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      Playing With Sharks

      2021 1h 35m Documentary TRAILER for Playing With Sharks: Trailer 1 List Playing With Sharks: Trailer 1 Playing With Sharks: Trailer 1 2:04 View more videos
      96% Tomatometer 45 Reviews 100% Audience Score Fewer than 50 Ratings Photographer Valerie Taylor becomes a trailblazing advocate for the ocean's most maligned and misunderstood creatures. Read More Read Less Watch on Disney+ Stream Now

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      Playing With Sharks


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      Playing With Sharks

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      A fascinating tribute to a pioneer as well as an engrossing act of environmental advocacy, Playing with Sharks makes up in enjoyment what it lacks in depth.

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      Alonso Duralde TheWrap A front-row look at an extraordinary life. Dec 3, 2021 Full Review Randy Myers San Jose Mercury News Taylor's tireless commitment to [her] cause and her love for what the seas offer are inspiring for young and old alike. Rated: 3/4 Aug 2, 2021 Full Review Natalia Winkelman New York Times Are we meant to recoil from sharks or care for them? Likely some of both, but the documentary comes out looking unsure. Jul 23, 2021 Full Review Mark R. Leeper Mark Leeper's Reviews PLAYING WITH SHARKS--THE VALERIE TAYLOR STORY, from National Geographic, tells the story of Valerie Taylor, who has worked to educate the world about sharks, and to promote conservation efforts for them. Rated: 8/10 Sep 18, 2022 Full Review Cody Dericks Next Best Picture It doesn't...dive as deep on such an important subject as Taylor warrants. While it features undeniably interesting historical moments, the filmmaking on display...does not equal Taylor and her colleagues' archival footage in aquatic action. Rated: 5/10 Jul 7, 2022 Full Review Zofia Wijaszka Daily Dead Playing with Sharks is a must-watch for everybody. Its a film that gives us an interesting insight into the life of one amazing woman and highlights the beauty of the ocean creatures that deserve a better reputation. Rated: A Feb 11, 2022 Full Review Read all reviews

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      Rodrigo F Un muy buen tributo a los documentalistas sobre la importancia de los tiburones y el medio ambiente marino!! Muy recomendable. Rated 5 out of 5 stars 09/21/23 Full Review lizbeth s Es una película donde tratan de dar a entender que es importante que el humano respete a los tiburones locual muchos no lo vemos de la manera que la persona que educa a los tiburones simplemente los humanos reaccionamos de una manera cruel y depredadora. Rated 5 out of 5 stars 09/21/23 Full Review Omar S Gran película y documental Rated 5 out of 5 stars 09/21/23 Full Review brad p Captivating Doc ‘Playing with Sharks' Chronicles Australian Icon and ‘Jaws' Impact Rated 3.5 out of 5 stars 03/31/23 Full Review Audience Member This nature documentary was really good. The entire crew did a fantastic job in bringing the story of conservationist Valerie Taylor to life. It was intense, inspirational, and incredible. It's about how great nature can be even if it can be dangerous. After watching this, it made me love sharks because they can be more than just a threat. People need to realize that even though nature can be dangerous at times, doesn't mean it's always going to be dangerous. It can be on of the most incredible things you would ever see. If you're a Disney+ member, you should definitely watch this documentary sometime. It's a definite must see. Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars 02/18/23 Full Review ranny l Many of us are completely mesmerized by Earth's oceans and find the species inhabiting these bodies of water very fascinating. What lies beneath the ocean's surface is both exciting and frightening at the same time. Species ranging from small macro-molecules to gigantic creatures that lurk within these waters offer us fear of the unknown. Valerie Taylor, a famed underwater filmmaker and shark researcher, has made a life for herself stepping into that unknown. Valerie's life story as a pioneer of close-up encounters with the most frightening of all ocean creatures has been made into a riveting new documentary film, Playing with Sharks. Within this film Taylor gives proof to the world that there is no need to fear some of our oceans most misunderstood creatures - sharks. Playing with Sharks is a fascinating tribute to Australia's Valerie Taylor, who has spent more than 70 years diving into oceans around the world capturing footage of a variety of shark species, including that of the Great White. As part of National Geographic's 9th Annual Shark Fest, this documentary chronicles the life of a woman who has gone from champion spearfisher to shark protector. Valerie's early days as a marine hunter was halted following a personal revelation that depletion of massive numbers of marine animals will undoubtedly change the habitats she loves most. Realizing that there are only 10% of sharks left in the world, it was an easy decision for Taylor to retire her spear and shoot these apex predators using only her camera. In what seemed to be the highlight of Valerie's career when her shark footage was used in the making of Steven Spielberg's 1975 thriller, Jaws, but it actually brought unintended consequences for these marine creatures. The movie Jaws unexpectedly triggered a heightened fear and complete dislike for sharks. In a race to quickly fix the tarnished perception of sharks, Valerie Taylor became a powerful voice for their protection. Sally Aitkins, Emmy-nominated director and writer of Playing with Sharks, has moved mountains with this documentary! Through remastered footage of Valerie Taylor's life journey, Aitkins shines a bright light on this living legend. The flashbacks to Taylor's earlier professional years is a great touch to the film and allows viewers to experience just how passionate Valerie is about marine life and her determination to protect it. The many marine professionals who share their experiences with Valerie also add a great deal to this film. The footage shared in this documentary serves as the evidence needed to move us from fear to respect for these amazing creatures who call the ocean their home. Playing with Sharks has many messages, but the most important one is the need for mutual respect for all forms of life with which we share our world. We live in a world driven by greed and disrespect for other living things and, because of this, not everyone understands that we all depend on each other for survival. When removing one link to a chain, the chain falls apart. We must find a way to better understand nature in order to appreciate it. In her lifelong commitment to conservation, Valerie Taylor has done just that - she has exposed the truth about sharks and has created an audience of believers that these creatures have for years been misunderstood. I give Playing with Sharks 4 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 8 to 18. Adults would especially enjoy this documentary. Playing With Sharks begins streaming on Disney+ July 23, 2021. This is a must see film for all marine lovers. By Dominic D., KIDS FIRST! Rated 4 out of 5 stars 03/31/23 Full Review Read all reviews
      Playing With Sharks

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      Movie Info

      Synopsis Photographer Valerie Taylor becomes a trailblazing advocate for the ocean's most maligned and misunderstood creatures.
      Sally Aitken
      Bettina Dalton
      Sally Aitken
      Production Co
      Wildbear Entertainment
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      Release Date (Streaming)
      Jul 23, 2021
      1h 35m
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