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      Season 2 – 90210

      2009 Drama Romance List
      Reviews 43% Fewer than 50 Ratings Audience Score "Beverly Hills, 90210" gets a facelift in an edgier drama about a tight-knit circle of friends from West Beverly -- a glamorous world of privilege. After high school, relationships within the group are tested and loyalties are questioned as their journeys into adulthood lead them in many different directions. While some decide to attend college, others embark on careers that include acting, singing and business ventures. The friends try to maintain their closeness in the world-famous zip code, where anything can happen. Read More Read Less

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      Episode 1 Aired Sep 8, 2009 To New Beginnings! Naomi and Silver meet Teddy (Trevor Donovan), the son of a famous movie star, at the Beverly Hills Beach Club; Navid plans a romantic evening with Adrianna; a text message may force Dixon to end his relationship with Silver. Details Episode 2 Aired Sep 15, 2009 To Sext or Not to Sext Liam tries to apologize to Naomi; Dixon and Liam join the surf team; Adrianna helps Navid get an interview with Teddy; Ryan pursues Jen, who plays hard to get. Details Episode 3 Aired Sep 22, 2009 Sit Down, You're Rocking the Boat Harry shares his family problems with Kelly; sparks fly when Dixon meets his dream girl; Liam works on a mysterious project; the gang spends an afternoon with Teddy on his father's yacht. Details Episode 4 Aired Sep 29, 2009 The Porn King Sasha and Dixon drive to Napa for the weekend; Annie makes a shocking discovery; Navid and Adrianna spend the night together; Liam finds a way to reveal the truth to Naomi and get revenge on Jen. Details Episode 5 Aired Oct 6, 2009 Environmental Hazards Naomi's test scores may not be high enough for her to get into CU; Adrianna's growing feelings for Teddy create an awkward situation; Silver runs into her mother. Details Episode 6 Aired Oct 13, 2009 Wild Alaskan Salmon Silver and Kelly deal with shocking news about their mother; Adrianna turns Navid's world upside down; Jen asks Naomi to loan her a large sum of money; Jasper saves Annie from a bad date. Details Episode 7 Aired Oct 20, 2009 Unmasked On Halloween, Adrianna tries to deal with the end of her relationship with Navid; Silver and Kelly disagree about caring for Jackie; Silver discovers she has more in common with Teddy; Naomi and Jamie have an intimate conversation. Details Episode 8 Aired Nov 3, 2009 Women's Intuition Gia and Navid's investigation into student drug use leads them to Annie's boyfriend, Jasper; Samantha Ronson gives Navid dating advice; Naomi and Silver worry that Adrianna will relapse; Dixon tells Debbie and Harry about his situation with Sasha. Details Episode 9 Aired Nov 10, 2009 A Trip to the Moon Teddy helps Jackie plan a surprise half-birthday party for Silver; Navid sees Adrianna buying drugs from Jasper; Dixon is determined to confront Sasha; Jasper and Annie decide to take their relationship to the next level. Details Episode 10 Aired Nov 17, 2009 To Thine Own Self Be True Navid decides to confront Adrianna about her drug use; Debbie and Harry are surprised when Annie wants to invite Jasper over for dinner; Ivy, Dixon and Navid try to help Liam tell Naomi the truth about Jen; Richard catches Naomi and Jamie making out. Details Episode 11 Aired Dec 1, 2009 And Away They Go! Navid wakes up in the hospital with no memory of who pushed him down the stairs; Adrianna makes a life-changing decision about her addiction; Silver and Teddy bond over the loss of their mothers; Annie and Jasper sneak out. Details Episode 12 Aired Dec 8, 2009 Winter Wonderland Jasper reveals his suspicions about Annie's involvement in the hit-and-run; Dixon is jealous when Teddy reveals his feelings for Silver; Liam and Naomi try to forgive each other. Details Episode 13 Aired Mar 9, 2010 Rats and Heroes Naomi and Liam get up close and personal; Gia and Adrianna form a bond during an AA meeting; Dixon and Navid try to eliminate Jasper from Annie's life; Debbie confronts Kelly. Details Episode 14 Aired Mar 16, 2010 Girl Fight Naomi goes on her first hike with Ivy and Liam; Annie gives Jasper an ultimatum; Gia and Adrianna's friendship grows. Details Episode 15 Aired Mar 23, 2010 What's Past Is Prologue Gia admits that she has feelings for Adrianna; Dixon's birth mother visits unexpectedly; Teddy and Silver go on their first official date; Navid asks Lila out on a date. Details Episode 16 Aired Mar 30, 2010 Clark Raving Mad Naomi butts heads with the Blaze's new faculty adviser; Adrianna confides in Silver and Naomi about her feelings for Gia; Teddy tries to make Silver jealous; Dixon bonds with Dana; Liam catches his stepfather with another woman. Details Episode 17 Aired Apr 6, 2010 Sweaty Palms and Weak Knees Annie tries to cope with Jasper's decision; driven by jealousy, Dixon and Ivy decide to go on a fake date; Adrianna and Gia make their relationship official. Details Episode 18 Aired Apr 13, 2010 Another Another Chance Naomi is forced to testify in front of the school board; Annie is overwhelmed by guilt; Ivy and Dixon make a surprising decision; Liam's father (Scott Patterson) visits. Details Episode 19 Aired Apr 27, 2010 Multiple Choices Silver meets Teddy's father (Ryan O'Neal); Liam and his father try to rebuild their relationship; Debbie and Harry discuss their recent problems; Annie turns to Liam for support. Details Episode 20 Aired May 4, 2010 Meet the Parent Navid realizes he still has feelings for Adrianna; Adrianna records a duet with a pop star (Diego Boneta); Annie confronts Debbie and Harry about their recent problems. Details Episode 21 Aired May 11, 2010 Javianna Navid tries to work up the courage to share his feelings with Adrianna; Silver and Teddy decide to spend the night together. Details Episode 22 Aired May 18, 2010 Confessions Teddy seeks revenge after learning that Spence tried to bribe Silver; Liam and Annie share their darkest secrets; Ryan receives a mysterious package. Details

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      Jethro Nededog Los Angeles Times Any episode that throws in a random, choreographed dance clicks my "like" button. Sep 8, 2009 Full Review Dan Fienberg HitFix As a dedicated fan of the original 90210, I keep watching the spinoff, waiting to see if it has found its voice. So far in Season Two, it's close, but not quite there. Sep 8, 2009 Full Review Americ Ngwije TV Equals I just cannot get into the storylines or the characters, and don't even get me started with the acting. Dec 31, 2019 Full Review

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      Audience Member This season was also well done, it highlighted the music industry for Adrianna and how it was tough for her, addiction and it was overall a good season. Rated 4 out of 5 stars 01/09/23 Full Review steve d The increased role for Jessica Lowndes is appreciated but everyone but Silver remain hard to root for. Rated 3 out of 5 stars 03/30/23 Full Review Audience Member The second season gets a bit depressing and darker than the first one. It is still quite entertaining, though in an addictive and guilty-pleasure sort of way. Rated 4 out of 5 stars 06/19/15 Full Review Post a review

      Season Info

      Liz Friedlander, J. Miller Tobin, James L. Conway, Jamie Babbitt, Janice Cooke, Tony Wharmby, Rick Rosenthal, Fred Gerber, Rebecca Sinclair, Stuart Gillard
      Executive Producer
      Jeff Judah, Rebecca Sinclair
      Jennie Snyder Urman, Mark Driscoll, Padma Atluri, Paul Sciarrotta, Daniel Arkin, Ben Dougan, Rebecca Sinclair, Natalie Krinsky
      The CW
      TV-14 (L)
      Drama, Romance
      Original Language
      Release Date
      Sep 8, 2009