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      Season 6 – Crank Yankers

      2021 Comedy Variety List
      Reviews 83% Fewer than 50 Ratings Audience Score Yankerville, a twisted town inhabited solely by puppets, is the setting for re-creations of actual crank phone calls. Comics and celebrities -- a list that includes people such as rapper Eminem and comics Sarah Silverman, Wanda Sykes and Drew Carey -- make the calls. Among the regular pranksters are show creators Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Carolla. Characters featured on the show on a regular basis include Special Ed, Elmer and Bobby Fletcher. The show originated on Comedy Central but new episodes aired for a time on MTV2. Read More Read Less Watch on Vudu Premiered May 06 Buy Now

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      Episode 1 Aired May 5, 2021 Jimmy Kimmel, Annie Murphy & Iliza Shlesinger Model train enthusiasts try to prevent vandalism; an aerial gymnast gets tangled in a silk sling; Spoonie Luv learns about aphrodisiacs from a New Orleans cooking school. Details Episode 2 Aired May 12, 2021 Adam Carolla, Punkie Johnson & Melissa Villasenor J.Lo needs a luxurious new hat; Shasta gives a helpful heads-up that she'll be shopping while Black; and Trixie Mattel tries to make the tiny boyfriend feel big. Details Episode 3 Aired May 19, 2021 Chelsea Peretti, Heidi Gardner & J.B. Smoove A delivery man is determined to drop off a shipment of 12,000 muffins, a sunbather deals with an infestation of perverted squirrels, and two kids try to swim at a senior center. Details Episode 4 Aired May 26, 2021 Jimmy Kimmel, Wanda Sykes & Kathy Griffin Terrence helps Justin Bieber acquire a hippo; Kathy Griffin seeks a sculpture of her ex-husband; Gladys tries to undo her self-acupuncture; Ron Funches goes to the wrong open house. Details Episode 5 Aired Jun 2, 2021 Bobby Brown, Natasha Leggero & Paul Scheer Caleb Hearon organizes Hands Across America 2; Bobby Brown deals with a painful rat problem; Paul Scheer gets a frozen tongue from an ultra-cold smoothie. Details Episode 6 Aired Jun 9, 2021 Brian Posehn, Kevin Nealon, Quinta Brunson The Q-Tip King asks skate store employees if they want to join his scheme; a retirement home tries to complete an old man's bucket list; the first female jet skier prepares for her debut. Details Episode 7 Aired Jun 16, 2021 Trixie Mattel loses a special false eyelash; Tiffany Haddish leads a donut shop worker in prayer; Spoonie Luv wants to commemorate an intimate moment. Details Episode 8 Aired Jun 23, 2021 Iliza Shlesinger, Heidi Gardner & Jonathan Kimmel Iliza Shlesinger questions an odd smell after a car wash; Heidi Gardner wants to hire a topless maid to get revenge on a rival; Jonathan Kimmel provides forklift customer service. Details Episode 9 Aired Jun 30, 2021 Jimmy Kimmel, Bobby Brown & Kyle Dunnigan Sam Jay has a creative solution for her girlfriend's loud TV habits; a cryogenics employee has reproductive concerns; Elmer takes issue with KFC's hats. Details Episode 10 Aired Jul 7, 2021 Wanda Sykes, Adam Carolla & Annie Murphy Annie Murphy struggles to retrieve her vehicle from a towing company; Wanda Sykes berates a driving instructor about his stance on road rage; Adam Carolla needs to give his wife a lift. Details Episode 11 Aired Jul 6, 2022 Tiffany Haddish, Desus & Mero & Jimmy Kimmel A woman hatches a scheme to get space from a co-worker; Elmer wants his late wife's obituary to help him find love; a cornhole enthusiast explains how the game has changed his life. Details Episode 12 Aired Jul 6, 2022 Adam Carolla, Kathy Griffin & Kyle Dunnigan A concerned Sunday school teacher calls a bookstore to help them find salvation; Craig looks for professionals to keep him safe from his mother; and a woman wants a lesbian-friendly bird. Details Episode 13 Aired Jul 13, 2022 Desus & Mero, Jimmy Kimmel & Natasha Leggero A woman wants to raise the stakes of her boyfriend's next apology; brothers offer to be employed as a two-for-one deal; an expecting mother prepares for her baby's race reveal party. Details Episode 14 Aired Jul 13, 2022 Wanda Sykes, JB Smoove, Adam Carolla Birchum quizzes a carpenter on his occupational expertise; a woman wants to learn French to solve a neighborly dispute; a nervous caller needs reassurance for her first wax appointment. Details Episode 15 Aired Jul 20, 2022 Jimmy Kimmel, Tiffany Haddish & Ron Funches A woman orders body-positive gingerbread women from a bakery; Terrence prepares a boutique for a visit from Ivanka Trump; a man wants privacy from his neighbors during nude activities. Details Episode 16 Aired Jul 20, 2022 Tracy Morgan, Heidi Gardner & Kevin Nealon Spoonie Luv calls a pottery store to help him out of a sticky situation; a woman wants a boutique to sabotage her rival; Niles needs cleanup help after his mom's wild birthday party. Details Episode 17 Aired Jul 27, 2022 Paul Scheer, Wanda Sykes & Adam Carolla A parent wants to make sure his kid's unique needs are met in day care; brothers want to paint a mural to commemorate their cousin; Gladys is having embarrassing webcam issues. Details Episode 18 Aired Jul 27, 2022 Tiffany Haddish, Meg Stalter & Bobby Moynihan A man's CrossFit passion gives him newfound confidence; Niles complains about a yacht club's customer service; a Christmas fanatic is bothered by a business's lack of holiday spirit. Details Episode 19 Aired undefined Bobby Brown, Heidi Gardner & Jimmy Kimmel A man thinks he's been permanently affected by a swimming pool; Mike Tyson offers his services to a flower shop; Terrence wants to help Nicole Kidman conquer her fear of butterflies. Details Episode 20 Aired undefined Tracy Morgan, Tim & Eric & Ron Funches Brothers want a sensual bagel display for a bar mitzvah; Bill Maher, Jeff Goldblum and Caitlyn Jenner call a hardware store for their reality show; a man wants to be put in his place. Details

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      StephenPaul C LOL, the funniest 20 episodes ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rated 5 out of 5 stars 08/09/23 Full Review Stephen C LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rated 5 out of 5 stars 01/19/23 Full Review Audience Member The Jerky boys started this. They are still the only ones funny enough to pull it off. Everyone that does these pranks are amateurs' compared to the masters. Garbage SHOW. Rated 0.5 out of 5 stars 01/09/23 Full Review Audience Member Hilarious AF! Those puppets crack me up every time. Rated 5 out of 5 stars 01/09/23 Full Review Post a review

      Season Info

      Executive Producer
      Adam Carolla, Jimmy Kimmel, Daniel Kellison, Jonathan Kimmel
      Comedy Central
      Comedy, Variety
      Original Language
      Release Date
      May 5, 2021