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      Season 4 – Spin City

      1999 Comedy List
      Reviews New York Mayor Randall Winston needs help running the city. So, for much of the series, he counts on Deputy Mayor Mike Flaherty to help him. Flaherty, usually a man who is calm and organized, can "spin" out of control when it comes to his personal life, the ditzy mayor, and his abnormal co-workers. For the show's final two seasons, Flaherty is replaced as deputy mayor by Charlie Crawford after Michael J. Fox, who played Flaherty, was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease and left the show. Read More Read Less

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      Spin City — Season 4

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      Previous Episode 1 Aired Sep 21, 1999 Catcher in the Bronx Mike tries to recall how Heidi Klum ended up in his bed; Mike must hire a manager for the mayor's Senate campaign. Details Episode 2 Aired Sep 28, 1999 James and the Giant Speech Caitlin tries to fire James so she can claim his speechwriting duties; Paul doesn't realize Caitlin wants his office. Details Episode 3 Aired Oct 5, 1999 All the Mayor's Men Caitlin does a secret background check on all employees at City Hall; the mayor gets into the movie business. Details Episode 4 Aired Oct 12, 1999 These Shoes Were Made for Cheatin' Mike deceives Nikki into going to couples counseling with him; eighth-graders challenge the mayor to take a standardized test. Details Episode 5 Aired Oct 19, 1999 Rebel Without a Chair Mike's comments about his close relationship with the mayor are misinterpreted by a reporter for a gay magazine. Details Episode 6 Aired Nov 2, 1999 Mayor May Not The mayor (Barry Bostwick) sends Michael and Caitlin (Michael J. Fox, Heather Locklear) to marital counseling; Carter (Michael Boatman) dates a millionaire. With guest star former Sen. Alfonse D'Amato. Details Episode 7 Aired Nov 9, 1999 The Great Debate Mike targets a wealthy and demanding political donor to help out with the mayor's dwindling Senate campaign. Details Episode 8 Aired Nov 16, 1999 How to Bury a Millionaire Mike spies a photo op when a baby falls into a well, but changes his strategy when the mayor falls into an adjacent pit. Details Episode 9 Aired Nov 23, 1999 The Thanksgiving Show Mike and Caitlin pose as a couple to win an endorsement for the mayor from a senator with a sentimental streak. Details Episode 10 Aired Nov 30, 1999 The Doorman Always Rings Twice The mayor (Barry Bostwick) expresses doubts about Mike's (Michael J. Fox) abilities, so Mike tries to prove him wrong. Details Episode 11 Aired Dec 7, 1999 Mustang Mikey Caitlin joins Mike on a joy ride with the mayor's convertible after Mike accuses her of being "Little Miss Perfect.". Details Episode 12 Aired Dec 21, 1999 My Dinner With Caitlin Mike (Michael J. Fox) invites only Caitlin (Heather Locklear) to his Christmas party, but his plans fail when she shows up with a date. Details Episode 13 Aired Jan 12, 2000 A Tale of Two Sisters Caitlin (Heather Locklear) is jealous when Mike dates her sister (Christine Taylor); Stuart (Alan Ruck) takes up art to see nude women. Details Episode 14 Aired Feb 2, 2000 Casino Mike (Michael J. Fox) scrambles to raise $500,000 when a raffle glitch makes hundreds of people winners. Details Episode 15 Aired Feb 9, 2000 The Marry Caitlin Moore Show Mike hires a big-shot director to do the mayor's new political ads, unaware that he is Caitlin's ex-husband. Details Episode 16 Aired Feb 16, 2000 Suffragette City Caitlin's new romance with her ex-husband bothers Mike; Carter tries to expose anti-gay discrimination. Details Episode 17 Aired Feb 23, 2000 Mike's Best Friend's Boyfriend Mike (Michael J. Fox) thinks Carter's (Michael Boatman) boyfriend is interested in him; Paul (Richard Kind) tries to impress a reporter. Details Episode 18 Aired Mar 8, 2000 The Pig Whisperer Angry farmers protest the mayor's latest proposal; Stuart learns his girlfriend had a fling with Paul long ago. Details Episode 19 Aired Mar 22, 2000 Uneasy Rider Mike (Michael J. Fox) tries to help the mayor (Barry Bostwick) get in touch with his feelings after his father dies. Details Episode 20 Aired Apr 19, 2000 About Last Night Only one staffer is chosen to meet the president of the United States, so the others go out drinking. Details Episode 21 Aired Apr 26, 2000 Don't Get on the Bus Caitlin (Heather Locklear) announces her engagement to Trevor, which fuels the fire between her and Mike (Michael J. Fox). Details Episode 22 Aired May 3, 2000 Airplane! Mike continues to pursue Caitlin despite her engagement; Carter heads a hunger strike against an environmental polluter. Details Episode 23 Aired May 10, 2000 An American Deputy Mayor in Paris Mike follows Caitlin, who flies to Paris to marry Trevor; Stuart convinces Nikki to pose for a swimsuit calendar. Details Episode 24 Aired May 17, 2000 The Commitments Mike (Michael J. Fox) bets Caitlin (Heather Locklear) that he can resist her for a week, so she temps him with seductive scenarios. Details Episode 25 Aired May 24, 2000 Goodbye Mike decides to take the fall for a mob scandal in order to protect the mayor and his administration. Details Episode 26 Aired May 24, 2000 Goodbye Mike Flaherty (Michael J. Fox) leaves City Hall and his job as deputy mayor. Guest star: Michael Gross. Details Next
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      Season Info

      Andy Cadiff, David S. Rosenthal
      Executive Producer
      Michael J. Fox, Gary David Goldberg
      Jay Scherick, Tim Hobert, Tad Quill, Philip Wenn, Dawn Urbont, David Ronn, Jon Pollack, Bill Callahan
      TV-PG (L|D)
      Original Language
      Release Date
      Sep 21, 1999
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