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      Season 1 – Jericho

      2006 Drama Mystery & Thriller List
      48% 27 Reviews Tomatometer 83% Fewer than 50 Ratings Audience Score A nuclear mushroom cloud appears on the horizon -- and for the residents of Jericho, a small Kansas town, it could mean they're the only Americans left alive. Fear of the unknown propels Jericho into mayhem, causing the town to come apart at the seams. Secrets are revealed, personal agendas take over and even the most sensible people become paranoid. But even in a time of crisis, some folks will find an inner strength they never knew existed, causing them to emerge as the most unlikeliest of heroes. As the citizens slowly rebuild Jericho, however, they also find themselves in a bitter turf war with the residents of another town, New Bern. Read More Read Less Watch on Vudu Premiered Sep 26 Buy Now

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      Jericho — Season 1

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      Jericho — Season 1

      What to Know

      Critics Consensus

      Jericho squanders the limitless potential of its apocalyptic premise by relying on tired tropes instead of forging a new path forward, leaving humanity with a retread rather than a reboot.

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      Previous Episode 1 Aired Sep 20, 2006 Pilot Jake's return to Jericho after a long absence coincides with a deadly explosion that catapults residents into chaos, as they wonder whether they are the only people left alive. Details Episode 2 Aired Sep 27, 2006 Fallout Jake must improvise when he finds the official shelter unusable just an hour before fallout from the nuclear blast is to hit the town. Details Episode 3 Aired Oct 4, 2006 Four Horsemen A satellite television in a local bar broadcasts a signal from an Asian news program that shows the extent of the nuclear attacks. Details Episode 4 Aired Oct 11, 2006 Walls of Jericho Jake and Hawkins sit by the side of a stranger who is sick from radiation poisoning; townspeople are asked to siphon gas from their cars. Details Episode 5 Aired Oct 18, 2006 Federal Response Townspeople hope that life will return to normal when they receive a prerecorded phone call from Homeland Security and utilities come back on line. Details Episode 6 Aired Oct 25, 2006 9:02 Townspeople learn they are truly on their own; the town plunges into darkness when an electromagnetic pulse destroys everything with a circuit board. Details Episode 7 Aired Nov 1, 2006 Long Live the Mayor Gray Anderson returns to report on the horrific things he saw while traveling outside of town; Jake tries to negotiate with Jonah Prowse, who wants to retrieve a member of his gang charged with stealing horses and food. Details Episode 8 Aired Nov 8, 2006 Rogue River Jake and Eric must make the deadly trip to another town to get medicine when the mayor falls gravely ill. Details Episode 9 Aired Nov 15, 2006 Crossroads The residents of Jericho realize they need a plan to keep intruders out; on the day she and Roger had intended to marry, Emily imagines how the wedding would have been. Details Episode 10 Aired Nov 22, 2006 Red Flag When bombers drop supplies on the town, Gray is able to capitalize on the uproar that follows; Jonah makes a move that will have long-lasting effects. Details Episode 11 Aired Nov 29, 2006 Vox Populi Gray organizes a manhunt for Jonah, against Mayor Green's wishes, when one of Jericho's own turns up dead; an unlikely face returns to Jericho. Details Episode 12 Aired Feb 21, 2007 The Day Before The day before the bombs go off, Jake unsuccessfully tries to make an honest living in San Diego; his association with a woman named Sarah furthers Hawkins' mysterious past. Details Episode 13 Aired Feb 28, 2007 Black Jack Dale and Heather join Jake and Johnston on a trip to a trading post outside of town to search for equipment to fix the local windmill. Details Episode 14 Aired Mar 7, 2007 Heart of Winter Jake, Stanley and Mimi must fight for their lives after an encounter with strangers on a hunting trip. Details Episode 15 Aired Mar 14, 2007 Semper Fidelis The Marines arrive, prompting residents of Jericho to wonder what life will be like once law and order have been restored and the nation begins the recovery process. Details Episode 16 Aired Mar 28, 2007 Winter's End Kenchy must deal with his post-traumatic stress disorder and operate on April when she goes into early labor. Details Episode 17 Aired Apr 4, 2007 One Man's Terrorist Gray's decision to make the refugees leave Jericho sends Roger off the deep end, and he takes extreme measures. Details Episode 18 Aired Apr 11, 2007 A.K.A. Jake learns that Hawkins may not have been completely truthful about his life before coming to Jericho. Details Episode 19 Aired Apr 18, 2007 Casus Belli Jake senses something is wrong when Eric fails to return from New Bern with the other men; Jake and Hawkins travel to New Bern in search of Eric. Details Episode 20 Aired Apr 25, 2007 One if by Land The tension between the city and neighboring New Bern escalates when several people are shot while trying to steal from Jericho's salt mine. Details Episode 21 Aired May 2, 2007 Coalition of the Willing New Bern makes its move; the mayor must decide whether to fight against New Bern or surrender to save lives. Details Episode 22 Aired May 9, 2007 Why We Fight Residents of Jericho are outnumbered by residents of New Bern as the battle begins; help arrives from an unexpected source. Details Next
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      Critics Reviews

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      Previous Melanie McFarland Seattle Post-Intelligencer A catastrophic nuclear crisis never looked as boring and convoluted as it does here. Sep 28, 2018 Full Review Tom Shales Washington Post It might sound callous to say that Jericho has managed to make nuclear war look boring, but there you have it. Or don't have it, should you choose the seemingly sane course of steering clear. Sep 28, 2018 Full Review Matthew Gilbert Boston Globe Jericho turns nuclear catastrophe into an excuse for a series of suspenseful 24-like set pieces, and the result is a ham-fisted concoction overcrowded with incident and rigged thrills. Sep 28, 2018 Full Review Kristin Veitch E! Online Jericho's producers have enough spine-tingling twists and solid character development on the horizon to help Jericho blow up into something big. Sep 28, 2018 Full Review MaryAnn Johanson Flick Filosopher The sprawling cast is all-Americana; the sprawling themes come as a direct slap in the face to the terrifying road America off the tube is heading down. Sep 28, 2018 Full Review Robert McLaughlin Den of Geek A drama in the more traditional sense, and while there are sci-fi elements in the show this certainly is not the focus, and usually the furthest thing from the viewer's mind. And you know what... it's all the better for it. 4/5 Sep 28, 2018 Full Review Read all reviews Next
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      Audience Ratings

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      Previous yemarb1 Very original and engaging show, watch all the seasons. Rated 5 out of 5 stars 12/29/22 Full Review Jnis M One of my all time favorites. Rewatch almost every year. Rated 5 out of 5 stars 10/19/22 Full Review simonomis Amazing little gem, go watch it! Rated 5 out of 5 stars 09/30/22 Full Review Audience Member best ever - great format and writing and acting Rated 5 out of 5 stars 01/09/23 Full Review Audience Member Great show obviously witch was very likely cancelled for political reasons. Still interesting today... Maybe more than ever. Rated 5 out of 5 stars 01/09/23 Full Review Audience Member A cult favorite that delivers in man aspects including a cast that shows a real bond. While tackling a subject that is not overdone, Jericho makes itself far distinguished from other post apocalyptical shows or movies. With a driving story cut short by supposed uninterest, Jericho was a home run while everyone was out getting a hotdog. Rated 5 out of 5 stars 01/09/23 Full Review Read all reviews Next Post a review

      Season Info

      Sanford Bookstaver, Jon Turteltaub, Martha Mitchell, James Whitmore Jr., James Whitmore, Guy Bee, Christina Moore
      Executive Producer
      Jon Turteltaub, Stephen Chbosky, Carol Barbee
      Mike Ostrowski, Stephen Chbosky, Frank Military, Nancy Won, Matthew Federman, Carol Barbee, Dan O'Shannon, Stephen Scaia, Jonathan E. Steinberg, Josh Schaer
      TV-14 (V|L)
      Drama, Mystery & Thriller
      Original Language
      Release Date
      Sep 20, 2006
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