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      A Gift to Remember

      TV-G 2017 1h 23m Holiday Romance List
      Reviews 46% Audience Score Fewer than 50 Ratings A hopeless romantic, Darcy, insists on being swept off her feet. One day, while bicycling to work, Darcy crashes into a sharply dressed man walking his dog. He falls into a coma; she takes the dog home, waiting to reunite him with his owner. Read More Read Less

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      Audience Member Look what we have here another movie by hallmark that they crap out quicker then big businesses busting out Christmas decorations in October. All this is another white girl feel good movie with an over used plot and mediocre actors. Rated 1 out of 5 stars 02/10/23 Full Review Audience Member Love at first crash. Like every year in December, my quest begins to watch some of the Christmas films. Mostly the television films, and that too obviously the Hallmark films. As I have mentioned previous years, it's impossible to avoid such seasonal film, if you are a cinephile. I almost saw a dozen of films, they all were decent, but none of them quite impressed me, until this one. This is not like the best film of the season, but among those I've seen, it is that I really enjoyed. Based on the novel of the same name. I don't know if the book was a Christmas themed, but this one was tuned to the festival occasion. From the television director who had done a film series recently. The actors I don't know, but I liked their good performances. One big drawback in all the Hallmark Christmas films is they are predictable. The films usually aimed for middle-aged to older women in the family. That's not me and I'm aware of that, so I compromise while rating and reviewing, that I always end up saying 50/50. This one rarely stood just above that mark, so here I'm with my feature review. Darcy is a young woman who works in a prominent bookstore in the town. Very active and always just in time for everything. But on one occasion, she has been late for work, so while hurrying on the road with her bike, collides with a stranger. Now he's in the hospital with amnesia. Feeling guilty, Darcy decides to help him out to gain his memory. So her adventure to find his real identity, and while following events pushes them so close. But if he regains his memory, it might put her in a disappointing state. Because that's what truth always does. -xX] Caring for others reveals the best versions of ourselves. [Xx- This could be my last Christmas film of this year. And I'm quite happy I enjoyed it and the season ended on a high. The concept of amnesia worked so well for this film. Because of that, the suspense grew and held back until the finale. Obviously that end part was predictable, due to this is a family film and all the family films ends positive note. If you know that and set your mind accordingly, then you would also have a good time with it. Well, the dog had a nice role. I anticipated more part for him, but a limited one. Usually all the Christmas films made for the television are cliched romance tale, especially the initiation. This was unique, well, better than the most. That best start carried out decently in the middle section. Nothing much fuss. With a bunch of wonderful characters and lines and shot in the nicest locations, the film had the upper hand throughout. I hope it is as good as the original source. One of the reasons I liked it was not being entirely about Christmas. It sets in only on that backdrop. While the majority of the tale focused on romance. The memory loss brings the some fairy-tale perspective. Overall, it ended nicely. So this is the one I pick for this year and suggest a must see. That's only if you are seeking a Christmas film and also must be watched before the season ends for a better result. Finally, I must say this that I enjoyed it does not mean you too would do the same. Hundreds of Christmas films come out every year, so choose wisely. You might find a better than this that I haven't seen! 7/10 Rated 3.5 out of 5 stars 01/30/23 Full Review Audience Member Ali Liebert redefines the "girl next door" in a surprisingly fresh story of temporary amnesia and individual talent having a fulfilled destiny. Rated 5 out of 5 stars 01/30/23 Full Review Read all reviews
      A Gift to Remember

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      Synopsis A hopeless romantic, Darcy, insists on being swept off her feet. One day, while bicycling to work, Darcy crashes into a sharply dressed man walking his dog. He falls into a coma; she takes the dog home, waiting to reunite him with his owner.
      Kevin Fair
      Michele Futerman, Gilles LaPlante
      Dean Orion, Topher Payne
      Production Co
      Darcy's Gift Productions
      Holiday, Romance
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      1h 23m
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