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      Happy Naked Christmas

      2003 1h 49m Romance Comedy List
      Reviews 20% Audience Score Fewer than 50 Ratings A low-ranking policeman competes with a local gang boss to woo Min Kyong. Read More Read Less

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      jesse o This is a terrible movie. Surprisingly, for a South Korean romantic comedy there's no melodrama. There is sentimentality but nothing that would affect the quality of the film. The problem is, I can't really pinpoint anything that I really hated about the movie. Of course I can say that the story is terrible with poor progression and development, the characters are one-dimensional and not really interesting or that there wasn't any effort put into the "comedy". Yes, all of these aspects are terrible, but I didn't REALLY hate the movie even if I thought it was terrible. I just think the main problem is the story which doesn't really get to the point until, at least 40 minutes into it. And even then the film, until that point, did absolutely nothing of interest. It was "setting" up the characters but it does such a lazy job at it, that I believe the movie would've been better if you cut edited these 40 minutes out of the movie entirely. It's not like you would've missed anything of importance. The "funniest" scene in the film, which only gave me a couple of chuckles hence the quotation marks, would've been cut out of the film. It doesn't get any better from there though. There are multiple characters in the film, all with their own little plots. There's this one with this guy and his friend, both of whom are desperate for girls and this, literally, had no relevance to anything that was going on in the film. I have to question why this was even here, perhaps it was from a different script and they felt the need to tie these two scripts together. So instead of getting 2 shitty movies, you get ONE shitty movie. It's not like this is the focus of the film's story, but they do devote a large amount of time to this story that is unimportant and terribly unfunny. Perhaps I'm being generous in giving this film 1 star, because there are really no redeeming qualities to this film whatsoever. Again, i's not like I hated it, but there's absolutely nothing good about this movie. It's not funny, it's poorly acted and written. I can't really recommend this film to anyone because I don't think there's anything here to like. Awful stuff. Rated 1 out of 5 stars 03/31/23 Full Review Read all reviews Post a rating

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      Synopsis A low-ranking policeman competes with a local gang boss to woo Min Kyong.
      Geon-dong Lee
      Seung-beom Kim
      Romance, Comedy
      Original Language
      Release Date (Streaming)
      Dec 21, 2016
      1h 49m