again. I didn't send you an invitation. Thanks anyway. What for? I didn't come because we ever had something. I am getting paid for what I did. I knew you would make it make it big someday. But remember one thing. I don't need you. I cou|d've escaped myself. I've run quite far. Ronny. "/ couldn't live a moment..." "...afterl separated from you... hear me. " "Without you my heart was furious." "Now that we're back together, it says." "/ am overwhelmed by your /ove..." "/ am complete/y yours..." "l am no longer's all you. " "/ am charmed by you..." "/ am complete/y yours..." "l am no longer's all you. " "/ 1's all you. " "/ 1's all you. " "/ 1's all you. " "The moment you're with me..." "/ feel alive that moment." "When I got you, I got everything." "/ have no more desires left." "The moment you're with me..." "/ feel alive that moment." "When I got you, I got everything." "/ have no more desires left." "/ am made for you. " "Without you.../ am useless. " "l am no longer's all you. " "/ 1's all you. " "/ 1's all you. " "/ 1's all you. " Ronny! Page 35/39 Ronny! Leave me. Ronny! You were just a student at the academy. Did you forget the difference between successor and claimant. Her love is my weakness. I wasn't a Raavan...but I am now. In this Ramayan, Ram has to die. Finish him, Biju. Ronny. Leave him. Ronny. And that's for my vvife, you murderer! Noll Noll "My feet were stiff like the earth." "Why did my eyes get wet?" "You said the heart is God's abode." "So why did you leave me like a stranger. " "There's something like you..." " these tears trickling down my face." "/ wouldn't be lost in these tears." "/f you had been here..." . . I wou/dn I have cried. " "/f you had been here..." . . I wou/dn I have cried. " Look...he's in the other world now. What happened so far... ...vvasn't nice. But forget it. Let's start a new life. I promise you... ...|'|| treat you with lots of love. Say yes to the wedding willingly... ...othervvise I'll send you where he is. I won't have to go anywhere to meet him. He's coming here. What did you say? He's coming here. Page 36/39 When? Why, Biju? Vvhy? Because he's right. 'Biju - My fight is not with you... it's with Raghav. We've an intruder in the building. Whoever kills him, I will reward him personally. Welcome, Ronny. Let's have some fun. Siya. Yong. Kill both of them. You kill my brother. You | think you can fight. We fight. ..Chinese fight. Sorry... Chinese stuff doesn't last too long. Only one of us can go out alive. Me or him! You can go back from here. A few months training doesn't make you a champion. It takes years. There's a difference between horses and donkeys. Come on. Come on, fight. That's it? That's it? Champion, huh! I even killed my father for her. You're nothing. Master's still alive. He still runs through my veins. You maybe his blood. But I have his talent. Oh really! That's why you were flat on the ground... ...and I am standing on my legs. What's the hurry? I am just getting started. Are you ready for this? Page 37/39 I am just getting started. "Come. . . come. . . come. .. Get up now. " "Let that passion run through your veins." "Nothing's easy here." "Make your own path." "Work hard and sweat it out. " "No tiringmno stopping here." "/f you want to win here..." "Then prepare yourself. " "Get ready to fight. " "Get ready to fight. " "Get ready to fight. " "Get ready to fight. " "Get ready to fight. " "Life is tough here. " "Be tougher than that." "Keep moving ahead every second." "Get to the destination." "Make your future bow to your present. " "Don I think. . just do it. " "/f you want to win here..." "Then prepare yourself. " "Get ready to fight. " "Get ready to fight. " "Get ready to fight. " "Get ready to fight. " "Get ready to fight. " "We're going in, like there's nothing to lose. " "Nothing to prove, it's all about positive attitude." "Get down..." "mthen get back up again." "Come on, shake that force... Life is too short." "Put in your heart. . .put in your soul. " "Make an identity for yourself. " "/f you want to win here..." "Then prepare yourself. " "Get ready to fight. " "Get ready to fight. " Page 38/39 "Get ready to fight. " "Get ready to fight. " "Get ready to fight. " Page 39/39 Rated 5 out of 5 stars 01/20/23 Full Review Audience Member sappy but good. it's musical that doesn't really have a lot of actor singing scene Rated 5 out of 5 stars 01/29/23 Full Review Read all reviews
      Dancing Ninja

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      Synopsis Ikki grows up learning acrobatic dance moves from a mysterious ninja master who forbids his enrollment in a martial arts school. When the master is attacked by an American movie star (David Hasselhoff), Ikki travels to America to avenge his teacher.
      Mitchell Klebanoff, Kelly Sandefur
      Deboragh Gabler, Kim Hyun-Sung, Sean Lee, John Jungho Han, Adam H. Hurstfield, Danielle Na
      Mitchell Klebanoff
      Action, Comedy, Crime, Drama
      Original Language
      Release Date (DVD)
      Oct 8, 2013
      1h 37m
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