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      Bad Girl Island

      R 2007 1h 35m Mystery & Thriller List
      Reviews 15% Audience Score 50+ Ratings After a filmmaker hires a sexy vixen for his new movie, other members of his cast and crew meet mysterious ends. Read More Read Less

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      Audience Member This is a movie about the making of a movie the plot of which is based on a dream that is actually a premonition about a "real life" massacre that I think was supposed to be a commentary on racism expressed through thinly veiled racism. The massacre which happened in "real life" but is also the content of the dream premonition is included in the plot of the movie movie by the director/writer to cover up said real life events even though no one knows it actually happened. The dream/premonition has a dream with the dream that is the inspiration for the plot of the movie movie which turns out to be a revenge plot by a child and sea siren spirt for the real life events to murder the perpetrators of the massacre who happen to be the director/writer, producer's children and the actors of the movie movie. The movie movie is only made because The producer who is also the dreamer tells the director/writer about his dream and dream dream both of which are really just his fantasy about the siren sea spirt which spins a C plot of an angry producer's wife. The siren spirt who is the love interest in the dream and the dream dream is also the leading actress in the movie movie and murderer. As murders written into the movie movie script occur during the filming of said movie movie scenes the filming of the movie movie isn't slowed let alone stopped and its heavily implied that the scenes of the "real" stripped stripped murders of the movie movie actors will be used in the final cut of the movie movie. All of which is revealed simultaneously using the same actors while balancing a B plot where the same cops investigate the dream, the dream dream, the movie movie murders and the siren spirit. This culminates in the producer fake murdering the siren spirit to save his son which causes his daughter to be murdered and him to be arrested for the fake murder of the siren spirt who everyone agrees never existed which backed up by her documents showing she was dead 6 months before any of this happened. None of this insanity makes a lick of sense and is played as a "mystery" until it's spelled out in the last 5 minutes this movir was also billed as a steamy almost soft core porn and I wish the acting was 1/2 that good but even in this department it failed because the sex is PG and the murders are pg 13 who tf knows where the R rating came from. Rated 0.5 out of 5 stars 02/07/23 Full Review don s Absolutely horrible supernatural thriller starring the lovely AnnaLynne McCord of 90210 fame. She plays a temptress born of the sea who is seeking revenge on a boatload of wealthy, happy people who have wronged the sadly poor and seeking refuge people of Haiti. I just made it sound better than it is. Rated 1 out of 5 stars 03/31/23 Full Review Audience Member Bad Girl Island (Stewart Raffill, 2010) Stewart Raffill, relatively early in his career, directed one of my favorite movies, High Risk. In it, James Brolin plays a wannabe mercenary who leads a small group into the compound of a reclusive South American drug lord (Anthony Quinn) to liberate him of some of his ill-gotten funds. High Risk, released in 1981, was Stewart Raffill's last good movie. Since then, he has turned in a combination of bizarre "family" films (e.g. the infamous 1988 feature Mac and Me) and erotic thrillers (Survival Island). An odd combination to be sure, but we're going to dispense with the family-film aspect of Raffill's career and focus on Raffill's first feature with Brolin in almost thirty years. It could not be any more different from High Risk if it tried. Plot: Michael (bad-movie mainstay Antonio Sabato Jr.) is a screenwriter who's living on an island in the Bermuda triangle (no, really) trying to break his writer's block and come up with a new script. One night, he has a dream about a woman he rescues from the waves and names Morning (Excision's AnnaLynne McCord), since she can't remember her own name. (Hey, go with it, it's a dream.) Nasty things occur. He wakes up and whoa, there's his new screenplay. He gets on the horn with director Terry Bamba (Brolin) and the two of them start auditioning for the lead actress... and Georgia peach Simone (McCord) shows up to audition. Was Michael's dream only a dream? And if not, what does Morning want from Michael? I have seen a lot of bad movies over the years. I voluntarily sat through such legendary bombs as The Room and Birdemic: Shock and Terror. Neither made my list of the hundred worst movies of all-time. Manos: The Hands of Fate did; it sits at #57 (Manos is infamous for having been a denizen of IMDB's Bottom 10 since its inception; it fell to #11 a couple of weeks ago as I write this, nudged out by 2014's Gunday). What I'm getting at is that I tend to troll the depths, finding horrific little nuggets of celluloid feces like Cathy's Curse (#61), Slayer (#92), I Like Killing Flies (#38), Hallow's End (#49), and Mutants (#80), all of which have less than a thousand votes on IMDB. I know crappy, and I know it all too well. So when I tell you that Bad Girl Island is only the second film since I began the list almost ten years ago (May 20, 2004) to occupy the #1 slot... well, you get the idea. AnnaLynne McCord is so terrible in this movie I don't understand how she still has a career. I'd say the same for Antonio Sabato Jr., but I think I say that every time I see him in a movie. The script is beyond words (and, for much of its length, beyond reasoning). While I did not find it such, I can easily see where some folks could find it at least insensitive, if not outright offensive, for reasons I can't discuss without going into spoiler territory. I might have found it offensive if I thought the movie had enough brain cells to have at any point been malicious. It does not. In fact, that might have saved it from the slot it now occupies on my hundred-worst list; at least that would have inspired some sort of emotion. Instead, this is boring, lackluster, predictable, Lifetime Original Movie-level work from a director who past performances show is capable of much, much better than this. (As I write this, High Risk is at #371 on my list of the thousand best movies of all-time.) And yes, I rush to add that if this mess had not been directed by Stewart Raffill, it may have hit the list, but would probably be in the bottom half somewhere. But it is exemplary in providing an example of how far the mighty can fall-and for that, it claims the throne. (zero) Rated 0.5 out of 5 stars 02/11/23 Full Review Audience Member "All the pretensions... never rose to fulfillment" ***1/2 This movie: had all the pretensions, to be better, than it was, but it never rose to fulfillment. To me: it was not as boring, as many of the other island, B-class movies, that I have seen. ~ A B-class movie that I give a C (Common) Rated 2.5 out of 5 stars 01/12/23 Full Review Audience Member This movie: had all the pretensions, to be better, then it was, but it never rose to fulfillment. To me: it was not as boring, as many of the other island, B-class movies, that I have seen. ~ A B-class movie that I give a C (Common) Rated 2.5 out of 5 stars 02/18/23 Full Review Audience Member I see what the filmmakers were trying to accomplish, and it was a big endeavour. A movie being filmed within a movie, with hidden subtexts, twists, turns, deception, and a supernatural element. Bad Girl Island suffered from too much going on. The story itself was decent, and interesting, but very bad acting let the whole thing down. Brolin does sleazy very well, and fits that director stereotype extremely well. McCord does a decent job as the seductress Simone, but the rest of the cast are exceptionally bad. Rated 0.5 out of 5 stars 02/27/23 Full Review Read all reviews
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      Synopsis After a filmmaker hires a sexy vixen for his new movie, other members of his cast and crew meet mysterious ends.
      Stewart Raffill
      Stewart Raffill
      R (Language|Some Violence|Sexual Content)
      Mystery & Thriller
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