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      Released Sep 5, 2014 1h 49m Comedy Drama List
      91% Tomatometer 58 Reviews 66% Audience Score 1,000+ Ratings After an unfortunate shaving accident lands her in the hospital, a rebellious teen (Carla Juri) bonds with a male nurse (Christoph Letkowski) and schemes to reunite her divorced parents. Read More Read Less

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      While certainly not for the faint of heart, Wetlands transcends its shock value with sweetness, heart, and subversive wit.

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      Judy Berman Flavorwire ... The film is packed with subtle, feminist riffs on romantic movie clichés... Sep 21, 2017 Full Review Amelia Ayrelan Iuvino Bitch Media Helen is really rad and funny and brave. Dec 5, 2016 Full Review Bill Goodykoontz Arizona Republic "Wetlands" tells a fairly conventional story in about the most unconventional ways imaginable. Rated: 4/5 Nov 13, 2014 Full Review Steve Cruz OUT FRONT Magazine (Denver) Carla Juri does a wonderful job as a girl who is remarkably curious, unfiltered, and unashamed -- everything youth should be. May 9, 2023 Full Review Joe Lipsett Hazel & Katniss & Harry & Starr Podcast Gross and funny, the film wisely understands how to adapt Charlotte Roche's far more controversial and shocking source material in a way that's palatable to audiences. Carla Juri is a delight Rated: 3.5/5 Jul 1, 2022 Full Review David Lamble Bay Area Reporter An uncompromising comedy. Jun 10, 2020 Full Review Read all reviews

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      Audience Member Bold though made me feel a bit disgusted in some scenes. Rated 2.5 out of 5 stars 02/01/23 Full Review Audience Member I hated this film. I did not laugh once. I was off and really grossed out and not in a fun or enjoyable way but in a turn your face away from the screen way. Rated 0.5 out of 5 stars 01/24/23 Full Review william d Relates the experiences of a narcissistic and wholly unsympathetic teenage girl. The film makers seem to think that if you throw in a few sex scenes and numerous discussions about bodily functions, both normal and abnormal, the shock value will make the story more interesting. It doesn't. Rated 1 out of 5 stars 03/31/23 Full Review lucca b Its hard to swallow content make it repulsive for some, but it's worth watching because of its dark humor, crude and mature themes, charming and sweet story, and Carla Juri's excentric lead performance. Rated 4 out of 5 stars 03/31/23 Full Review Audience Member Lighthearted movie. Nice story. Great soundtrack. The movie may appear shallow for some, but it carries a lot of deep meanings in it. People today are increasingly losing touch with their sexuality and are getting grossed out from their own or their partner's bodily fluids. This movie shows that "dirty" is actually natural and thus very beautiful. Rated 5 out of 5 stars 01/30/23 Full Review Audience Member Not every movie goes THERE. You know what I mean. We always hope that a movie will go to places we've never seen and surprise and shock us. Well, this movie does. "Wetlands" is NC-17 "Amelie" and goes to places you didn't even know you wanted to go. It's a love story, a gross-out story, a friendship story and an educational film about anal fissures. The story of Helen (Carla Juri) is bizarre right off the bat. She is a young woman who is defiantly anti-hygiene. She rubs everything on her body she can on dirty toilets in one of many shocking images to come. If you want to see period blood smeared on a young lady's face, you're in the right place. If you want to see semen on a pizza, this might be your all-time favorite flick. This movie knows exactly what it wants to do but also acts as a coming-of-age story (covering jealousy and divorce and other adolescent concerns) that subverts the genre. John Hughes would be proud. Juri gives everything she can to the role and more. Her story is not an easy one to tell. It's a story about a girl who has hemorrhoids at a young age and spends most of the film's run time at the hospital with the staff. Yep, that's it. She falls in love with a male nurse, there's a love triangle and she tries to get her parents back together. Not exactly something you would find in any kind of screenplay formula writing manual. It is unconventional, beautifully directed and has some of the most jaw-droppingly beautiful images committed to film Ive ever seen (some of the underwater shots are stunning). However, this is a movie that does go a bit too far at times as well. It doesn't want my five stars or anyone else's. It's far too anarchic for that. Yes, as a storyteller is important to shock but sometimes the gross-out humor in this particular story reaches a certain line. I found myself audibly making noises at how disgusted I was at certain images no matter how stylishly they were presented. This is true, audacious, balls to the wall, shit thrown in your face filmmaking but sometimes enough is enough. With all that said, see this movie. You haven't quite ever seen anything like it and you should. You will be disgusted but you will also find yourself charmed. Rated 3.5 out of 5 stars 01/31/23 Full Review Read all reviews

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      57% 25% Half-Sister 55% 91% Swim Little Fish Swim 78% 57% Lucky Them 100% % In Times of Fading Light 67% 41% Afternoon Delight Discover more movies and TV shows. View More

      Movie Info

      Synopsis After an unfortunate shaving accident lands her in the hospital, a rebellious teen (Carla Juri) bonds with a male nurse (Christoph Letkowski) and schemes to reunite her divorced parents.
      David Wnendt
      David Wnendt
      Claus Falkenberg, David Wnendt
      Strand Releasing
      Production Co
      Rommel Film, ZDF
      Comedy, Drama
      Original Language
      Release Date (Theaters)
      Sep 5, 2014, Limited
      Release Date (Streaming)
      Mar 10, 2017
      Box Office (Gross USA)
      1h 49m
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