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      Visible Scars

      2012 1h 42m Mystery & Thriller List
      Reviews 7% Audience Score Fewer than 50 Ratings A young woman (Jillian Murray) flees to the woods to escape her abusive boyfriend and encounters the ghosts of twin sisters. Read More Read Less

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      Audience Member It kept me watching. I intended on turning it off after checking quality in a horror collection DVD, but I kept saying "a few more minutes". Then it was over. I recommend it if you have a collection including this. It's probably better than the other movies on there. Psychological Slasher Horror. Rated 3 out of 5 stars 02/12/23 Full Review Audience Member This movie starts with no credits, no name rolls, we see the camera zooming into a trailer home and we move into the bedroom to find a couple, a girl actor who I have no idea who it is and HOLY SHIT !!! is that Tom Sizemore ??? this movie probably happened during his Detoxification for him being in this movie I am hoping for the best. So Tom Sizemore starts arguing with this girl who it has been revealed is in the body usage for profit trade ( a hooker ) and after more heated argument Tom Sizemore proceeds to do something I am sure he has done before in his life....he strangles the now we know that Tom Sizemore is a bad bad BBBBBAADDDD man. He then proceeds to take these twin babies who we assume were the kids from the recently defunct prostitute and takes them to his trailer home and gives them to this lady who we think its his girlfriend ?? sister ?? can't really tell.....and she of course is elated to have babies and proceeds to ask the logical question....where did you get them....Tom Sizemore just tells her to not ask him how he does things.......and nothing else gets mentioned about the matter. We now fast forward a few years....1996....and the girls are a bit older....they seem fine to me....they peek outside their trailer home to see Tom Sizemore standing over a metal looks to me he killed his girlfriend??? sister??? still can't really tell........a neighboor shows up and talks to Tom Sizemore about having him take the girls to a pool party and Tom says that those kids are not his and that he wants nothing to do with we are stablishing him being an abusive man to these girls......but then we see Tom Sizemore give these girls a sandwich....does the scary face and tells them to never leave, and right around hereis when this movie completely derrailed for me. The girls are playing when they accidentally knock a gas lamp and they set the trailer home on fire - Tom Sizemore dies in the fire and we are to assume the girls got killed too as they both scream and the screen fades to black which you know is the universal sign that we are to assume something bad happened. The movie now tells me we are in present day......and the movie switches to this girl who is escaping the wrath of her abusive boyfriend and she moves to the rural area where the trailer home of Tom Sizemore used to be....we see her hearing sounds of little girls whispering things to her.....and then the movie becomes your usual borefest of random people walking around the area where the girls and Tom Sizemore died and they get chased by something and they it a ghost ??? is it the ghost of a vengeaful Tom Sizemore !!! ??? !!! Let me cut to the chase dont see Tom Sizemore ever again The girls didn't die.....they grew up and became the killers ??? The abusive girlfriend joins one of the sisters after one gets shot The sister that gets shot survives and a woman who claims to be the sister of their mother shows up and tries to bond with the sister who got shot who is now behind bars when a photographer shows up and starts taking pictures and then proceeds to chomp the skin off this woman....and then the movie ends....... Ummm - at least the movie looks really good since it was shot using a Digital camera...which is awesome for a film that takes place in the woods but its really bad when you see a digital effect because it REALLY looks obvious. Awesome to watch if you are 6 tequila shots in. Rated 1 out of 5 stars 02/11/23 Full Review nilufer e What was I thinking?! Trying to watch a movie rated 3.4 on IMDB. I had it coming but the poster looked interesting, oh and it was right; those boobs really stood out in the movie. Poor acting, silly plot, such an unnecessary effort for 100 minutes. Such a waste. Rated 1 out of 5 stars 03/31/23 Full Review Audience Member Visible Scars Will Not Fade Away, May 8, 2013 by Michael Allen Visible Scars is an indie thriller, which released in the middle of April. This title won "Best Picture" at the 2012 Shockfest and there is a reason why. This multi-genred film builds momentum as it moves through Acts II and III. Beginning slowly, Visible Scars draws the viewer in to a story of abuse, which later turns into murder. This title is a compelling film, with an intriguing conclusion. The story is dual in nature. The film begins with two sisters, who are kidnapped by a psychopathic man and killer. They are raised in poor conditions, until their new home is destroyed by an accidental fire. The film moves ahead several years. The second half of the story involves a new group of characters. Stacy (Jillian Murray) is a young girl who is looking for peace of mind. She has recently been abused by her boyfriend, Brad (Jonas Fisch). So, she seeks shelter in some local woods. Unfortunately for Stacy, these woods are now ruled by a bloodthirsty tour de force. Let the mayhem begin! Some of that mayhem can be found in the film's wide assortment of characters. Viewers should try and spot the protagonist. Is there one? Instead of a hero or central figure leading the story, there are numerous minor characters introduced and outroduced often and quickly. The minor cast of characters are still multiplying into the third act of the film and even ten minutes before the film ends. This is an unusual way to develop a story. Yet, the narrative works, by keeping events onscreen interesting, with all of these diverse personalities. The film also pulls off a bait and switch, in regards to genres. Visible Scars begins as a crime thriller. An early murder takes place and then a kidnapping. So, viewers might be expecting a simple detective story to take place. But, at the midpoint of the film, the genre changes to horror, unexpectedly. The criminal investigation is mostly forgotten as more and more bodies turn up in some woodland. The gore increases along with the bloodflow and a few viewers might not know who is causing all of the chaos. There are a few surprises to be found in this feature, which is one of the film's more enjoyable elements. Visible Scars is a compelling and very watchable feature. Richard Turke's first feature film is well shot. There are several great external shots involving natural scenery. The setting is a sight to see. As well, the acting in this feature is well done. Actress Jillian Murray brings a great performance with her character Stacy. Stacy has a few personalities hidden under her beautiful exterior. And, Murray hints at her character's strangeness. Other actors bring equally solid performances. Also, Visible Scars picks up speed as it moves through the film's climax and into the conclusion. Just when you expect the film to keep going, it ends too soon and the open ending might leave some wanting more. These elements and many more make this indie thriller a must-see. Visible Scars was released, in this critic's opinion, under-the-radar April 6th, 2013 on DVD. This title is available for only a few dollars ($5-6) and this horror film fanatic would recommend this film to fans of indie thrillers. Though, viewers will have to be patient as Visible Scars takes awhile to develop. But, the payoff and ensuing chaos is well worth the wait. Visible Scars is a must-see that most will not forget. And, some viewers will even be expecting a sequel. Rated 5 out of 5 stars 02/02/23 Full Review Audience Member the beginning of the movie was great....but the ending was very disappointing Rated 3 out of 5 stars 01/15/23 Full Review Audience Member Shoddy plot, messy beginning which leads to a even messier story, and a rather silly premise. While it's not the worse thing I've seen, it simply is too complicated to make sense, and ends up feeling cheap and forgettable. Rated 2 out of 5 stars 02/02/23 Full Review Read all reviews
      Visible Scars

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      Synopsis A young woman (Jillian Murray) flees to the woods to escape her abusive boyfriend and encounters the ghosts of twin sisters.
      Richard Turke
      Frank Merle, Jillian Murray
      Richard Turke
      Mystery & Thriller
      Original Language
      Release Date (DVD)
      Apr 16, 2013
      1h 42m