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      Family 2

      2001 1h 51m Action Crime Drama List
      Reviews 56% Audience Score 100+ Ratings A member of the yakuza investigates the murder of a crime boss. Read More Read Less

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      Audience Member Far too tame for Miike, it seems like a step back after producing some of his most controversial films. Lacks that Miike magic. Rated 2 out of 5 stars 01/28/23 Full Review Audience Member My only real issue with this one was that there was a recap of the first movie at the beginning which was WAY too long. And seriously, you could have just combined the two into one almost 3 hour movie. Miike does decent action with some compelling drama and character development. Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars 02/16/23 Full Review Audience Member What’s a tank doing here? Two brothers, who were the heroes of the first Family movie, spend the majority of their time training at a local dojo to sharpen their martial arts skill sets. In the first Family film, the brothers took down an evil mob boss. The boss is superseded by a melodramatic mob leader and a conniving female who runs the brothel side of the Family business. The conniving woman leads a war against the brothers, killing one. The remaining brother and his master at the dojo will stop at nothing to bring down the remaining members of The Family. “I don’t like girls who are slow.” Takashi Miike, director of Ichi the Killer, Sabu, Izo, Audition, Sukiyaki Western Django, the Dead or Alive trilogy, and the upcoming Thirteen Assassins, delivers The Family 2. The storyline for this picture was actually better than the first film. The characters were well developed and the majority of the action scenes were solid. The cast was well selected and delivered the parts appropriately. “I want to sniff around like a good dog and find out what’s going on.” I really liked the action sequences in this film and thought the fight scenes were solid; however, the final sequence on the beach was horrible and the cliffhanger ending was unwarranted (instead of having an 80 minute run time with 10 minutes from the previous film included, they should have made a complete movie with a 105 minute run time and no scenes from the previous film). While Miike made progress in this genre, which he struggled with in previous films, this is still not a complete picture worth your time. “The sounds of gunfire and explosions…what a waste of money.” Grade: C Rated 2.5 out of 5 stars 01/19/23 Full Review Read all reviews Post a rating

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      Synopsis A member of the yakuza investigates the murder of a crime boss.
      Takashi Miike
      Hisao Maki
      Action, Crime, Drama
      Original Language
      1h 51m