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Howard Hawks

Howard Hawks

Highest Rated: 100% Ball of Fire (1941)

Lowest Rated: 20% Today We Live (1933)

Birthday: May 30, 1896

Birthplace: Goshen, Indiana, USA

Viewed as a competent director of successful genre pictures at the height of his career, Howard Hawks later came to be recognized as one of the greatest American filmmakers of the Hollywood studio era. After receiving his start in silent movies, Hawks worked in nearly every film genre imaginable, and collaborated with the greatest acting and writing talent of the day. "Scarface" (1932), scripted by Ben Hecht, set the standard for the gangster film, while the Cary Grant vehicles "Bringing Up Baby" (1938) and "His Girl Friday" (1940), as well as the Carole Lombard classic "Twentieth Century" (1934) became three of the most often imitated screwball comedies of all time. The wartime biopic "Sergeant York" (1941) earned Gary Cooper an Oscar and the drama "To Have and Have Not" (1944) introduced the world to the onscreen combo of Bogie and Bacall. Hawks worked with the likes of literary legend William Faulkner on the film noir "The Big Sleep" (1946) and forever altered the genre of science fiction with his terrifying production of "The Thing from Another World" (1951). The director boosted the careers of such screen icons as Marilyn Monroe in "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" (1953) and reunited time and again with favored screenwriter Leigh Brackett on projects like the influential John Wayne Western "Rio Bravo" (1959). Telling his stories in a deceptively straightforward manner that belied the subtle artistry of his work, Hawks produced rousing adventures in which men were bound together by adversity, and raucous comedies, wherein the male's orderly world was hilariously undone by the free-spirited, sharp-tongued woman. Finally acknowledged for his contributions to film with an honorary Academy Award late in life, Hawks was more importantly recognized as a master craftsman by such auteur directors as Peter Bogdanovich, Brian de Palma and John Carpenter, whose admiration of Hawks exposed new generations to the varied works of the long undervalued filmmaker.

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HATARI!, John Wayne, cinematographer Russell Harlan, director Howard Hawks on location, 1962. HATARI!, Director Howard Hawks, John Wayne on the set, 1962. ONLY ANGELS HAVE WINGS, director Howard Hawks, Cary Grant, Rita Hayworth on set, 1939 THE BIG SKY, from left, cameraman Russell Harlan, director Howard Hawks, Kirk Douglas, on location in Wyoming, 1951 TODAY WE LIVE, director Howard Hawks, Joan Crawford on set, 1933 BOUND BY FLESH, l-r: Charles Farrell, Daisy and Violet Hilton, far right: Howard Hawks on set of 'Fazil', ca. 1928, 2012. ph: Camille Rosengren/©Sundance Selects I WAS A MALE WAR BRIDE, director Howard Hawks, (center), on location in Germany, 1949, TM and Copyright © 20th Century Fox Film Corp. All rights reserved. THE BIG SKY, from left, in river, Hank Worden, Dewey Martin, Kirk Douglas, Elizabeth Threatt; director Howard Hawks, in white cowboy hat; on location in Wyoming, 1951 MAN'S FAVORITE SPORT?, from left; director Howard Hawks, Rock Hudson on set, 1964 MAN'S FAVORITE SPORT?, from left: director Howard Hawks, Paula Prentiss on set, 1964 MAN'S FAVORITE SPORT?, director Howard Hawks (holding script) laughs along with Paula Prentiss as she is being dried off after accidently falling into the lake on set, 1964 RIO BRAVO, John Wayne, Dean Martin, Rickey Nelson, director Howard Hawks on set, 1959 HIS GIRL FRIDAY, director Howard Hawks, Cary Grant, Rosalind Russell on set, 1940 HIS GIRL FRIDAY, assistant director Cliff Broughton, Ernest Truex, Cary Grant, director Howard Hawks on set, 1940 RIO BRAVO, foreground from left: director Howard Hawks, Angie Dickinson, on set, 1959



100% 95% A Personal Journey With Martin Scorsese Through American Movies Himself (archive footage) (Character) - 1995
70% 70% Rio Lobo Director,
- 1970
96% 87% El Dorado Director,
- 1966
No Score Yet No Score Yet El Dorado Director,
- 1966
60% 33% Red Line 7000 Director,
- 1965
63% 72% Man's Favorite Sport? Director,
- 1964
64% 76% Hatari! Director,
- 1962
96% 91% Rio Bravo Director,
- 1959
80% 44% Land of the Pharaohs Director - 1955
88% 83% Gentlemen Prefer Blondes Director - 1953
No Score Yet 68% O. Henry's Full House Director - 1952
79% 68% Monkey Business Director,
- 1952
89% 67% The Big Sky Director,
- 1952
87% 73% The Thing Producer - 1951
76% 72% I Was a Male War Bride Director - 1949
50% 75% A Song Is Born Director - 1948
100% 87% Red River Director,
- 1948
96% 91% The Big Sleep Director,
- 1946
94% 90% To Have and Have Not Director,
- 1944
82% 71% Air Force Director - 1943
No Score Yet No Score Yet Corvette K-225 Director - 1943
100% 89% Ball of Fire Director - 1941
88% 87% Sergeant York Director,
- 1941
99% 90% His Girl Friday Director,
- 1940
100% 82% Only Angels Have Wings Director,
- 1939
67% 68% Test Pilot Writer - 1938
97% 89% Bringing Up Baby Director,
- 1938
91% 69% Come and Get It Director - 1936
No Score Yet 89% The Road to Glory Director - 1936
92% 51% Barbary Coast Director - 1935
100% 67% Ceiling Zero Director - 1935
86% 75% Twentieth Century Director,
- 1934
20% 27% Today We Live Director,
- 1933
83% 48% The Crowd Roars Director - 1932
No Score Yet 27% Tiger Shark Writer - 1932
98% 86% Scarface Director - 1932
No Score Yet 48% The Criminal Code Director - 1931
100% 69% Flight Commander Director - 1930
No Score Yet No Score Yet Trent's Last Case Director - 1929
No Score Yet 57% A Girl in Every Port Director - 1928
No Score Yet No Score Yet Fazil Director - 1928
No Score Yet No Score Yet Paid to Love Director - 1927
83% No Score Yet The Cradle Snatchers Director - 1927
No Score Yet No Score Yet Fig Leaves Director,
- 1926