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      Released Jul 6, 2011 1h 19m Drama List
      56% Tomatometer 16 Reviews 43% Audience Score 100+ Ratings A man (Michael Tully) reunites with his reclusive brothers (Robert Longstreet, Onur Tukel) after disappearing years earlier. Read More Read Less

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      Wesley Morris Boston Globe It's all a labored sort of strange, like someone forcing himself to have a bad dream. Rated: 2.5/4 Jul 14, 2011 Full Review Andrew O'Hehir There's an unkillable something at the heart of "Septien," an artistic ambition that's not calculated or cynical, that feels homegrown American but is thoroughly resistant to totalitarian spectacle and the manufactured tides of mass opinion. Jul 7, 2011 Full Review Alison Willmore AV Club The setup and storyline are absurd, but the angst underneath is as earnest as a campfire confession. Rated: B Jul 7, 2011 Full Review Brent Simon A unique slice of Southern Gothic that trades in low-level mischievousness, Septien is the ultimate chameleonic cinematic experience -- it is chiefly what one wishes it to be, based on their mood, and interpretation of its rhythms. Rated: B Jul 16, 2011 Full Review Gerald Peary Boston Phoenix Tully has forged an original independent work of spirit and intelligence, perhaps the best American feature so far in 2011. Rated: 3.5/4 Jul 13, 2011 Full Review Ethan Alter Television Without Pity The film takes advantage of its striking setting, but unfortunately the characters at its center gradually reveal themselves to be less interesting than they initially appear. Jul 11, 2011 Full Review Read all reviews

      Audience Reviews

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      Audience Member I suspect that this is just one of those movies that is either loved or hated. But no one can deny that Michael Tully and his artist pals have created a truly odd movie that is as creepy as it funny. There is also something interestingly "real" about this "family" of men gathered together just off the back roads of American culture. Robert Longstreet is most especially brilliant as "Ezra" --- a performance that goes far deeper than the movie itself. Longstreet fully fleshes out an individual who has pushed his latent sexuality and his grief so far down into his psyche that he essentially not only taken on the role of "mother" --- but seems to be turning into a skewed version of who he perceived her to be. Beyond strange, twisted and unusual experiment within the very loose framework of a dark comedy always on the verge of attacking the audience. I consider this to be a must see film. Rated 4 out of 5 stars 02/22/23 Full Review Audience Member This film is bizarre and wonderful. The acting is phenomenal, and the characters are strange. Robert Longstreet is a versatile and talented actor. What is it about remote rural areas that is so haunting? I suppose it is all the things that can be hidden there and kept secret for a very long time, only to return at the least expected moments, much like brother Cornelius. Don't analyze it - the movie puts all its cards on the table. Don't look for holes in the plot. Just let the weirdness, the pain, and the healing wash over you. Rated 3.5 out of 5 stars 02/15/23 Full Review Audience Member An awkwardly good movie Rated 4 out of 5 stars 02/18/23 Full Review simon d There were some twisted minds that came up with this film. Fortunately, they did not push it too far. I was a tad worried as the opening scenes showed the artwork of Amos, which is some messed up stuff. The characters in this were totally original, the storyline is dark and so many scenes make you wonder if the film is going to turn a sinister corner att any minute. After all that anticipation, the ending was a bit of a let down but it has to be said, full marks for originality. Rated 3.5 out of 5 stars 03/31/23 Full Review Audience Member (*** 1/2): [img][/img] A very strange, original and funny film. Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars 01/18/23 Full Review Audience Member I was immediately drawn into the film Septien as the beginning credits were rolling because of the Bizarre yet Fascinating artwork that was featured. As I watched I realized they were painted by a main character the film surrounds itself around. The art was genius in a sick kind of way. The story focuses on 4 brothers who all have serious issues that slowly unfold as the film progresses. One of the brothers returns after being gone for fifteen years and is welcomed back like it had only been a time span of six month or so. I don't want to reveal much but it was billed as a Horror film ,I would not say it was in any kind of Horror Sub Genre but a mystery,Psychological drama with just enough Black comedy thrown in to keep it balanced. Listen very carefully to some of the dialogue and your jaw will drop plus there are a couple of scenes that are jaw dropping as well. I was sucked in and even though it was quite slow paced I didn't even want to stop it for a bathroom break afraid I was going to miss the big payoff. By the end you pretty much figure out what is and what isn't and the way they slowly slipped in pieces of the puzzle was subtly genius Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars 01/12/23 Full Review Read all reviews

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      25% 44% Now & Later 60% 65% Barking Water 81% 43% I Used to Be Darker 84% 85% Tyrannosaur 20% 62% Coming Up Roses Discover more movies and TV shows. View More

      Movie Info

      Synopsis A man (Michael Tully) reunites with his reclusive brothers (Robert Longstreet, Onur Tukel) after disappearing years earlier.
      Michael Tully
      Brooke Bernard, Ryan Zacarias, Brent Stewart
      Michael Tully
      IFC Films
      Production Co
      Nomadic Independence Pictures
      Original Language
      Release Date (Theaters)
      Jul 6, 2011, Limited
      Release Date (Streaming)
      Apr 10, 2017
      1h 19m
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