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      Season 2 – The Bill Cunningham Show

      2012 Talk Show List
      Reviews There are so many daytime talk shows on the air that they can be considered a dime a dozen. Controversial radio host Bill Cunningham hopes his self-titled talk show can stand above the competition as he transitions from the audio medium to the visual medium. The topics on Cunningham's show are familiar to daytime TV viewers. Reunions with long-lost family members, infidelity, addictions, strained relationships between twins, and family dilemmas are among the topics Cunningham tries to help his guests with. Read More Read Less


      Previous Episode 1 Aired Sep 17, 2012 Baby Mama Drama Three women confront the man who fathered their children. Details Episode 2 Aired Sep 18, 2012 Lies, Love and Betrayals Families that are ready to change their lie-filled lives. Details Episode 3 Aired Sep 19, 2012 Cheaters, Liars and Losers... Oh My! Couples who need help with relationships filled with accusations of cheating and lies. Details Episode 4 Aired Sep 20, 2012 I Want My Money Back! Friends and families argue over money. Details Episode 5 Aired Sep 21, 2012 Act Like a Dad, Not Like a Pimp! A family deals with a neglectful father; relationships in distress. Details Episode 6 Aired Sep 24, 2012 Kick Your Lover to the Curb People who don't approve of a family member's lover. Details Episode 7 Aired Sep 25, 2012 I've Got Proof ... You're Busted! People who suspect a mate of cheating. Details Episode 8 Aired Sep 26, 2012 My Mom Dissed Me Then Dumped Me A mother and daughter who constantly argue. Details Episode 9 Aired Sep 27, 2012 It's My Life ... Back Off! Families tell interfering loved ones to back off. Details Episode 10 Aired Sep 28, 2012 At War With My Stage Mom! Children confront their stage moms. Details Episode 11 Aired Oct 1, 2012 I Hate Your Lowdown Dirty Girl A man's family argues about his fiancee. Details Episode 12 Aired Oct 2, 2012 I'm Not Cheating So Back Off! Couples take lie detector tests to prove fidelity. Details Episode 13 Aired Oct 3, 2012 Dangerous Behaviors ... Freaky Fetishes Families seek help for loved ones who indulge in risky behaviors. Details Episode 14 Aired Oct 4, 2012 Sexy Sister Scandals Sisters face the scandal that ruined their relationship. Details Episode 15 Aired Oct 5, 2012 Sex, Money and Lies Couples who argue about money and cheating seek help. Details Episode 16 Aired Oct 8, 2012 Cunningham Challenge: Crazy, Wild Talent! Guests try to prove to their families that they can use their unique talents to find success. Details Episode 17 Aired Oct 9, 2012 Tangled Love Affairs Couples try to rebuild their relationships after confessions of infidelity. Details Episode 18 Aired Oct 10, 2012 Blindsided and Betrayed Couples try to get past infidelity. Details Episode 19 Aired Oct 11, 2012 If You're a Cheater, It's Over Couples take lie detector tests to prove their fidelity. Details Episode 20 Aired Oct 12, 2012 Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself! Couples make one last effort to save their relationships. Details Episode 21 Aired Oct 15, 2012 I Want to Have an Affair! People reveal their desire to cheat. Details Episode 22 Aired Oct 16, 2012 Cheaters on the Hot Seat! People take lie detectors tests to prove whether or not they've been faithful to their partners. Details Episode 23 Aired Oct 17, 2012 Dump That Old Geezer People much younger than the person they are dating are confronted by family members. Details Episode 24 Aired Oct 18, 2012 Don't Tie the Knot With That Nut! Couples planning to marry hear the opinions of their loved ones. Details Episode 25 Aired Oct 19, 2012 Bridezilla Bombshells Brides and their families seek help with altercations. Details Episode 26 Aired Oct 22, 2012 Bedroom Secret Shockers! Couples reveal bedroom secrets. Details Episode 27 Aired Oct 23, 2012 You're a Sleazy, Scheming Scammer! Confronting family members about debts and complaints. Details Episode 28 Aired Oct 24, 2012 Two Timing Cheating Lovers Cheaters who want to change their ways seek forgiveness. Details Episode 29 Aired Oct 25, 2012 Sex, Lies and Videotaped Confessions People who have been unfaithful confess to their partners in taped confessions. Details Episode 30 Aired Oct 26, 2012 Fiery Fiance Feuds Engaged couples take the Bill Cunningham Compatibility Quiz. Details Episode 31 Aired Oct 29, 2012 Secret Bedroom Bombshells Revelations put relationships in jeopardy. Details Episode 32 Aired Oct 30, 2012 Furious Feuding Lovers! Couples try to rebuild relationships undermined by lies and infidelity. Details Episode 33 Aired Oct 31, 2012 Jealous Couples at War! Relationships turned toxic by jealousy, insecurities and dishonesty. Details Episode 34 Aired Nov 1, 2012 If You Won't Confess ... Then Take the Test! Guests accused of cheating try to prove their fidelity. Details Episode 35 Aired Nov 2, 2012 Cheaters Caught and Put to Shame! Cheaters spin the Wheel of Shame to learn their fate. Details Episode 36 Aired Nov 5, 2012 Man Up ... Or It's Over! Women who are frustrated with their childish partners. Details Episode 37 Aired Nov 6, 2012 Confess Now, or I'm Gone! People questioning their partners' faithfulness seek the truth. Details Episode 38 Aired Nov 7, 2012 Sex, Secrets and Scandals Couples struggling with rumors of infidelity want to determine the truth. Details Episode 39 Aired Nov 8, 2012 Dirty Rotten Cheaters People who accuse their partners of cheating. Details Episode 40 Aired Nov 9, 2012 Dirty Little Secrets People reveal secrets that could permanently alter their friendships and relationships. Details Episode 41 Aired Nov 12, 2012 Golddiggin' Deception! Three women confront a gold digger. Details Episode 42 Aired Nov 13, 2012 Having Fun With Another One? Guests confront their loved ones about their time spent away from home. Details Episode 43 Aired Nov 14, 2012 Sneaky Secrets and Real Drama! Guests reveal their sexy secrets. Details Episode 44 Aired Nov 15, 2012 Torn Between Two Lovers Guests whose lives have been affected by sexual accusations. Details Episode 45 Aired Nov 16, 2012 Secret Sex Life Scandals! Guests make sexy confessions to their mates. Details Episode 46 Aired Nov 19, 2012 It's My Way or the Highway! People confront their controlling lovers. Details Episode 47 Aired Nov 20, 2012 Drama With My Mama A woman and her daughter try to mend their relationship. Details Episode 48 Aired Nov 21, 2012 Bitter Blow-Ups and Betrayals People in troubled relationships try to work out their differences. Details Episode 49 Aired Nov 26, 2012 Family Feuds Explode Fighting families search for solutions. Details Episode 50 Aired Nov 27, 2012 Sister Smackdowns Fighting sisters try to reach resolutions. Details Episode 51 Aired Nov 28, 2012 Naughty Strippers Confronted! Revelations about strippers. Details Episode 52 Aired Nov 29, 2012 Truth Be Told ... You're a Liar Liars face their accusers. Details Episode 53 Aired Nov 30, 2012 If You're Sorry ... Then Prove It! Guests apologize to their loved ones. Details Episode 54 Aired Dec 3, 2012 Crazy Co-Workers ... You're Fired! Employers seek help with workplace drama. Details Episode 55 Aired Dec 4, 2012 Mommy Dearest ... Not! A mother and daughter try to fix their relationship. Details Episode 56 Aired Dec 5, 2012 Back Off! I'll Date Who I Want! Couples dealing with disapproval from loved ones. Details Episode 57 Aired Dec 6, 2012 Expose the Truth ... Or Else! Guests respond to accusations of infidelity. Details Episode 58 Aired Dec 7, 2012 Bad Breakups ... Hopeful Makeups! Exes consider getting back together. Details Episode 59 Aired Dec 10, 2012 Chilling Secret Confessions! Guests reveal astounding secrets. Details Episode 60 Aired Dec 11, 2012 Crazy Controlling Lovers Guests who have had enough of their controlling lovers. Details Episode 61 Aired Dec 12, 2012 Stop Pointing the Finger ... I'm No Cheater Guest take lie detector tests to prove fidelity. Details Episode 62 Aired Dec 13, 2012 My Lover Is a Kinky Sex Maniac! Couples who disagree about the level of kink in their bedrooms. Details Episode 63 Aired Dec 14, 2012 Our Sex Life Stinks ... Hypnotize My Lover! Guests submit to hypnosis in hope of improving their sex lives. Details Episode 64 Aired Dec 31, 2012 Bill's Busted Cheaters - Updates! An update on some of the biggest cheaters busted on Bill's show. Details Episode 65 Aired Jan 2, 2013 I'm Not Sleeping With Your Best Friend! People accused of sleeping with friends of their partners try to set the record straight. Details Episode 66 Aired Jan 3, 2013 Relationships on the Rocks Troubled couples try to fix their relationships. Details Episode 67 Aired Jan 4, 2013 Lying Lovers, Broken Hearts People who think their partners are unfaithful want to uncover the truth. Details Episode 68 Aired Jan 7, 2013 Stop Selling Sex! Concerned family members try to stop their loved ones from working in the sex industry. Details Episode 69 Aired Jan 8, 2013 I'm Tired of Your Tantrums! Adults who cannot control their anger seek help. Details Episode 70 Aired Jan 9, 2013 Secret Sister Confessions! Feuding sisters try to work through their problems. Details Episode 71 Aired Jan 10, 2013 You're Not All That! People who look like celebrities frustrate their loved ones by constantly seeking fame. Details Episode 72 Aired Jan 11, 2013 Can Our Love Last? Psychic Predictions Couples hope a psychic reading will predict their romantic future. Details Episode 73 Aired Jan 14, 2013 Dump Your Loser Lover People confront their unfaithful lovers. Details Episode 74 Aired Jan 15, 2013 Battling Bad Girls Women prone to bad behavior are confronted by their loved ones. Details Episode 75 Aired Jan 16, 2013 Dangerous Love Affairs People in violent relationships seek help. Details Episode 76 Aired Jan 17, 2013 Cheaters: Put to the Test People who think their partners are unfaithful seek the truth. Details Episode 77 Aired Jan 18, 2013 Drag Queen Catfights! Drag queens are confronted about their bad behavior. Details Episode 78 Aired Jan 21, 2013 Give it Up, You'll Never be a Star! People who think they are destined for fame are confronted by frustrated loved ones. Details Episode 79 Aired Jan 22, 2013 Dirty Lies ... Sexy Reveals People reveal sexy secrets to their partners. Details Episode 80 Aired Jan 23, 2013 I Hate Who You Date! People are confronted by family members who dislike their romantic partners. Details Episode 81 Aired Jan 24, 2013 Cash for Sex ... Exposed! A woman who works in the sex industry is confronted by her family. Details Episode 82 Aired Jan 25, 2013 Pass the Test ... and I'll Say Yes! Couples try to prove their faithfulness with a lie detector test before getting married. Details Episode 83 Aired Jan 28, 2013 Homewrecking Women at War! Upset family members confront home wreckers. Details Episode 84 Aired Jan 29, 2013 Steamy Secrets & Sexcapades! Scandalous revelations turn people's relationships upside-down. Details Episode 85 Aired Jan 30, 2013 Headed for Heartache People in rocky relationships try to rebuild trust. Details Episode 86 Aired Jan 31, 2013 Paranoid Partners Demand Proof People under suspicion of cheating take lie detector tests. Details Episode 87 Aired Feb 1, 2013 Last Chance or We're Done! People fed up with lies and drama seek help. Details Episode 88 Aired Feb 4, 2013 Burned and Betrayed by My Lover! Guests want the truth about their partners' suspicious behavior. Details Episode 89 Aired Feb 5, 2013 Tainted Scandalous Affairs Guests put relationships strained by betrayal to the test. Details Episode 90 Aired Feb 6, 2013 Leave Your Loser Lover! Guests tell their loved ones to lose their mates. Details Episode 91 Aired Feb 7, 2013 Sick & Tired of Mama's Drama Mother and daughters try to work out their issues. Details Episode 92 Aired Feb 8, 2013 Scorned Lovers Want Answers! Guest question their mates' fidelity. Details Episode 93 Aired Feb 11, 2013 Step Up ... Be a Man! Women who want their men to grow up. Details Episode 94 Aired Feb 12, 2013 Double Life, Double Trouble Guests reveal who they have been cheating on their significant others with. Details Episode 95 Aired Feb 13, 2013 Trapped in a Troubled Love Affair Guests decide whether their troubled relationships are worth saving. Details Episode 96 Aired Feb 14, 2013 Tangled Web of Lies Guests decide whether to leave their lying mates. Details Episode 97 Aired Feb 15, 2013 Fierce Fighting Women! Men with violent lovers seek help. Details Episode 98 Aired Feb 18, 2013 Death and Drama Are Tearing Us Apart Guests try to overcome their grief following devastating losses. Details Episode 99 Aired Feb 19, 2013 Set Me Straight, I'm Overweight Overweight guests seek help. Details Episode 100 Aired Feb 20, 2013 My Mom's a Disgrace Women try to salvage strained relationships with their daughters. Details Episode 101 Aired Feb 21, 2013 My Man Must Have a Mistress! Women who are convinced their men are cheating seek the truth. Details Episode 102 Aired Feb 22, 2013 Sexless Relationships Explode! Couples who have issues with their sex lives. Details Episode 103 Aired Feb 25, 2013 I Can't Stand My Sibling! Siblings deal with the issues that have ruined their relationships. Details Episode 104 Aired Feb 26, 2013 Double-Crossed & Devastated! Guests who believe their trust was betrayed by cheating partners. Details Episode 105 Aired Feb 27, 2013 Kissing Cousins and Scandalous Siblings Guests reveal taboo relationships. Details Episode 106 Aired Feb 28, 2013 Back Off ... I'm Not Fat! Women resist pressure to lose weight. Details Episode 107 Aired Mar 1, 2013 Cheaters Confronted ... Truth Revealed! Cheaters reveal the truth. Details Episode 108 Aired Mar 4, 2013 Feuding Family Frenzy! Families struggle to overcome toxic relationships. Details Episode 109 Aired Mar 5, 2013 Backstabbing Bad Girls Guests try to mend broken relationships. Details Episode 110 Aired Mar 6, 2013 Broken Families Torn Apart Families try to overcome past betrayals. Details Episode 111 Aired Mar 7, 2013 Stop Lying About Your Sleazy Sex Job! Sex industry workers and their family members. Details Episode 112 Aired Mar 8, 2013 Quarreling, Conniving, Couples! Couples who want to end their fighting. Details Episode 113 Aired Mar 11, 2013 Lip Locking Liars Guests who think their partners are having affairs with people close to them. Details Episode 114 Aired Mar 12, 2013 Secrets and Scandals ... Oh My! People confront their loved ones about risky, bad behavior. Details Episode 115 Aired Mar 13, 2013 Outrageous Battles and Bombshells; Bill's Biggest Battles Previous guests share updates. Details Episode 116 Aired Mar 14, 2013 Suspicious Lovers ... Did She Cheat? Guests question their partners' fidelity. Details Episode 117 Aired Mar 15, 2013 It's My Body ... I'll Sell It if I Want To! Family members and friends fear their loved ones are selling sex. Details Episode 118 Aired Mar 18, 2013 If You Cheat, You'll Catch the Heat Guests question their loved ones' fidelity. Details Episode 119 Aired Mar 19, 2013 Dirty Rotten Liars Guests reveal secrets to loved ones. Details Episode 120 Aired Mar 20, 2013 For the Record ... I'm Not Lying! Guests try to clear their names. Details Episode 121 Aired Mar 21, 2013 Riding the Relationship Roller Coaster -- UPDATE Updates on past guests with rocky relationships. Details Episode 122 Aired Apr 1, 2013 Lying Lovers Lash Out Couples discuss their bedroom desires. Details Episode 123 Aired Apr 2, 2013 Lose Your Sexy Job or Lose Me Guests must decide between their sexy jobs and their loved ones. Details Episode 124 Aired Apr 3, 2013 Let the Truth Be Told ... Couples make confessions. Details Episode 125 Aired Apr 4, 2013 Fights, Feuds & Dysfunction Looking back on the biggest fights of the season. Details Episode 126 Aired Apr 5, 2013 Dumping You for Someone New Guests tell their significant others they are leaving. Details Episode 127 Aired Apr 8, 2013 The Best of Bill Awards Show Recognizing the loudest and craziest guests. Details Episode 128 Aired Apr 9, 2013 The Best of Bill: Dirty, Sexy Secrets Guests who revealed dirty secrets to their loved ones. Details Episode 129 Aired Apr 10, 2013 What Happens After The Secrets Are Revealed? Bill checks in with guests who revealed secrets. Details Episode 130 Aired Apr 11, 2013 Steamy Secrets, Sex & Lies ... Updated! Looking back at the sexiest revelations. Details Episode 131 Aired Apr 12, 2013 Bill's Big, Bad Blow-Ups! The aftermath of explosive moments. Details Episode 132 Aired Apr 15, 2013 Cheating Lovers ... Last Chances! Unfaithful partners receive one last chance to confess and make things right. Details Episode 133 Aired Apr 16, 2013 Hardcore Break ups, Betrayals & Bitter Endings - Update Looking back at big betrayals and memorable guests. Details Episode 134 Aired Apr 17, 2013 Quit the Gang or Quit Me People hoping to get their loved ones off the streets and away from gangs seek help. Details Episode 135 Aired Apr 18, 2013 Secret Affairs ... The Truth Be Told People who are tired of sneaking around reveal their secret lovers. Details Episode 136 Aired Apr 19, 2013 Rocky Reunions & Bitter Betrayals After years of separation and betrayal, people are reunited with their families. Details Episode 137 Aired Apr 22, 2013 You Love, You Lie, You Lose Guests try to disprove their lovers' suspicions. Details Episode 138 Aired Apr 23, 2013 Betrayal, Deception and Lies Couples face painful truths. Details Episode 139 Aired Apr 24, 2013 Bombshells, Break-Ups & Betrayals- UPDATE Updates on memorable guests. Details Episode 140 Aired Apr 25, 2013 Dysfunctional Mama Drama! Bill helps guests get over troubled pasts. Details Episode 141 Aired Apr 26, 2013 Fierce Family Betrayals Guests seek help dealing with disappointing loved ones. Details Episode 142 Aired Apr 29, 2013 Dirty Deeds Revealed! Guests come clean to their loved ones. Details Episode 143 Aired Apr 30, 2013 Cheaters Judgment Day! Bill helps guests address suspicions of cheating. Details Episode 144 Aired May 1, 2013 Short Fuses, Explosive Tempers Guests confront loved ones with bad tempers. Details Episode 145 Aired May 2, 2013 I'll Prove You're a Cheating Dog! Suspicions of infidelity threaten relationships. Details Episode 146 Aired May 3, 2013 You're a Thief & a Liar! Guests confront loved ones who hurt them. Details Episode 147 Aired May 6, 2013 You're a Cradle Robber! People who have issues with age disparity in the relationships of their loved ones. Details Episode 148 Aired May 7, 2013 Prove You're Marriage Material! People who behave badly are confronted by their partners. Details Episode 149 Aired May 8, 2013 Bedroom Betrayal Blow-Ups! Unfaithful people confess to their partners. Details Episode 150 Aired May 9, 2013 Stop Clubbing, Start Mothering Mothers who aren't ready to stop partying are confronted. Details Episode 151 Aired May 10, 2013 The Bill Cunningham Viewer's Choice Show -- Update The audience selects the sexiest and most-outrageous guests of the season. Details Episode 152 Aired May 13, 2013 Before We Get Married ... Confess! A couple must come clean about their past before they take the plunge. Details Episode 153 Aired May 14, 2013 Stop Having Kids! Guests who keep on having children while their families beg them to stop. Details Episode 154 Aired May 15, 2013 Sex Is My Survival ... So Back Off! A group of women tell their families to stop judging them for selling their bodies for a living. Details Episode 155 Aired May 16, 2013 Mom, You Ruined My Life Children explain to their mothers why they were never there for them. Details Episode 156 Aired May 17, 2013 Hey Sis ... Your Man Is No Good! Guests tell their sisters to get rid of their loser men. Details Episode 157 Aired May 20, 2013 Gay or Straight ... It's Time to Choose Guests ask their mates about their sexuality. Details Episode 158 Aired May 21, 2013 Open Your Eyes ... He's a Cheater Guests confront their loved ones about their cheating mates. Details Episode 159 Aired May 22, 2013 Secrets, Shockers & Never Before Seen Moments! A look back at some of the show's biggest moments and previously unseen footage. Details Next
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