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      Kill List

      Released Feb 3, 2012 1h 34m Mystery & Thriller Horror List
      78% Tomatometer 97 Reviews 58% Audience Score 5,000+ Ratings Events take a darker turn as a contract killer (Neil Maskell) and his business partner (Michael Smiley) carry out a new assignment. Read More Read Less

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      Kill List

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      Kill List

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      Critics Consensus

      Kill List is an expertly executed slow-burn crime thriller that thrives on tension before morphing into visceral horror.

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      J. R. Jones Chicago Reader Wheatly aims for something like moral complexity by having one of the killers believe in God and the other aspire to be a good husband and father, but once the graphic violence starts, it upstages everything else. Rated: 3/5 May 28, 2015 Full Review Andrew Barker Variety Displaying both a nasty edge and a playful sense of humor -- but thankfully, never at the same time -- Brit import Kill List is several cuts above its fellow midbudget horror brethren. Jan 8, 2013 Full Review John DeFore Hollywood Reporter Deeply edgy, gory crime film maintains perfectly calibrated tension before dropping a bombshell that will be too much for some viewers. Jan 8, 2013 Full Review Michael Leader Den of Geek Some may be frustrated by the coyness of the narrative, which prefers to leave integral storytelling threads up to the viewer’s imagination, but that is all part of the fun... Rated: 4/5 May 7, 2024 Full Review Justin Harrison The Spool Kill List is, by design, an extremely disturbing film. Aug 8, 2023 Full Review Brent McKnight The Last Thing I See An element of the occult, of some sinister, unknown outside force encroaching on the narrative, driving characters closer and closer to the brink of madness. Rated: A Jul 11, 2020 Full Review Read all reviews

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      Jeffrey P Spent too much time setting up the conclusion and not enough time on it. Rated 2.5 out of 5 stars 03/25/24 Full Review Gero C A perfect combination of action and horror. I didn't expect that it would go from action and suspense scenes to horror and gore scenes. Honestly, I was surprised and fascinated. The performances are incredible, the action and violence scenes are incredible, the atmosphere and the concept are incredible. Highly recommended Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars 03/10/24 Full Review Colin M A good movie until three-quarters through, when it became silly. Rated 3 out of 5 stars 03/04/24 Full Review Jeremy Maybe 35-40% of this movie is build up but it almost felt like unnecessary build up? If you didn't read that this is a "horror" movie going into it, you would think this is a basic sloppy amateur buddy hit man movie for the first hour. Then it changes entirely. I found this movie by searching "best folk lore horror movies Reddit". I'm gonna say that Google/reddit let me down on this one lol. This movie EASILY could've gotten a whole other star on this rating had it expanded on WHAT WAS HAPPENING AT THE END or why they happened the way they did the whole movie. Ever feel like you want to redo someone's film and then you realize you have 0 experience? Yeah. Weed. Rated 3 out of 5 stars 01/21/24 Full Review Rosie E Interesting yet due to its slow burn and overall feeling of uncertainty about what's going on as well as MC acting unlikeably it didn't slap the first time. Rated 3 out of 5 stars 11/12/23 Full Review Martin F As a movie, it is confusing but effective. Kill List takes a lot of time to prepare and to present the characters, giving dispersed clues here and there on something more sinister happening in the background. What looks like a drama/thriller turns, when the movie hits, into a full visceral horror with chilling visions and gory murders. We first follow those two mercenaries, one that found a new faith towards god and another one, the main character, who is more concerned about saving his family from falling apart. The mystery itself around their mission is slowly revealed, but at the end, a lot of it is left unexplained. As we only follow the whole story through the eyes of our hero, who is more concerned about saving his family, it makes sense that the movie focus on his trouble. That said, in the last fifteen minutes, forget all about the mystery and the characters development as the horror elements just smash anything else to reward the viewers expecting a horror movie. Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars 03/04/24 Full Review Read all reviews
      Kill List

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      Movie Info

      Synopsis Events take a darker turn as a contract killer (Neil Maskell) and his business partner (Michael Smiley) carry out a new assignment.
      Ben Wheatley
      Ben Wheatley, Amy Jump
      IFC Films
      Production Co
      Warp X, Rook Films
      Mystery & Thriller, Horror
      Original Language
      Release Date (Theaters)
      Feb 3, 2012, Limited
      Release Date (Streaming)
      Oct 1, 2016
      Box Office (Gross USA)
      1h 34m
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