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      Released Nov 27, 2014 1h 54m Comedy List
      0% Tomatometer 13 Reviews 37% Audience Score 50+ Ratings When a corrupt judicial system lets a drunken driver off scott-free, four gym friends become vigilantes to avenge the death of their trainer. Read More Read Less Watch on Prime Video Stream Now

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      Shubhra Gupta The Indian Express It is the most amateurish piece of work I've seen in a while. Rated: 0.5/5 Apr 16, 2015 Full Review Anupama Chopra Hindustan Times Ungli is a half-baked, laughably simplistic drama about a gang of do-gooders who decide, and I quote here, to show the system the finger. Rated: 2/5 Apr 8, 2015 Full Review Lisa Tsering Hollywood Reporter Despite its intriguing and relevant premise, Ungli suffers from a too-tame and by-the-numbers directorial approach. This stuff is supposed to have viewers raging for revolution on the way to the parking lot; it isn't supposed to be boring. Apr 8, 2015 Full Review Manjusha Radhakrishnan Gulf News (UAE) The Ungli gang's vigilantism is never grand until the climax, and by then you may be past caring. Rated: 2.25/5 Sep 13, 2018 Full Review Shilpa Jamkhandikar Reuters While the premise of vigilante justice might be one of honest intentions, D'Silva sullies the cause by refusing to fill up the giant craters in his script. Jun 26, 2017 Full Review Nandini Ramnath The movie lacks conviction, spark and purpose, never coming to life despite a decent premise and cast. Aug 11, 2015 Full Review Read all reviews

      Audience Reviews

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      Audience Member Day: Tuesday Date: 10 Feb 2015 Time: 10.00 pm With: Maa, Azeem On: HDTV Rated 3 out of 5 stars 02/22/23 Full Review Audience Member When the film gets over you you realize that is point film should strart. What you see till that end is sheer crap. Rated 0.5 out of 5 stars 02/13/23 Full Review Audience Member The Finger, Middle to the exact ;) Rated 4 out of 5 stars 02/07/23 Full Review mirza m This one of the films Sanjay Dutt almost completed (Around 80% in this case) before his arrest in 2013 resulting in the delay of the film's release. Its pretty obvious as some of his dubbing are clearly done by a voice artist. Talking about the film, Yes! The film has an excellent concept, even though it deals with the routine corrupt system scenario, but the approach is really unique. Just when you think here is a film you can lap up to, the film falls down flat! A bunch of four, Abhay (Randeep), Maya (Kangana), Goti (Neil) and Kalim (Angad) after an unfortunate incident create a vigilante gang called the Ungli gang. Plagued with corruption, in every faction, every strata of the system, the gang picks up momentum and people's love by a series of actions. But soon enough they find a fan replicating what they do as an application to join the gang. Everyone is skeptical of Nikhil (Emraan) who poses as a law student but is actually an undercover cop, working for ASP Sathi (Sanjay Dutt) in order to arrest the gang. Direction & screenplay in films like this are never about its actors but about its director and its writing. Rensil makes a compelling film which doesn't shy away from taking on the system, much like his dreaded gang. The film prides itself in being a cross between a formulaic entertainer and relevant cinema and it makes for an interesting watch. However the screenplay looses the steam aftermath. The beginning of the film and narration of story of the protagonist is beautifully depicted . The later reel flips and falls flat heavily with unnecessary song and less-impacting climax. The screenplay works in in bits & pieces. A much tighter second-hour was needed. Milan Zaveri's dialogues, are however the biggest criminals of this film, especially the ones handed down to Sanjay Dutt & Kangna Ranaut, they are just down right stupid or laughable. There are a few laughs in there but its mostly the audience laughing at the horribly dated dialogs. There even exists a love angle between two characters which seems to only exist to give way to a song. The movie tackles the issue of citizens standing up against corruption in our awesome country. The last time I saw this as a theme done well was Rang De Basanti and that was a movie that sparked conversation. This leaves nothing with you. But to be fair the movie does point fingers (and about time) at something other than politicians for a change. Performance Emraan Hashmi is great. Donning his wicked smile, he plays a lackadaisical cop who finds his real calling in changing the system when he associates with the Ungli Gang. He brings out Nikhil's dilemma of being torn between what's right and what's not. There is a simmering intensity in Nikhil no one except Emraan could have brought out, sadly his screen time in the 1st half is very limited. Following up close is Randeep Hooda, who is robust and never over the top in this film. He is great in every frame and with the same grit. Kangana Ranaut doesn't get much to do & draws the shortest end of the straw in matters of the screen time. She looks gorgeous though. Angad Bedi & Neil Bhoopalam are fair. Neha Dhupia is passable. Director Renzil D'Silva (Kurbaan) had an interesting premise in hands & yet fails to make an impact. It seemed even Karan Johar, who has produced the film, was certain about the faith of the film & unlike this other films, literally had no promotion. Watch this movie if you literally have nothing (better) to do. On the whole, 'Ungli' is a half-baked fare. Rated 2 out of 5 stars 03/31/23 Full Review Audience Member to start with i didn't knew one bit that it has such a big cast :/ well the movie moves around our beloved corrupt system...have seen many movies based on corruption in the last few years but this one was the most entertaining of them all...the movie do loses the viewers attention quite a bit but not for long...a brilliantly executed light hearted take on a very serious issue deserves an extra star i feel for not being over the top dramatic....randeep was hot and cold for some reasons,kangna and neha dhupia didnt had much flesh to her character,sanjay dutt was in his usual tough from outside but soft from inside character,angad was superb too and emraan simply carries his entertaining self from ghanchakkar to ungli....a much better value for money than kill dill and other recent releases for sure :) :* Rated 4 out of 5 stars 02/23/23 Full Review Audience Member Abhay (Randeep Hooda), Goti (Neil Bhoopalam), Maya (kangna) and Kaleem (Angad Bedi) are friends who form a gang to punish the corrupt system and its officials. In no time, they expand their antics and put their achievements on the internet. The police brings in a honest cop Ashok Kale (sanjay dutt) to catch the gang and he in turn gives this job to Nikhil (emraan) who hates the system but is very talented in catching culprits. What happens from there forms the rest. The director has come up with a message oriented storyline and while the presentation was rich, the narrative was gripping and breezy. The dialogues were well written. The script was average but the screenplay made it better. The background score was melodious and three songs were worth watching. Cinematography was the main strength to this film. Editing was sharp. Costumes were stylish and well designed while the art department was natural. Sanjay Dutt was superb, Emraan Hashmi was excellent, Kangna was nice, Angad Bedi was apt, Neil Bhoopalam was natural. The one to watch out for is Randeep Hooda, he is a revelation. Neha Dhupia was highly seductive, Shiv was neat. Others did their bit as required and added value. The idea of coming up with a theme to fight against the system is quite old but it has enough potential to appease the audience if packaged rightly. In this film, the first half breezes off smoothly without any hiccup and the interval bang is also interesting. But the second half brings down the momentum and few scenes that were Melo dramatic but paces picks up before the climax, and the climax is great . Overall, this film is told in a simple manner, the film may have some hiccups, but all withstanding the film never gets too preachy or serious, it talks about a serious topic, in a entertaining, and funny way. Its a noble attempt, and i recommend you watch Ungli its entertaining and talks over serious problem we all face a corrupt system. A welcome change from the masala entertainers seen each week. 3.5/5* or 7/10 Rated 3.5 out of 5 stars 02/13/23 Full Review Read all reviews

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      Movie Info

      Synopsis When a corrupt judicial system lets a drunken driver off scott-free, four gym friends become vigilantes to avenge the death of their trainer.
      Rensil D'Silva
      Karan Johar, Hiroo Johar
      Rensil D'Silva
      Reliance Entertainment
      Production Co
      Dharma Productions
      Original Language
      Release Date (Theaters)
      Nov 27, 2014, Limited
      Release Date (Streaming)
      Apr 21, 2016
      1h 54m
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