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The Squeaker

1965 1h 35m Mystery & Thriller Crime Drama Horror List
Reviews 78% Audience Score 50+ Ratings
Scotland Yard investigates a mystery man whose victims are found with traces of snake poison in their systems. Read More Read Less

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The Squeaker

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Critics Reviews

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Dennis Schwartz Dennis Schwartz Movie Reviews The B-film reminded me of one of those admirable Sherlock Holmes stories they used to show on late-night TV, especially the ones starring Basil Rathbone. Rated: B- Apr 9, 2015 Full Review Read all reviews

Audience Reviews

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Audience Member The first of the Edgar Wallace Krimi shot in Scope, this makes spectacular use of the format. With exteriors of `60s London, fog-shrouded streets, and high-contrast B&W angular studio interiors. Karl Lob's cinematography, (he also did Lang's 1000 Eyes of Dr. Mabuse) emphasizes every scene of social impropriety or discomfort - either for comic or shock effect. Even fabricating P.O.V. shots - from behind the teeth at a vegetarian's incoming bread stick, or from below a transparent sink basin for compulsive hand-washing action. Der Zinker's spring-loaded black mamba venom gun is used well, with a mid-plot sequence showing the unknown villain manufacturing it's crystallized projectile. Klaus Kinski is terrific as the creepy animal keeper named Krischna, fetishistically playing with a python, and crawling out of the animal's cage on all fours. From the opening shot, you know that regardless of Der Zinker's identity, Krischna is definitely not right. Peter Thomas' swinging score is very enjoyable, and complements his SF & Spy film soundtracks, even his re-scoring of Fists of Fury/The Big Boss. There is a great sense of playful fun about all of the murderous goings-on, and the finale carries that out well. Rated 3.5 out of 5 stars 01/26/23 Full Review Read all reviews
The Squeaker

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Synopsis Scotland Yard investigates a mystery man whose victims are found with traces of snake poison in their systems.
Alfred Vohrer
Preben Philipsen, Horst Wendlandt
Edgar Wallace, Harald G. Petersson
Mystery & Thriller, Crime, Drama, Horror
Original Language
Release Date (Streaming)
May 16, 2020
1h 35m
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