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      Intensive Care

      2018 1h 20m Action Crime Drama List
      80% Tomatometer 5 Reviews 16% Audience Score Fewer than 50 Ratings Three criminals attempt to rob an elderly woman's home, but her live-in nurse turns out to be much more trouble than they bargained for. Read More Read Less

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      Intensive Care

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      Critics Reviews

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      Alan Ng Film Threat Intensive Care is worth watching for its charismatic lead, Tara Macken, who has good stunt and martial arts skills. But overall, the final product languishes in mediocrity. See it because you're a fan of the low-budget action movie genre. Rated: 5/10 Jan 15, 2019 Full Review Anne Brodie What She Said A salute to powerful women with a side of pain for the creeps who cross them. Jan 11, 2019 Full Review Christian Toto The film's lively star helps you forgive the story's considerable flaws. Rated: 2.5/4 Jan 4, 2019 Full Review Paul Mount Starburst A brisk, action-packed Tarantino-esque thriller that packs more of a punch than many of its low-budget, low ambition bedfellows. Rated: 7/10 Nov 21, 2018 Full Review Kevin A. Ranson ... more like a demo reel than an actual film... look what (Tara Macken) can do! ... driven to see how many stunts they can work in first and how any of it makes any sense second... Rated: 1/4 Nov 5, 2018 Full Review Read all reviews

      Audience Reviews

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      Audience Member Horrible movie. Poor writing, directing, story, details, ending. While the main idea was great (female gets a peaceful job and is force to kick butt, yes). But horrible implementation. Black ops that does not want to kill someone that tried to kill them, leaves weapons behind, never kills, locks up or long term immobilize an opponent. It is such a mess but not idiotic enough to make it funny. Waste of time Rated 0.5 out of 5 stars 01/21/23 Full Review Frank S This is about as bad as the movie could be. An ex special ops woman taking on three men who have one gun between them in house they're trying to rob. Just to show you how dumb it is she faces the men individually and they have the gun and she knocks them out leaves the room and leaves the gun on the floor for the man to get when he wakes up. If that's not bad enough it gets worse. Rated 0.5 out of 5 stars 09/17/21 Full Review Audience Member Girls martial art skills are good. Story concept is good. But this movie doesn't have that intense / tricks to hold the audience. Direction, camera work or presentation is just OK type, like "just i have to make the movie that's why i am making " kind. Personally i felt bored. Rated 1.5 out of 5 stars 02/04/23 Full Review Audience Member The stunts are pretty solid in theory but I am taking a hard pass on how they are framed in terms of camera work. Every hit clearly stops about a foot short of its "mark", and when hitting things is about all that a movie has going for it, that's a problem. Rated 1 out of 5 stars 01/22/23 Full Review Audience Member This is the most ridiculously improbable movie I've watched in a very long time and I have watched hundreds of them in the past few decades. The description of it sounded tired and trite but I have a hankering for movies with strong female leads who use their wits and skill to overcome seemingly insurmountable odds so thought I would give it a try. Bad, bad mistake. It started off promising, a woman quits a Special Ops team to strike out on her own on an entirely new path, as caretaker for a sick, elderly lady. But the lady's criminally minded grandson has his sights on her money locked up inside a safe in her home. He hooks up with 2 other crooks and together, they're like the 3 stooges on steroids, easily defeated by a Special Ops female, right? WRONG! The most infuriating thing about this movie is that when she gets the upper hand, she proceeds to give it back to the crooks, with a napkin and some lemonade. At least twice she knocks out a bad guy with a gun and instead of taking the gun, she walks off and leaves him with it, even when she gets shot in the leg and has to hobble around all bloodied. Guns are so useless when you've got a crippled leg anyway. She could have defeated these idiots within the first few minutes but prefers hobbling around from scene to scene, ignoring chance after chance to put an end to this maddening farce. I have 20 more minutes to struggle through before the end. If she walks away from a loaded gun one more time I may have to pull an 'Elvis' on my TV. Move along folks, no wits or skill to see here. Rated 1 out of 5 stars 02/26/23 Full Review Audience Member I never had a RT account but I made one just to rate this movie. This is worse than any student film I've ever seen. Bad acting, terrible script, no continuity,.... the quality of a x rated movie with no nudity. Rated 1 out of 5 stars 02/13/23 Full Review Read all reviews
      Intensive Care

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      Cast & Crew

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      Movie Info

      Synopsis Three criminals attempt to rob an elderly woman's home, but her live-in nurse turns out to be much more trouble than they bargained for.
      Jared Bentley
      Randy Bobbitt, Rebecca DeLuca, Peter Rimac, Kevin Sizemore
      Jared Bentley, Darrin Scane, Eric Storlie
      Production Co
      GKG Productions
      Action, Crime, Drama
      Original Language
      Release Date (Streaming)
      Nov 6, 2018
      1h 20m
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