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      Season 2 – USA High

      1998 Comedy List
      Reviews Six suitemates at an exclusive American high school in Paris become friends and have the time of their lives. Read More Read Less


      Episode 1 Aired Nov 16, 1998 The Gang, a Guy and a Bakery Christian and Jackson get jobs and a new roommate; dog-trainer Ashley. Details Episode 2 Aired Nov 17, 1998 Jackson's Assistant Jackson hires an attractive assistant; Excess and the girls entertain at parties. Details Episode 3 Aired Nov 18, 1998 The Gang Gets a Car The gang chips in for a car; Lauren dates a new co-worker. Details Episode 4 Aired Nov 19, 1998 I Want My MTV! Excess' VJ job goes to his head; fortune-cookie omens seem to come true. Details Episode 5 Aired Nov 20, 1998 Excess's Ex Excess hopes to make up with his ex; Ashley gets a shotgun proposal. Details Episode 6 Aired Dec 28, 1998 Winnie-Wear A famous fashion designer offers Winnie a job; Ashley thinks she killed a sultan. Details Episode 7 Aired Dec 28, 1998 Jackson the Brain Jackson is chosen to represent the school at a science tournament. Details Episode 8 Aired Dec 29, 1998 For the Love of Ashley Excess gets a crush on Ashley while working on a project for pottery class. Details Episode 9 Aired Dec 29, 1998 Cinder-Ashley The night before a big dance, dateless Ashley dreams that she's Cinder-Ashley. Details Episode 10 Aired Dec 30, 1998 Hands Off My Christian A freshman assigned to Winnie for orientation has a crush on Christian. Details Episode 11 Aired Dec 30, 1998 The Blind Date Jackson and Christian try to get Excess out of a blind date. Details Episode 12 Aired Dec 31, 1998 Hey Big Spender Jackson and Excess are crushed when Lauren wants to break up with her rich boyfriend. Details Episode 13 Aired Dec 31, 1998 Lights, Camera, Jackson The gang shoots a music video for Jackson; Lauren meets her secret admirer. Details Episode 14 Aired Mar 29, 1999 Christian's Scholarship Christian and Winnie both apply to the same university in England; reality TV show focuses on the gang. Details Episode 15 Aired Mar 30, 1999 It's a Wonderful Life Jackson struggles to write an essay for his college application. Details Episode 16 Aired Mar 31, 1999 Good Sports Mr. Macafee enters the girls in a competition after they lie about their gymnastics scores. Details Episode 17 Aired Jun 7, 1999 Psych 101 Success on a psychology test makes Ashley think she can solve everyone's problems. Details Episode 18 Aired Jun 8, 1999 The Wedding Ashley's father plans to remarry. Details Episode 19 Aired Jun 9, 1999 The Last Hurrah The gang throws a party; Excess jeopardizes his chance to get into Yale. Details Episode 20 Aired Jun 10, 1999 Graduation Day The gang considers its future when they realize high school is nearly over. Details

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      Season Info

      Mary Lou Belli, John Bowab, Jeff Meyer
      Troy Searer, Rob Hammersley, Bill Marich, Mark Scherzer, Bernie Ancheta, Leslie Eberhard, Robert Tarlow, Rich Ross
      Original Language
      Release Date
      Nov 16, 1998