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      Season 1 – EZ Streets

      1996 Crime Drama List
      83% 24 Reviews Tomatometer A haunting musical score tinged with mournful Celtic folk tunes underpins this brooding and emotionally complex drama series about the intersecting lives of three deeply flawed men: Detective Cameron Quinn, who goes undercover for his captain to nail a notorious local crime figure and clear his own name after accusations of being a dirty cop; his quarry, Jimmy Murtha, who usually manages to stay a couple of steps ahead of the law thanks to his sexy and morally ambivalent lawyer, Theresa Connors; and Danny Rooney, who is desperately trying to go straight after recently serving time for a crime he did not commit. Unfortunately, Danny's bleak job prospects force him to take dubious assignments from his childhood friend Murtha, accepting dirty money Danny hopes will help him reconcile with his drug-addicted wife, Elli, and their young daughter. Read More Read Less
      EZ Streets — Season 1

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      Critics Consensus

      From the brilliantly dark mind of Paul Haggis, EZ Streets delivers an intriguing crime drama with its moody Celtic score, engaging storylines, and stellar casting.

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      Episode 1 Aired Oct 27, 1996 Pilot Detective Cameron Quinn (Ken Olin) and ex-con Danny Rooney (Jason Gedrick) lead parallel lives on opposite sides of the law. Details Episode 2 Aired Oct 27, 1996 Pilot Detective Cameron Quinn (Ken Olin) and ex-con Danny Rooney (Jason Gedrick) lead parallel lives on opposite sides of the law. Details Episode 3 Aired Oct 30, 1996 Every Picture Tells a Story Quinn (Ken Olin) finds a photograph that links crime boss Dugan (R.D. Call) with Capt. Geary (John Finn); Murtha (Joe Pantoliano) offers Rooney (Jason Gedrick) a union card. Details Episode 4 Aired Mar 3, 1997 A Terrible Beauty Dugan's retaliation for Murtha's shooting a Rastafarian drug dealer under his protection forces Danny to use extreme measures to save Murtha's life. Details Episode 5 Aired Mar 5, 1997 St. Jude Took a Bullet Lonnie the snitch informs Quinn that his murdered partner, Tim, was nothing more than a corrupt cop involved in a ring that could go as high as the captain. Details Episode 6 Aired Mar 12, 1997 Every Dog Has Its Day During a stripper audition, Mrs. Dog Face tries to shoot crime-boss Jimmy Murtha (Joe Pantoliano); Elli (Sarah Trigger) takes to the streets. Details Episode 7 Aired Mar 19, 1997 One Acquainted With the Night Quinn (Ken Olin) arrests Elli (Sarah Trigger) for prostitution; Mayor Davidson (Carl Lumbly) calls for a casino vote; Murtha (Joe Pantoliano) tries to kill Leo (Jack McGee). Details Episode 8 Aired Mar 26, 1997 On the Left Side of the Angels Quinn can't arrest the prime suspect in the death of his partner when Leo recants a statement linking Jimmy Murtha to the murder weapon. Details Episode 9 Aired Apr 2, 1997 A Ceremony of Innocence Theresa (Debrah Farentino) prompts Murtha (Joe Pantoliano) to find out who planted the gun that killed Quinn's partner; Capt. Geary's past comes to light; Danny (Jason Gedrick) gets further indebted to Murtha. Details Episode 10 Aired Apr 9, 1997 Neither Have I Wings to Fly Quinn (Ken Olin) finds Murtha's freezer; the Easys mourn Mr. Kinnear; Elli (Sarah Trigger) skips town; the mayor checks into rehab. Details

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      Diane Werts Newsday It's so deep, so daring, so nuanced, so... indecipherable. Oct 20, 2021 Full Review Noel Holston and Neal Justin Minneapolis Star Tribune The most intriguing undercover-cop drama since Wiseguy. Oct 19, 2021 Full Review Alan Sepinwall Uproxx It was fantastic, but also years ahead of its time, as it would have been better off in a world where cable was making a lot of original drama series. Aug 16, 2019 Full Review Bruce R. Miller Sioux City Journal The series is highly atmospheric but confusing. The audience might not sit still. Oct 25, 2021 Full Review Rick Kushman Sacramento Bee One of the best-written and best-acted new shows this season, although its moody feel and dark look may not bode well for EZ ratings success. Rated: 3.5/4 Oct 21, 2021 Full Review Barbara Righton Ottawa Citizen Ken Olin has a brooding intensity that always makes him seem as if he could explode at any second (on screen and off). It's a bonus in this stylish drama from Canadian producer Paul Haggis. Oct 20, 2021 Full Review Read all reviews

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      Season Info

      Donna Deitch, George Bloomfield, James Quinn, Michael Fields, Anita W. Addison, Ken Olin, Randy Zisk
      Executive Producer
      Paul Haggis
      Paul Haggis, David Black, Bobby Moresco, Mark Saraceni
      Crime, Drama
      Original Language
      Release Date
      Oct 27, 1996