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      Season 4 – Alfred Hitchcock Presents

      1958 Drama Mystery & Thriller List
      Reviews 88% Fewer than 50 Ratings Audience Score The familiar "plink, plink" of the theme song, accompanied by the line drawing of a man in profile immediately identifies the show as "Alfred Hitchcock Presents." The famed director opens almost every episode with the words "Good evening ..." After a joke -- usually about the evening's sponsor -- Hitchcock lays the groundwork for that episode's freestanding story of suspense and terror. Read More Read Less Watch on Peacock Stream Now

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      Previous Episode 1 Aired Oct 5, 1958 Poison An alcoholic plantation owner seeks the help of his partner when he wakes to find a deadly snake in his bed. Details Episode 2 Aired Oct 12, 1958 Don't Interrupt A couple (Biff McGuire, Cloris Leachman) on a train promise their son money if he doesn't interrupt a cowboy's (Chill Wills) story. Details Episode 3 Aired Oct 19, 1958 The Jokester A morgue attendant becomes hysterical when a practical joker pulls the ultimate prank and pretends to be a corpse. Details Episode 4 Aired Oct 26, 1958 Crooked Road A couple (Richard Kiley, Pat Breslin) falls prey to a crooked policeman (Walter Matthau) and corrupt town officials. Details Episode 5 Aired Nov 2, 1958 $2,000,000 Defense Desperate for an acquittal, a man (Leslie Nielsen) makes a lucrative deal with his defense lawyer (Barry Sullivan). Details Episode 6 Aired Nov 9, 1958 Design for Loving A man (Norman Lloyd) plots to get away from his wife (Marian Seldes) for a while without her knowing. Details Episode 7 Aired Nov 16, 1958 Man With a Problem A man (Gary Merrill) on the ledge of a New York City hotel threatens suicide after his wife's (Elizabeth Montgomery) death. Details Episode 8 Aired Nov 23, 1958 Safety of the Witness A gunshop owner (Art Carney) witnesses the murder of a state witness by two gangsters. With Mary Scott. Details Episode 9 Aired Dec 7, 1958 Murder Me Twice Hypnosis figures in the case of a woman (Phyllis Thaxter) on trial for the murder of her husband. With Tom Helmore. Details Episode 10 Aired Dec 14, 1958 Tea Time A mistress confronts her rich lover's wife, hoping to convince the woman to give her husband a divorce. Details Episode 11 Aired Dec 21, 1958 And the Desert Shall Blossom A sheriff (Ben Johnson) worries about two elderly hermits (William Demarest, Roscoe Ates) with an escaped killer on the loose. Details Episode 12 Aired Dec 28, 1958 Mrs. Herman & Mrs. Fenimore A woman (Doro Merande) plots the murder of her penny-pinching uncle with the help of her actress boarder (Mary Astor). Details Episode 13 Aired Jan 4, 1959 Six People, No Music A mortician (John McGiver) is torn when a dead man (Howard Smith) revives to make his own funeral plans. Details Episode 14 Aired Jan 11, 1959 Morning After A mother (Jeanette Nolan) gets involved when she discovers her daughter is seeing a married man (Robert Alda). Details Episode 15 Aired Jan 18, 1959 A Personal Matter A killer (Joe Maross) escapes to a isolated construction site where he suspects a new engineer (Wayne Morris). Details Episode 16 Aired Jan 25, 1959 Out There, Darkness A rich woman refuses to lend money to the man who walks her dog when he requests a loan, claiming to need the money to help his girlfriend. Details Episode 17 Aired Feb 1, 1959 Total Loss A woman (Nancy Gates) enlists her boyfriend's (Ralph Meeker) help to torch her struggling business for the insurance. Details Episode 18 Aired Feb 8, 1959 The Last Dark Step A man (Robert Horton) tries to get away from one woman (Fay Spain) so he can marry another (Joyce Meadows). Details Episode 19 Aired Feb 15, 1959 Morning of the Bride A woman (Barbara Bel Geddes) grows suspicious when her fiance (Don Dubbins) postpones meetings with his mother. Details Episode 20 Aired Feb 22, 1959 The Diamond Necklace A man is told he has to retire from his job at the jewelry store where he has worked most of his life. Details Episode 21 Aired Mar 1, 1959 Relative Value A young man (Denholm Elliott) schemes to speed up his inheritance of his rich uncle's (Torin Thatcher) estate. Details Episode 22 Aired Mar 8, 1959 The Right Price A burglar bargains with his victims when he discovers robbery will not be as profitable as collecting on a life insurance policy. Details Episode 23 Aired Mar 15, 1959 I'll Take Care of You A used car salesman (Ralph Meeker) is driven to murder by his big-spending wife. With Russell Collins and Ida Moore. Details Episode 24 Aired Mar 22, 1959 The Avon Emeralds A detective (Roger Moore) trails an elegant woman (Hazel Court) suspected of smuggling an emerald necklace. Details Episode 25 Aired Mar 29, 1959 The Kind Waitress A waitress (Olive Deering) plots murder after learning she has been included in a wealthy patron's will. Details Episode 26 Aired Apr 5, 1959 Cheap Is Cheap A miserly man (Dennis Day) searches for the cheapest method of murdering his spendthrift wife. Details Episode 27 Aired Apr 12, 1959 The Waxwork A reporter gets permission from the owner of a wax museum to spend the night in the museum section devoted to murderers. Details Episode 28 Aired Apr 19, 1959 The Impossible Dream A smitten woman (Carmen Mathews) sees the chance for her dream to come true when she witnesses a murder. With Franchot Tone and Mary Astor. Details Episode 29 Aired May 3, 1959 Banquo's Chair A Scotland Yard inspector (John Williams) arranges a unique ruse to capture a killer. With Hilda Plowright and Kenneth Haigh. Details Episode 30 Aired May 10, 1959 A Night With the Boys Fearing his pregnant wife's (Joyce Meadows) displeasure, a man (John Smith) fakes being mugged to cover poker losses. Details Episode 31 Aired May 17, 1959 Your Witness A woman, dissatisfied in her marriage to a philandering attorney, decides to take matters into her own hands. Details Episode 32 Aired May 24, 1959 Human Interest Story A man declaring he is from Mars (Arthur Hill) is interviewed by a newspaper reporter (Steve McQueen). Details Episode 33 Aired May 31, 1959 The Dusty Drawer A man (Dick York) seeks revenge on a bank clerk (Philip Coolidge) who once stole some money from him. Details Episode 34 Aired Jun 7, 1959 A True Account A woman (Jane Greer) consults an attorney (Robert Webber) about her husband (Kent Smith), whom she believes is a murderer. Details Episode 35 Aired Jun 14, 1959 Touché A husband (Paul Douglas) arranges for a young man (Robert Morse) to kill his wife's latest beau in a duel. Details Episode 36 Aired Jun 21, 1959 Invitation to an Accident When a cheating wife is in an accident, her jealous husband is confronted about his possible involvement with the incident. Details Next
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      Audience Ratings

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      Previous Audience Member One of the best series of the 50's. Very good scenes, very good episodes (each one better than the other). Undoubtedly, one of the best Alfred Hitchcock classics ever. Highly recommend. Rated 4 out of 5 stars 01/09/23 Full Review Next Post a review

      Season Info

      Robert Stevens, Norman Lloyd, Paul Henreid, Herschel Daugherty, Arthur Hiller, Alfred Hitchcock, Bretaigne Windust, John Brahm
      Executive Producer
      Alfred Hitchcock
      William Jerome Fay, Bernard C. Schoenfeld, Casey Robinson, Kathleen Hite, Joel Murcott, William O'Farrell, Robert C. Dennis, Margaret Manners, Francis M. Cockrell, Burt Styler, Henry Slesar
      Drama, Mystery & Thriller
      Original Language
      Release Date
      Oct 5, 1958
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