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      Season 1 – USA High

      1997 Comedy List
      Reviews Six suitemates at an exclusive American high school in Paris become friends and have the time of their lives. Read More Read Less


      Episode 1 Aired Aug 4, 1997 An American in Paris A new student arrives at the American School in Paris. Details Episode 2 Aired Aug 5, 1997 The Car Jackson takes Mr. Elliot's prized car without permission. Details Episode 3 Aired Aug 6, 1997 The Credit Card Winnie racks up a large credit-card bill; the kids find a copy of the upcoming French test. Details Episode 4 Aired Aug 7, 1997 The Ex-Boyfriend Lauren's old boyfriend visits; Winnie dates a prince. Details Episode 5 Aired Aug 8, 1997 Truth or Dare The kids play truth or dare; Mr. Elliot and Ms. Dupre enjoy a romantic dinner. Details Episode 6 Aired Aug 11, 1997 Double Your Pleasure Jackson dates two girls at the same time; Winnie attends the dance with Christian. Details Episode 7 Aired Aug 12, 1997 The Headmaster's Daughter Ashley's father intimidates potential suitors; Jackson and Christian plan a ski trip. Details Episode 8 Aired Aug 13, 1997 For Whom the Bell Tolls The boys eavesdrop on the girls' phone conversations. Details Episode 9 Aired Aug 14, 1997 Internet Love Story Lazzarini finds love via the Internet; Ashley's snoring keeps everyone awake. Details Episode 10 Aired Aug 15, 1997 Making the Grade Christian must improve his grades; Lazzarini and Jackson open a hair salon. Details Episode 11 Aired Aug 18, 1997 The Model Lauren hopes to become a model; Winnie and Ashley sell cosmetics. Details Episode 12 Aired Aug 19, 1997 Jackson's Dad Jackson's father visits; the gang tries to organize a yard sale. Details Episode 13 Aired Aug 20, 1997 The Most Valuable Waiter Jackson gets a job as a waiter; a scary movie; Ms. Dupre's book club. Details Episode 14 Aired Aug 25, 1997 The Recital Lauren fails an important music audition; Mr. Elliot's new chair is delivered to the dorm. Details Episode 15 Aired Aug 26, 1997 Giuseppe's Coming to Dinner Winnie's old boyfriend visits; Jackson and Lazzarini pirate cable. Details Episode 16 Aired Aug 27, 1997 Radio Free Advice Jackson broadcasts from an abandoned radio station. Details Episode 17 Aired Aug 28, 1997 All That Lazz Lazzarini takes a career-aptitude test; Ashley kidnaps a chimp. Details Episode 18 Aired Aug 29, 1997 West Point An old friend visits Lauren; Lazzarini loses Christian's money in a poker game. Details Episode 19 Aired Sep 5, 1997 The German Girl Christian shows the new German student around; a thief ransacks a dorm room. Details Episode 20 Aired Sep 8, 1997 The Odd Couple Jackson and Ashley kiss for a play; Christian is afraid of the dentist. Details Episode 21 Aired Sep 9, 1997 The Dueling Elliots Mr. Elliot's brother visits; Lauren wants to join the fencing team. Details Episode 22 Aired Sep 10, 1997 Love Is Blind Jackson falls in love with a blind girl; the girls must find dates for a dance. Details Episode 23 Aired Sep 11, 1997 A Date With Dupre A manager wants to hear Jackson sing; Ms. Dupre tries to comfort Lazzarini. Details Episode 24 Aired Sep 12, 1997 Beauty & the Biker Friends and family object to Ashley's beau; the boys think Ms. Dupre robbed a jeweler. Details Episode 25 Aired Sep 15, 1997 Au Revoir Katherine Katherine announces that she is leaving; Lauren and Ashley start a calendar. Details Episode 26 Aired Sep 16, 1997 Lazzarini's Sister Lazzarini's sister visits; Mr. Elliot and Mr. Juergens compete for Ms. Dupre's affections. Details Episode 27 Aired Sep 17, 1997 Nurse Lauren Jackson hurts his back; Christian's project promotes an exercise device. Details Episode 28 Aired Sep 18, 1997 The French Tutor Lazzarini and Jackson vie for a girl's affections; Christian gets into a basketball slump. Details Episode 29 Aired Sep 19, 1997 Mr. Tiffani Lazzarini wants to meet a TV star; the girls vie to be Queen of the Fall Ball. Details Episode 30 Aired Sep 21, 1997 Bed and Breakfast Jackson devises a money-making scheme; Wally becomes possessive of Lauren. Details Episode 31 Aired Sep 22, 1997 Baby Boom Jackson baby-sits; the gang tapes a promotional video. Details Episode 32 Aired Sep 23, 1997 Camping With Mr. Elliot Ashley feigns illness to get out of a camping trip. Details Episode 33 Aired Sep 24, 1997 Once Upon an Elevator Jackson and Lauren get trapped in an elevator; Winnie and Christian pretend to be married. Details Episode 34 Aired Sep 25, 1997 Headmaster Winnie Mr. Elliot cancels a school ski trip; Winnie becomes headmaster for a week. Details Episode 35 Aired Sep 28, 1997 Gotta Dance Christian will be Winnie's dance partner; the kids access their student records. Details Episode 36 Aired Sep 29, 1997 The Competition Lauren becomes jealous of Jackson's music partner; Lazzarini starts a pizza business. Details Episode 37 Aired Sep 30, 1997 King Mueller Royal heir Christian cannot date commoners; Jackson and Lauren try for time alone. Details Episode 38 Aired Oct 1, 1997 The Winnie Show Winnie turns loud-mouthed for a talk show. Details Episode 39 Aired Oct 2, 1997 Goodbye, Mr. Phipps The kids react to a popular teacher's death. Details Episode 40 Aired Oct 30, 1997 Giuseppe Returns Giuseppe and Ashley have a secret romance; the science fair. Details Episode 41 Aired Dec 31, 1997 Happy New Year Obligations threaten the gang's New Year's celebration. Details Episode 42 Aired Jan 2, 1998 Buddies The kids overhear a teacher threatening his wife. Details Episode 43 Aired Jan 5, 1998 Lottery Fever The gang picks the winning Paris Lottery numbers; Christian and Lazz compete for a job. Details Episode 44 Aired Jan 6, 1998 Date Auction Winnie organizes a date auction for charity. Details Episode 45 Aired Jan 7, 1998 Lazz's High Noon Lazz's date has a jealous ex-boyfriend; Jackson takes sensitivity training. Details Episode 46 Aired Jan 8, 1998 Daddy's Little Girl Winnie's dad disapproves of Christian. Details Episode 47 Aired Jan 9, 1998 Breaking Up Is Hard to Do Jackson realizes how much he misses being single when Lauren takes a trip. Details Episode 48 Aired Jan 12, 1998 Culture Shock Lazz has a crush on a girl who hangs out at the Louvre; Lauren submits Ashley's painting as her own. Details Episode 49 Aired Jan 13, 1998 The Hospital Hospitalized Lazz thinks he is dying; Jackson is involved with a nurse. Details Episode 50 Aired Jan 14, 1998 Jackson Moves Out Jackson has an obnoxious new roommate; Mr. Elliot and Ms. Dupre have blind dates. Details Episode 51 Aired Jan 15, 1998 The UFO Lazz has a series of dreams that seem to come true. Details Episode 52 Aired Jan 16, 1998 Jackson's New Manager Lazz gets Jackson a gig singing radio jingles. Details Episode 53 Aired Apr 6, 1998 She's the Boss Store manager Winnie throws her weight around. Details Episode 54 Aired Apr 7, 1998 Lazz Versus USA High Peeper Lazz falls out a window and sues the school. Details Episode 55 Aired Apr 8, 1998 Jackson's Best Bud Jackson's California buddy visits and falls for Lauren. Details Episode 56 Aired Apr 13, 1998 Ashley's American Cousin Ashley's shy cousin undergoes a radical personality change. Details Episode 57 Aired Apr 14, 1998 Jackson's Dilemma A girl Lazz likes, likes Jackson; the queen visits. Details Episode 58 Aired Apr 15, 1998 Winnie's Brother Winnie's brother quits school to become an actor; Mr. Elliot gets his pilot's license. Details Episode 59 Aired Apr 16, 1998 My Hero Christian gets credit when Winnie fends off a mugger; the gang finds a treasure map. Details Episode 60 Aired Apr 21, 1998 Everybody Loves Rafael The girls romanticize the new soccer coach. Details Episode 61 Aired Apr 22, 1998 Rafael's Proposal Rafael tells Ms. Dupre that he has incredible news that will greatly affect both their lives. Details Episode 62 Aired Jun 8, 1998 Big Lazz on Campus Lazz lies to impress his mother; Ashley needs a date for the spring dance. Details Episode 63 Aired Jun 9, 1998 Lauren's Sister Lauren's competitive sister, Maggie, visits; woodworkers Lazz and Christian. Details Episode 64 Aired Jun 10, 1998 Mother's Day After 13 years, Jackson and his mother reunite; the gang turns the common room into a spa. Details Episode 65 Aired Aug 3, 1998 Goodbye Christian The guys stage a dance revue to pay Christian's tuition. Details Episode 66 Aired Aug 4, 1998 Jackson's Idol Jackson learns his blues idol Bird Dog Hampton is in town. Details Episode 67 Aired Aug 5, 1998 A Star Is Born Jackson and Ashley audition for a record producer; karate challenge. Details Episode 68 Aired Aug 6, 1998 Christian's Big Lie Christian plans to go to a jazz festival with Winnie -- until the guys get tickets to the World Cup Soccer finals. Details Episode 69 Aired Aug 7, 1998 The Breakfast Club The gang gets put on all-day restriction in Mr. Elliot's office. With Josh Holland, Elena Lyons, Thomas Magiar. Details Episode 70 Aired Aug 10, 1998 From Russia With Love The brisket Lazz ordered from Russia turns out to be a bride named Nadia. Details Episode 71 Aired Aug 11, 1998 Fraulein Winnie Winnie frets that Christian's visiting parents won't like her. Details Episode 72 Aired Aug 12, 1998 Kisses, Lies, & Videotape In the heat of argument, Christian kisses Lauren. Details Episode 73 Aired Aug 13, 1998 Jackson's Choice Jackson decides to accompany Maggie on her next School at Sea program. Details Episode 74 Aired Aug 14, 1998 The Reunion The gang reunites in 2024. Details Episode 75 Aired Nov 13, 1998 Goodbye, Lazz Just as Lazz and Ashley begin a romance, Lazz's parents want him to come home. Details

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      Beth Mishler-Elmore Screen Rant The characters were all awful and/or annoying, the plots were preschool level, and the sets made the show look like a low-grade soap opera half the time. Jul 30, 2019 Full Review

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      Season Info

      Don Barnhart, Val Mayer, Mary Lou Belli, Gary Shimokawa, Frank Bonner
      Bernie Ancheta, Rob Hammersley, Jonathan Green, Brad Walsh, Noah Taft, Robert Tarlow, Leslie Eberhard, Paule Dell, Paul Dell, Paul Corrigan, Gabe Miller, Steven Weiss, Game Miller
      Original Language
      Release Date
      Aug 4, 1997