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Season 1 – Joko Anwar's Nightmares and Daydreams

2024 Drama Sci-Fi Mystery & Thriller TRAILER for Joko Anwar's Nightmares and Daydreams: Season 1 Trailer List Joko Anwar's Nightmares and Daydreams: Season 1 Trailer Joko Anwar's Nightmares and Daydreams: Season 1 Trailer 1:53 View more videos
86% Tomatometer 7 Reviews 81% Audience Score 50+ Ratings Tales of supernatural sci-fi phenomena unfold in this collection of seven mind-bending stories imagined by writer-director Joko Anwar. Read More Read Less Watch on Netflix Stream Now

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Joko Anwar's Nightmares and Daydreams — Season 1


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Critics Reviews

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Panos Kotzathanasis Asian Movie Pulse Despite some cliches here and there, “Joko Anwar's Nightmares and Daydreams" evidently has a quality that points more towards a movie than a TV episode, both in terms of context and production values. Rated: 7 Jun 23, 2024 Full Review Jorge Loser Espinof It is very sparse in scares and that cosmic fear that it constantly references, plus the episodes move slowly, and everything happens at the end while the rest is not even very well written. [Full review in Spanish] Rated: 2.5/5 Jun 21, 2024 Full Review Joel Keller Decider ... The episodes will likely vary in quality, with some stories being better than others. Like we said, the creepy hooded cult seems to be a throughline for this series, and it’s certainly something that will keep us intrigued. Jun 17, 2024 Full Review Paul Lê Bloody Disgusting On their own though, not every episode is as successful as the next — a rule of thumb for all anthologies — but together they make up pieces of a mighty journey into the headspace of Indonesia’s most innovative filmmaker. Rated: 3.5/5 Jun 17, 2024 Full Review Jonathon Wilson Ready Steady Cut Genre fans are offered a rich banquet here. Tuck in. Rated: 4/5 Jun 15, 2024 Full Review Pramit Chatterjee Digital Mafia Talkies [Joko Anwar's] Nightmares and Daydreams is definitely a hit. All the stories are incredibly relevant, and since they’ve been visualized so ambitiously, I can’t help but applaud. Rated: 4/5 Jun 13, 2024 Full Review Read all reviews

Audience Reviews

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Audience Member There are no nightmares or daydreams here to see, just a waste of time. Rated 1 out of 5 stars 07/13/24 Full Review Mr I Welcoming the 1st science fiction of Indonesia's provocative di rector. It's creepy and sassy at the same time. You can't get enough of digging every layer from each episode. Good job. Rated 5 out of 5 stars 07/05/24 Full Review Audience Member Points for originality. I was impressed with the original concepts for each episode, I will say I felt like the “reveals” could have been executed a bit better so they seemed more significant or a little more believable, but all in all I enjoyed this series. Some of the acting was quite good as well. Rated 4 out of 5 stars 07/04/24 Full Review Audience Member I honestly enjoyed this collection of stories and how they tied together into a team fighting the supernatural. Although I did not catch on until it moved forward till the end. It really shows you what life Indonesia can look like and exposed me to a different culture of sub-horror. I really enjoyed how it all tied together. I really think if you can think outside the box and aren’t one sided with imagination, you will enjoy this show. I hope there is a season 2 to watch our teams continue to fight the supernatural. However, i have noticed a lot of overseas shows can be one and done compared to us. But there is loads of potential for a season 2 in my eyes! My anxiety peaked with our friends when grandmother took the grandson on the roof and he almost fell only to find out there is a ritual making the elderly young again. Banji has to fight his way to try to save his mother or hisself? I think my favorite story was of the writer who could see and feel her story when she was writing, only to find out she was writing her sisters story and she was locked in the basement of a demons mansion. I also loved story of the movie theatre and felt so sad for the father in the store danji. He kept disappearing for what felt like minutes but was years! Then once all hope was lost he succumbed to joining the hotel and ended up a homeless wreck inside the abandoned theatre. His former wife i think her name was Darby? strives to save his life. The ending was chefs kiss when they opened that guys brain and scooped it out! That was pretty wild to watch. Pretty epic fight scene as well. I felt bad they couldn’t save her sister but i figured after 5 years she was probably already gone. Rated 5 out of 5 stars 07/04/24 Full Review Eric Harrison R I don’t freakin get it. Legitimately good films and shows can’t break 50% but this is in the 80s?! The dubbing is absolutely atrocious, it sounds like a parody and any good in the filming or acting is diminished by how bad the dubbing is. Unfortunately the acting is also bad. The special effects are bad, graphics like it came from 2005. Personally, I even found the stories boring. Rated 1 out of 5 stars 07/01/24 Full Review Bruno Á Tres capítulos “buenos” que pierden todo lo memorable con el final de temporada. Decepcionado del guión y el final tipo matrix. Actuaciones buenas de la mayoría, lo malo es el guión y dirección. Rated 1 out of 5 stars 06/30/24 Full Review Read all reviews
Joko Anwar's Nightmares and Daydreams — Season 1

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Episode 1 Aired Jun 14, 2024 Old House A modest taxi driver comes across a mysterious nursing home for the ultrarich, but soon discovers that it's hiding a sinister secret. Details Episode 2 Aired Jun 14, 2024 The Orphan A couple living in poverty adopts an orphan with the uncanny ability to bring them wealth in six days; but on the seventh day, grave danger awaits. Details Episode 3 Aired Jun 14, 2024 While struggling to complete her latest novel, an author finds that her life is mirroring that of her main character. Details Episode 4 Aired Jun 14, 2024 Facing eviction, a community of fishermen seeks answers from a withdrawn man who captures a photograph of a mysterious object at night sky. Details Episode 5 Aired Jun 14, 2024 A man's detour to an abandoned movie theater where he once worked ends up having an irreversible impact on his life. Details Episode 6 Aired Jun 14, 2024 Hypnotized Desperate to earn a living, an electronics technician learns to hypnotize other people, but soon faces the consequences of his actions. Details Episode 7 Aired Jun 14, 2024 P.O. BOX A professional diamond appraiser searching for her missing sister follows clues that lead her into a deadly situation. Details

Season Info

Joko Anwar, Randolph Zaini, Ray Farandy, Rafki Hidayat
Executive Producer
Joko Anwar
Joko Anwar, Tia Hasibuan
Drama, Sci-Fi, Mystery & Thriller
Original Language
Release Date
Jun 14, 2024
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