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      Season 1 – Magnum, P.I.

      1980 Crime Drama List
      69% 26 Reviews Tomatometer 90% 50+ Ratings Audience Score This series makes the most of its Hawaiian setting by sending private eye Thomas Magnum all over Oahu righting wrongs -- at least when he isn't dealing with security at the posh estate (dubbed Robin's Nest) of absentee owner, and celebrated-but-unseen author, Robin Masters and clashing with stuffy British butler Higgins. T.C. and Rick, buddies from Magnum's days in the military, help him out with cases. Magnum is provided nearly unlimited use of many of Masters' luxury items, including a Ferrari. Read More Read Less Watch on Vudu Premiered Jan 04 Buy Now

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      Magnum, P.I. — Season 1

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      Magnum, P.I. — Season 1

      What to Know

      Critics Consensus

      Magnum P.I. doesn't launch with the velocity of a fully confident spy show, but it's immediately clear that Tom Selleck has the goods as a bona fide leading man.

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      Previous Episode 1 Aired Dec 11, 1980 Don't Eat the Snow in Hawaii TC and Rick help Magnum investigate when he refuses to believe a Vietnam War buddy died as a drug smuggler. Details Episode 2 Aired Dec 11, 1980 Don't Eat the Snow in Hawaii Thomas seeks a woman drug dealer, an Arab gold merchant and a mobster to prove a dead buddy wasn't a drug smuggler. Details Episode 3 Aired Dec 18, 1980 China Doll A beautiful Chinese woman hires Magnum to protect a priceless urn, actually a coveted national treasure. Details Episode 4 Aired Dec 25, 1980 Thank Heaven for Little Girls, and Big Ones Too A mystery over a painting appears when five girls beg Magnum to find their missing teacher (Katherine Cannon). Details Episode 5 Aired Jan 8, 1981 No Need to Know The CIA asks Magnum to guard a British brigadier general visiting the estate, saying only that an attempt will be made on his life. Details Episode 6 Aired Jan 15, 1981 Skin Deep An alcoholic former star (Ian McShane) hires Magnum to probe a glamorous movie queen's alleged shotgun suicide. Details Episode 7 Aired Jan 22, 1981 Never Again ... Never Again Magnum helps a pair of Holocaust survivors (Hanna Hertelendy, Robert Ellenstein) evade the clutches of modern-day Nazi pursuers. Details Episode 8 Aired Jan 29, 1981 The Ugliest Dog in Hawaii Magnum tries to learn why a crime boss is so eager to possess the dog reputed to be Hawaii's ugliest canine. Details Episode 9 Aired Feb 5, 1981 Missing in Action A woman's (Rebecca Holden) psychic powers reveal that her fiancé, though missing in action for more than eight years, is alive. Details Episode 10 Aired Feb 12, 1981 Lest We Forget A respected judge (Jose Ferrer) hires Magnum to find a woman (June Lockhart) he wed and then lost during the attack on Pearl Harbor. Details Episode 11 Aired Feb 19, 1981 The Curse of the King Kamehameha Club Magnum won't believe an old Hawaiian's curse is the cause of strange events at the King Kamehameha Club. Details Episode 12 Aired Feb 26, 1981 Thicker Than Blood Thomas tries to learn why TC refuses his help and intends to plead guilty after being arrested by the Coast Guard for smuggling. Details Episode 13 Aired Mar 12, 1981 All Roads Lead to Floyd With only a 10-year-old postcard as a clue, Magnum agrees to help a woman find her missing father (Noah Beery). Details Episode 14 Aired Mar 19, 1981 Adelaide Magnum is happy to take an extortion victim's (Christine Belford) case, until he learns the death threats are directed at her horse. Details Episode 15 Aired Mar 26, 1981 Don't Say Goodbye Wealthy, blind Agatha Kimball seeks Magnum's help in paying a would-be blackmailer and catching a killer. Details Episode 16 Aired Apr 2, 1981 The Black Orchid Participation in a wealthy woman's (Judith Chapman) fantasy repeatedly endangers Magnum. Details Episode 17 Aired Apr 9, 1981 J. "Digger" Doyle Thomas works with an expert (Erin Gray) to improve Higgins' security system after death threats. Details Episode 18 Aired Apr 16, 1981 Beauty Knows No Pain A woman (Marcia Wallace) hires Magnum to carry out a plan to find her fiance, including entering Hawaii's "Iron Man" triathalon. Details Next
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      Critics Reviews

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      Previous Brian Courtis The Age (Australia) After approaching it warily, wading through all the colorful trappings, and tasting it more in hope than in expectation, I can report that it really is quite refreshing. Jun 9, 2021 Full Review John J. O'Connor New York Times As the centerpiece of the series, the character of Magnum has possibilities. Jun 9, 2021 Full Review Lee Winfrey Philadelphia Inquirer This is the seventh TV pilot that Selleck has made, and I suspect that this is the one that will make him famous. Jun 9, 2021 Full Review Matt Brunson Film Frenzy Selleck was never better than in this breezy series. 3/4 Apr 9, 2022 Full Review Win Fanning Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Selleck comes on strong and could be the next TV heartthrob as he divides his time between taking up with gorgeous women and fighting crime. Jun 9, 2021 Full Review Bill Mandel San Francisco Examiner Could be renamed "The Incredible Hunk." 3/4 Jun 9, 2021 Full Review Read all reviews Next
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      Audience Ratings

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      Previous Bilal E Magnum PI led by Tom Selleck as Thomas Magnum is a action packed fun private eye detective show. With a strong cast and well written scripts make it must watch television. Thomas Magnum takes on a range on private detective jobs and almost always bites off more than he can chew. The good news he can always rely on his buddies TC, Rick and Higgins. Rated 5 out of 5 stars 09/07/23 Full Review jak s Absolute classic TV. One of he best procedurals out there and it's a perfect time capsule of the blissful 80s. The hair, the clothes, everything. This is a must watch. Rated 5 out of 5 stars 03/30/23 Full Review Audience Member One of the most exciting series, with humor, value of friendship, great characters and a refined setting. Rated 4 out of 5 stars 01/09/23 Full Review Next Post a review

      Season Info

      Rick Kolbe, Robert Loggia, Ray Austin, Bruce Seth Green, Larry Doheny, Ron Satlof, Roger Young
      Executive Producer
      Donald P. Bellisario, Glen A. Larson
      Babs Greyhosky, Robert Hamilton, Craig Buck, Donald P. Bellisario, Frank Lupo, Ken Pettus, T.J. Miles, Chris Bunch, Glen A. Larson
      Crime, Drama
      Original Language
      Release Date
      Dec 11, 1980
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