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      Season 6 – All in the Family

      1975 Comedy List
      Reviews 86% Fewer than 50 Ratings Audience Score "All in the Family" is touted as the series that brought reality to prime-time TV entertainment. The lead character, Archie Bunker, is a loudmouthed, uneducated bigot who believes in every stereotype he has ever heard. His wife, Edith, is sweet but not the sharpest knife in the drawer. They and their daughter, Gloria, and her husband, Mike, all live in a working-class home. Unfortunately for Archie, he can't avoid the people he disdains: His son-in-law -- whom Archie calls "Meathead" -- is an unemployed student and of Polish descent; the Jeffersons next door are black; Edith's cousin Maude is a feminist; and, later, his partners in a local tavern are Jewish. Read More Read Less

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      Episode 1 Aired Sep 8, 1975 The Very Moving Day Gloria has an announcement, she is pregnant, but fears Michael's reaction since he has strong feelings over the world's overpopulation. Details Episode 2 Aired Sep 15, 1975 Alone at Last Mike declares his and Gloria's moving day as "Independence Day" after five years of suffering. Details Episode 3 Aired Sep 22, 1975 Archie, the Donor Archie's zealousness to get a promotion costs him a lot more than he bargained for. Details Episode 4 Aired Sep 29, 1975 Archie, the Hero Archie flaunts the fact he has saved the life of an unconscious woman in his cab, but he hopes to keep the story hushed after discovering the woman is really a man in drag. Details Episode 5 Aired Oct 6, 1975 Mike's Pains Mike must decide if he wants to be in the delivery room during the birth of the baby. Details Episode 6 Aired Oct 20, 1975 Chain Letter Archie feels that the chain letter he threw away has suddenly caused him bad luck and physical pains. Details Episode 7 Aired Oct 27, 1975 Mike Faces Life Mike is enraged when Gloria receives a pink slip in her paycheck because she is pregnant. Details Episode 8 Aired Nov 3, 1975 Edith Breaks Out Edith refuses to stop her volunteer work at the home for the aged despite Archie's orders. Details Episode 9 Aired Nov 10, 1975 Grandpa Blues Archie is upset over Gloria and Mike's ideas for names for the baby and needs to remain calm for a physical at his workplace. Details Episode 10 Aired Nov 17, 1975 Gloria Suspects Mike Gloria suspects the worst after Mike's once-a-week job of tutoring a college student turns into a twice-a-week job. Details Episode 11 Aired Nov 24, 1975 The Little Atheist Archie and Mike lock horns over the soon-to-be-born baby Stivic's religion -- or lack of it. Details Episode 12 Aired Dec 1, 1975 Archie's Civil Rights When Archie is mugged, he ends up on trial for having an illegal weapon in his possession. Details Episode 13 Aired Dec 8, 1975 Gloria Is Nervous Gloria is fed up with pregnancy and frustrated that she is nine days overdue and Mike finds himself the target of her anger. Details Episode 14 Aired Dec 15, 1975 Birth of the Baby Gloria goes into labor in an Italian restaurant and becomes stuck. It appears she may have her baby in the phone booth. Details Episode 15 Aired Dec 22, 1975 Birth of the Baby Edith and Archie arrive at the hospital and alarmed when they learn that Mike and Gloria have not yet arrived. Meanwhile, Gloria is rescued from the phone booth and later arrives at the hospital and soon must battle through a slow delivery. Details Episode 16 Aired Jan 5, 1976 New Year's Wedding Mike and Gloria fight over Mike constantly making decisions without consulting Gloria. To make matters worse, the babysitter for Joey backs out and Mike makes the decision without consulting Gloria to have the wedding in the Stivics' home. Details Episode 17 Aired Jan 12, 1976 Archie, the Babysitter Mike and Gloria are looking forward to having a night on the town for the first time since Joey has been born. However, Archie is distressed when he learns that they have hired a teenager leading Archie to take over babysitting. Details Episode 18 Aired Jan 26, 1976 Archie Finds a Friend It looks like Archie has turned over a new leaf when he befriends a Jewish man. Details Episode 19 Aired Feb 2, 1976 Mike's Move Mike may miss an opportunity for a promotion because of his race. Details Episode 20 Aired Feb 9, 1976 Archie's Weighty Problem Archie is not pleased when he is told by his doctor that he must lose 25 pounds. Edith tries to help keep him on a healthy diet, but Archie turns to Kelsey for unhealthy food. Details Episode 21 Aired Feb 16, 1976 Love by Appointment Gloria's 24-hour-a-day job as a new mother doesn't leave much time for Mike. Details Episode 22 Aired Feb 23, 1976 Joey's Baptism Archie is insistent on having Joey baptized, but both Gloria and Mike refuse. Archie decides to take matters into his own hands. Details Episode 23 Aired Mar 1, 1976 Mike and Gloria's House Guests A broken furnace forces the Bunkers to spend a few days at the Stivic house. Details Episode 24 Aired Mar 8, 1976 Edith's Night Out Gloria tries to pressure Archie into taking Edith out for a night on the town. Details

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      Robert David Sullivan AV Club Remains funny because of O'Connor and Stapleton's sharp performances. Aug 29, 2018 Full Review

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      Season Info

      Paul Bogart
      Executive Producer
      Norman Lear
      Original Language
      Release Date
      Sep 8, 1975