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      Season 4 – City Guys

      2000 Kids & Family Comedy List
      Reviews Chris Anderson may be a scion of New York high society, but after he gets kicked out of his school for bad behavior, he winds up in the same place as Harlem street kid Jamal Grant: the none-too-hallowed halls of Manny High School, where they, along with their friends, learn that staying out of trouble is harder than their parents may think. Read More Read Less

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      Episode 1 Aired Sep 23, 2000 Kickin' It Al believes his status as a star athlete affords him special treatment. Details Episode 2 Aired Sep 23, 2000 The Users Chris and Jamal befriend a fellow student to help them do well in class. Details Episode 3 Aired Sep 30, 2000 Cheat Happens The whole class has to retake a chemistry final after Jamal and Chris lose their cheat sheet. Details Episode 4 Aired Sep 30, 2000 Presumed Innocent Jamal has trouble with a gang member and they decide to settle their differences in student court. Details Episode 5 Aired Oct 7, 2000 The Third Wheel El-Train foils Dawn and Al's attempts to spend time alone together. Details Episode 6 Aired Oct 7, 2000 Students of the Bride Ms. Noble (Marcella Lowery) calls off her wedding after Billy's bachelor party pushes her over the edge. Details Episode 7 Aired Oct 14, 2000 Mo' Money, Mo' Problems El-Train, Al and Chris (Steven Daniel, Dion Basco, Scott Whyte) go into business using one of El-Train's inventions. Details Episode 8 Aired Oct 14, 2000 Kodak Moment Chris thinks about getting revenge against a real-life princess he likes when he sees her kissing someone else. Details Episode 9 Aired Oct 21, 2000 Meet Mr. History Chris and Jamal (Scott Whyte, Wesley Jonathan) create an imaginary person to interview for a school assignment. Details Episode 10 Aired Oct 21, 2000 Keep On the Download A rivalry with deejays from another school proves costly when various pranks go awry. With Scott Whyte and Caitlin Mowrey. Details Episode 11 Aired Oct 28, 2000 Havoc Chris leaves the Jazz Posse hanging when he quits to join a rock band. Details Episode 12 Aired Oct 28, 2000 Making Up Is Hard to Do Al is jealous when Dawn plans a dance with a new boy in school from California. Details Episode 13 Aired Nov 4, 2000 Living in America The kids at Manny High are involved with pen pals in Japan. With Marcella Lowery and Steven Daniel. Details Episode 14 Aired Nov 11, 2000 Shock Treatment Chris and Jamal are given the chance to fill in for a shock jock who can't make it to the school for his live broadcast. Details Episode 15 Aired Nov 11, 2000 Frisky Business Students object to the new security system installed at Manny High by going on strike. With Caitlin Mowrey, Marissa Dyan and Dion Basco. Details Episode 16 Aired Nov 11, 2000 Jamal X Jamal (Wesley Jonathan) realizes that he can be proud of who he is without having to exclude those he cares for. Details Episode 17 Aired Nov 18, 2000 Subway Confessions The gang tries to convince Ms. Noble (Marcella Lowery) that wacky subway happenings made them late for class. Details Episode 18 Aired Nov 18, 2000 Who da Man? Al's macho reputation is jeopardized when the newspaper reports that Dawn saved him in a subway fight. Details Episode 19 Aired Nov 25, 2000 Get to Preppin' Chris' father (guest star Mark Sivertsen) uses his influence to get Chris (Scott Whyte) back in prep school after he fails a midterm. Details Episode 20 Aired Dec 2, 2000 Unhappy Hour The gang drinks tequila at Cassidy's (Marissa Dyan) house when her parents are out of town. With Wesley Jonathan, Caitlin Mowrey and Scott Whyte. Kiki Melendez guest stars as herself. Details Episode 21 Aired Dec 2, 2000 Compromising Principal The school turns chaotic when Ms. Noble (Marcella Lowery) loosens the reins to win a popularity contest. Details Episode 22 Aired Dec 9, 2000 Dating Games Cassidy lands a date to the Valentine Dance; Jamal and the others participate in Ms. Noble's meditation class. Details Episode 23 Aired Dec 9, 2000 Wager Money Go Jamal develops a gambling problem; Cassidy and Dawn use Ms. Noble as the subject of their video project. Details Episode 24 Aired Dec 16, 2000 El-Brain El-Train tries to prove that he's not dumb during a science fair; Dawn worries about her ho-hum relationship with Al. Details Episode 25 Aired Dec 16, 2000 Pier Pressure During a holiday weekend, Chris, Cassidy, Dawn and Al (Scott Whyte, Marissa Dyan, Caitlin Mowrey and Dion Basco) run out of gas while yachting. Details Episode 26 Aired Feb 24, 2001 Blast From the Past An old girlfriend of Chris' shows up and she and Cassidy hit it off, but Cassidy becomes jealous and thinks Chris is cheating on her. Details

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      Season Info

      Frank Bonner
      Executive Producer
      Peter Engel
      David S. DiPietro, Ilunga Adell, Al Sonja L. Rice, Spencer Gordon Scott, Paul Ciancarelli, Todd J. Greenwald, Paul Corrigan, Bernie Ancheta, Scott Spencer Gordon, Barry Douglas, James Dutcher, Brad Walsh
      Kids & Family, Comedy
      Original Language
      Release Date
      Sep 23, 2000