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      R 1995 1 hr. 31 min. Sci-Fi Action List
      Reviews 14% Fewer than 50 Ratings Audience Score A freedom fighter (Brigitte Nielsen) comes to Earth for the power source she needs to fight an intergalactic villain (Richard Moll). Read More Read Less

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      terrence w Excellent popcorn film that follows your typical 'find the glowie thing before the bad guy does' formula: That same formula that most Scifi B action films of the day had. It's got it's bad acting and silly themes, that are good enough to be watchable, and bad enough to be good. You'll love it. I spent the entire film yelling at the screen and making fun of "empowered space women" as well as the overacting cops: both who were great together. Even tho the film is listed as being a 1995 movie, it actually looks and feels like an 80's budget movie. Think the first Terminator, which was just as campy. It's in line with that level of effects and quality. The acting is all over the place: In some places it was great, others over acted, and some under acted, depending on who the actor was. The characters were all fairly cliché but all very likeable. The diverse acting abilities aside, They all played their parts to the best of their ability, and all took the film very seriously. Which is what makes a so, so, B movie really great and watchable. I liked the villains: even if unrealistic, they played their part so solidly, it worked. Special effect are very good for an 80's film, and better than some 90's B movies. Where this film released in the 80's, i feel that it would have done much better. Get your friends together, wear silly 80's cospay, and shout at the screen for an hour. You'll have a great time. Rated 4 out of 5 stars 03/31/23 Full Review Audience Member This film had a chick with giant boobs and big guns, fighting Richard Moll as a Terminator/Darth Vader bad guy with mobsters and all other sorts of bad guys popping up who are just over the top comical...and somehow...they managed to mess this formula up and make one of the most boring films ever. Let's start with the rating: R. This movie is easily rated G. There is no nudity. There is no blood. There is no over the top violence. There is only a small bit of language. That's it. Frakking language is the reason this film is rated R and there's barely any of it at all! A chick with gigantic knockers who posed for Playboy in real life doesn't even get nude once! Are you kidding me? And over the top violence is what makes the R rated B-Movie Sci-Fi community go round if you're going to try and pass yourself off as somewhat serious. The gun violence even plays out like a Three Stooges comedy...I mean...this is ripe for laughs and yet they play it off as serious. Now for the rest of the film: It's a Star Wars, Terminator, Red Sonja rip off that the cops of the film can't believe because they think it's a little too much like a Star Trek episode...seriously...frakkin' seriously. The beginning promises an intergalactic adventure with Harryhausen robot children, but then the film hit a budget limit or imagination limit and brought the whole shebang to Earth. You've got Sam Raimi who gets killed off right away, but he could have been hilarious if peppered throughout the film as like a side kick or something to the super heroine and then you've got Richard Moll as the main bad guy who gives a performance that is so...held back it's not even funny. I mean seriously, go for over the top or something. He barely raises his voice above a muted grumble. This film takes itself way too seriously. Then there's Brigete Nielsen who back then, looked semi hot but she has big knockers. She can't really act, who would expect her too, she's meant to be eye candy and she never even fulfills that promise. This movie is just disappointing. And on that note. I'm done. Rated 0.5 out of 5 stars 02/08/23 Full Review Read all reviews Post a rating

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      Felix Vasquez Jr. Cinema Crazed Everything seems to be going through the motions, including star Nielsen who at least looks damn good in tight black leather. Feb 9, 2016 Full Review Dragan Antulov Rated: 2/10 Oct 1, 2001 Full Review Read all reviews

      Movie Info

      Synopsis A freedom fighter (Brigitte Nielsen) comes to Earth for the power source she needs to fight an intergalactic villain (Richard Moll).
      William Mesa
      Executive Producer
      Eung Pyo Choi, Barry L. Collier, Paul L. Newman
      Nick Davis
      Production Co
      Interlight, Prism Entertainment Corporation, Morphosis Production Inc.
      Sci-Fi, Action
      Original Language
      Release Date (Streaming)
      Oct 21, 2019
      Sound Mix