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      Season 3 – New Amsterdam

      2021 Drama TRAILER for New Amsterdam: Season 3 Trailer List
      Reviews 32% 100+ Ratings Audience Score Dr. Max Goodwin is brilliant, charming -- and the new medical director at America's oldest public hospital. While he's set on tearing down the bureaucracy to provide exceptional care, the doctors and staff are not so sure. They've heard this before, and no one else has delivered on those promises. Not taking no for an answer, Max disrupts the status quo and proves he will stop at nothing to breathe new life into this understaffed, underfunded and underappreciated hospital -- the only one in the world capable of treating Ebola patients, prisoners from Rikers Island and the president of the United States all under one roof -- and return it to the glory that put it on the map. Inspired by Bellevue in New York City. Read More Read Less Watch on Peacock Stream Now

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      New Amsterdam — Season 3

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      Episode 1 Aired Mar 2, 2021 The New Normal New Amsterdam is still reeling from the pandemic as a plane crash lands in the East River; when investigators come to interrogate the flight crew, Iggy fights against the clock to help the pilot uncover the truth; Max tracks down scarce medication. Details Episode 2 Aired Mar 9, 2021 Essential Workers Max is forced to face the heartbreaking consequences of one of his policies; Bloom comes to a startling realization about Iggy. Details Episode 3 Aired Mar 16, 2021 Safe Enough Max resists an idea that could bring New Amsterdam more revenue; Iggy pushes back on the new telemedicine system; Sharpe uncovers a startling trend while treating a beloved former patient. Details Episode 4 Aired Mar 23, 2021 This Is All I Need Max journeys to Connecticut to bring Luna back to New York but second-guesses his instincts when he sees her with her grandparents; Bloom takes action to ensure her staff feels safe at work while Reynolds takes a backseat in the cardiac unit. Details Episode 5 Aired Mar 30, 2021 Blood, Sweat & Tears When Sharpe notices the hospital's blood supply is running dangerously low, Max concocts a plan to get New Amsterdam out of trouble; Reynolds realizes he has a thing or two to learn from Bloom while making peace with his new position. Details Episode 6 Aired Apr 6, 2021 Why Not Yesterday Max is on a mission to fix systemic racism at New Amsterdam; Bloom treats a patient who reminds her things aren't as they seem; Sharpe is overwhelmed while tending to a family matter; Reynolds tries to keep his composure while treating a dad and son. Details Episode 7 Aired Apr 13, 2021 The Legend of Howie Cournemeyer It's National HIV Testing Day and Max has offered free care to all HIV+ patients who come to New Amsterdam; Bloom and Reynolds butt heads over their opposing bedside manners; Iggy eagerly awaits the return of a friend; Sharpe makes a discovery. Details Episode 8 Aired Apr 20, 2021 Catch Max is forced to examine the inequities in child labor for women of color; Bloom must deal with an overcrowded ED; Sharpe helps Dr. Agnes Kao with a gut-wrenching diagnosis; Reynolds finds himself experiencing something new on the job. Details Episode 9 Aired Apr 27, 2021 Disconnected Max is on a mission to deliver free broadband access; Reynolds treats a young girl who has a gunshot wound; Sharpe gives difficult news to a long-time patient; Iggy is immensely proud of his patient's success but worries that he's getting too close. Details Episode 10 Aired May 4, 2021 Radical Max reckons with New Amsterdam's past; Bloom and Reynolds treat a patient in an unconventional relationship; Sharpe decides to take a stricter approach to parenting her teenage niece; Iggy tries to connect with a patient desperate for gastric bypass. Details Episode 11 Aired May 11, 2021 Pressure Drop Max implements sweeping changes to hospital sustainability practices; Bloom returns from vacation, surprising everyone with a new attitude; Iggy discovers a dangerous situation with a former patient. Details Episode 12 Aired May 18, 2021 Things Fall Apart A burst pipe plunges the ED into chaos; Iggy counsels two stressed-out parents about their child; Gwen and Calvin have some devastating news for Max. Details Episode 13 Aired Jun 1, 2021 Fight Time Sharpe offers help to a reluctant Mina; Max is faced with a tough decision about Luna; Bloom and Casey treat a patient hiding a lifelong secret; Iggy finds himself in a very dangerous predicament; Reynolds treats a young heart transplant patient. Details Episode 14 Aired Jun 8, 2021 Death Begins in Radiology Reynolds receives a dramatic offer; Max scours the hospital after he misplaces his wedding ring; Iggy contemplates a serious life change; Bloom learns some potentially life-changing news about Leyla. Details

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      Alex Behan Satisfying viewing, it's a show you can trust to deliver a decent hour of escape without over-the-top dramatics. Oct 1, 2021 Full Review Esme Mazzeo Tell-Tale TV I'm not mad at New Amsterdam. I just know it was only extraordinary for four minutes and 48 seconds of its Season 3 premiere. Rated: 3.25/5 Mar 4, 2021 Full Review James Croot There's a quietness, a subtlety and abundance of sensitivity and heart that makes it stand out. Mar 3, 2021 Full Review

      Audience Ratings

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      Janelle H Season 1 & 2 were amazing - Season 3 sucks so bad. They took every single political propaganda and shoved it so far down your throat you choke on it. This season is horrible. Skip it all together if you can. Rated 1 out of 5 stars 10/05/23 Full Review Alec G Seasons 1-2 are great. Season 3? What happened? Did the entire writing staff change? Season 3 shoves wokeness down your throats and the show sadly becomes unwatchable. Rated 0.5 out of 5 stars 09/11/23 Full Review Pascal D Liked S1 and S2 but S3 is an absurd shitshow where political agenda was obviously the top 1 priority for its makers. Rated 1 out of 5 stars 06/14/23 Full Review kokila s I just came to check out if everybody felt the same about 3rd season or not. Season 1 and 2 were great and this one seems forced. Rated 2.5 out of 5 stars 06/07/23 Full Review Sarah-Elizabeth Absolutely brilliant. Beautiful acting, writing, all of the above. This show is talking about issues no other show has, in such a mindful and powerful way. Ignore the reviews, jump in, the water is warm! Rated 5 out of 5 stars 03/13/23 Full Review Matt S Look, I'm all for societal change and I understand social justice but this season shoved it down our throats every episode. The issue is that when I watch a show, I look to be entertained and escape the realities of the world....and they did this well originally I thought seasons 1-2 were great and then this season used social justice to avoid any actual screen writing. Rated 1.5 out of 5 stars 02/21/23 Full Review Read all reviews Post a review

      Season Info

      Michael Slovis, Darnell Martin, Nick Gomez, Peter Horton, Lisa Robinson, Shiri Appleby
      Executive Producer
      David Schulner, Peter Horton, Michael Slovis, David Foster, Aaron Ginsburg, Shaun Cassidy
      Aaron Ginsburg, David Foster, Laura Valdivia, Graham Norris, Shaun Cassidy, Y. Shireen Razack, Shanthi Sekaran, Allen L. Sowelle
      TV-14 (D)
      Original Language
      Release Date
      Mar 2, 2021
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