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      R Released Nov 12, 1982 1h 57m Horror Comedy Fantasy List
      66% Tomatometer 74 Reviews 69% Audience Score 25,000+ Ratings A compendium of five short but terrifying tales contained within a single full-length feature, this film conjures scares from traditional bogeymen and portents of doom. In one story, a monster escapes from its holding cell. Another focuses on a husband (Leslie Nielsen) with a creative way of getting back at his cheating wife. Other stories concern a rural man (Stephen King) and a visitor from outer space, and a homeowner (E.G. Marshall) with huge bug problems and a boozing corpse. Read More Read Less Watch on Fandango at Home Buy Now

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      It's uneven, as anthologies often are, but Creepshow is colorful, frequently funny, and treats its inspirations with infectious reverence.

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      David Edelstein Boston Phoenix Romero is -- on paper, anyway -- an ideal director for a comic-book movie... [But] the mechanics of storytelling bog him down, and most of the time the formal style of Creepshow has him in a straitjacket. Aug 9, 2022 Full Review Neil Jillett The Age (Australia) Creepshow offers five variations on the theme of horror comedy, but hardly any variety. It is a stodgy exercise. Aug 9, 2022 Full Review Michael Blowen Boston Globe It's just too bad that Creepshow wasn't like a real comic book. You could skip the first four stories and read the finale. Aug 9, 2022 Full Review Kevin Carr Fat Guys at the Movies Classic gruesome Stephen King pulp makes for one of the best comic book movies of all time. Rated: 4/4 Jul 14, 2023 Full Review Michael Lasky Bay Area Reporter We aren't spared the expected gross-out special effects; it's just that Creepshow has been directed with wit and love for the genre. Aug 9, 2022 Full Review Kevin Phinney Austin American-Statesman The spooky visions assembled by King and Romero are designed to entertain, not induce convulsions, and that may be the highest form of praise to attribute to a film of this genre. Aug 9, 2022 Full Review Read all reviews

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      Mike R 1982 classic, 5 short ghastly stories. Rated 4 out of 5 stars 12/04/23 Full Review Garrett P This is a film with lots of unique and creepy imagery, but the stories never feel like they last as long (or as short) as they ought to. Rated 2.5 out of 5 stars 11/12/23 Full Review matthias s "Creepshow offers a visually striking and creatively crafted horror anthology with a nostalgic 80s vibe. While boasting impressive practical effects and eerie sounds, the film falls short in delivering genuine scares, leaving me longing for more intense thrills. The movie's promising premise sets the stage for a bone-chilling journey, but it fails to fully capitalize on its potential. Despite its shortcomings, 'Creepshow' still charms horror enthusiasts with its homage to classic horror and its fun, albeit tame, experience. For those seeking a trip down memory lane and appreciation for practical effects, this film may still be an enjoyable choice, albeit lacking the full-fledged frights. Rated 2.5 out of 5 stars 11/11/23 Full Review Audience Member The collaboration of George A. Romero and special effects makeup artist Tom Savini bring you a horror anthology of 5 tales of goofy terror Based on the 1950s E.C. comics of the same name starring a bunch of great cameo actors Many of the talents include Tom Atkins, Stephen King, the late Hal Holbrook, the late Leslie Nielsen, the late EG Marshall, Ed Harris, Ted Danson, and Adrienne Barbeau The opening definitely sets the tone even commenting on parents' fears of how bad comics they believed they were for children Each tale involves a murdered father back from the grave for Father’s Day cake – and revenge!…A crashed meteor oozing gunk that gets everything growing, including human flesh!…A professor selecting his shrewish wife as an hors d’oeuvres for a ravenous Bigfoot-like monster!…A diabolical beach party with Cheers star Ted Danson up to his neck in terror!…The gruesome results when a malevolent millionaire who fears insects goes eyeball to bugeye with about six-jillion cockroaches It's funny they make it look like the source material with comic panel frames, the shadow lighting, and several animated sequences It's also got crazy over-the-top camera angels too The first story is just to get things started, the second is less scary but more tragic but also funny how they make vegetation into an epidemic, the third takes a comedic actor like Nielsen and makes him terrifying given his actions yet shows the comeuppance of infidelity and revenge, the fourth one is a bit more inspired as it deals with plenty of suspense built up and keeping the monster hidden until it reveals itself properly, and the fifth story is actually the most memorable as it goes for shock value and deals with a general fear of insects everyone can relate to The stories play on our most unusual sources of fear but not without being comical For horror fans it's so much fun The fact that the filmmakers emulate the horror comic stories shows how much they love them Some stylish shot compositions and flashy colors help sell the kooky fun nature as well as the tongue-in-cheek tone This is one of my favorite anthology films next to Tales from the Crypt, Tales from the Darkside, Are You Afraid of the Dark, Cats Eye, and Nightmares You'll forget that this is 2 hours cause of how much zany it is The ending also serves as a great bookend A film that's kinda dicey on a narrative level but silly to a degree that it entertains striking a nice balance and humor and horror Rated 4 out of 5 stars 11/18/23 Full Review Matthew D A delightfully spooky series of horror short stories from Stephen King! Horror maestro director George A. Romero's horror anthology Creepshow (1982) is a quaint masterpiece of charming little horror short stories from the deranged mind of Stephen King. It's only scary for children and the easily frightened, but Romero's brand of camp horror is to die for, honestly. Romero's direction is so stylish with neon red and blue light filters, spooky fog, eerie moss and vines, and ghastly creatures well hidden in shadows. Writer Stephen King is brilliant and crafts these outstanding five horror short stories. It's very cool to see King try his hand at cuter, family friendly, spooky horror short stories like Tales from the Crypt or Goosebumps. They were inspired by old E.C. Comics from the 1950's and tonally Creepshow does feel like The Blob or other old spooky tales. I like the framing device of Joe King's small boy being ridiculed by his mean father. Father's Day is like a classic Romero zombie story complete with a spooky skeleton. Carrie Nye is great as the old Aunt Sylvia. Ed Harris' intrigued Hank Blaine is fun like Elizabeth Regan's dancing and eating Cass Blaine. Stephen King himself is hilarious as the crazed redneck Jordy Verrill in The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill. Leslie Nielsen is hilarious as the vindictive Richard Vickers in Something to Tide You Over. Ted Danson's weary and outraged victim Harry Wentworth. Gaylen Ross is also very frightened of the impending tides. Richard Gere cameos as the voice on the TV. Jordy Verrill and Something to Tide You Over are my favorite stories within Creepshow. The Crate features a deliriously fun Hal Holbrook as Henry Northup who hates his nagging wife. Adrienne Barbeau is a scream as the incessantly mean wife Billie Northup. Fritz Weaver is great as the paranoid and afraid Dexter Stanley. Don Keefer's curious Mike the Janitor is nice. E. G. Marshall's raving mad Upson Pratt is excellent for the final story of They're Creeping Up on You. Editors George A. Romero, Pasquale Buba, Paul Hirsch, and Michael Spolan slice up each story into neat parts, so that only The Crate feels longer. They let scenes play out naturally for a more creepy sense of suspense. Cinematographer Michael Gornick shoots Creepshow with awesome blue and red filters for light and striking close-ups. He knows just how much to not show you in classic Romero fashion. Production designer Cletus Anderson makes fancy homes and deteriorated shacks for a haunting atmosphere. Art director Larry Fulton nails the comic book colors and shadowy aesthetic of old horror classics. Composer John Harrison's heavy dark synth score combines eerie synths and sad piano melodies for an iconic 80's film score. You can and should listen to Harrison's music on its own for Halloween vibes. Sound designers Gary Alexander, Larry Stensvold, and Chris Jenkins make groaning zombie noises, growing moss sounds, and roaring beasts from The Crate. Costume designer Barbara Anderson pulls off tons of fun early 80s outfits. Makeup artists Tom Savini and Bonnie Priore do grotesque zombie makeup to cover Stephen King in grassy moss for a fun fright! In short, Creepshow is a blast full of five entertaining horror short stories. You feel the 120 minutes, but it's all spooky Halloween fun! Rated 5 out of 5 stars 09/05/23 Full Review Serge C Stephen King & George Romero & Tom Savini. Terrified me as a kid, still holds up 40 years later. Creative, funny & scary. 🍿🍿🍿🍿1/2 Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars 06/12/23 Full Review Read all reviews

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      77% 85% The Lost Boys 6% 29% Leprechaun 2 14% 18% Stan Helsing 14% 31% Tales From the Crypt Presents Bordello of Blood 67% 62% The Witches of Eastwick Discover more movies and TV shows. View More

      Movie Info

      Synopsis A compendium of five short but terrifying tales contained within a single full-length feature, this film conjures scares from traditional bogeymen and portents of doom. In one story, a monster escapes from its holding cell. Another focuses on a husband (Leslie Nielsen) with a creative way of getting back at his cheating wife. Other stories concern a rural man (Stephen King) and a visitor from outer space, and a homeowner (E.G. Marshall) with huge bug problems and a boozing corpse.
      George A. Romero
      Richard P. Rubinstein
      Stephen King
      Warner Home Vídeo, Warner Bros.
      Production Co
      Warner Brothers
      Horror, Comedy, Fantasy
      Original Language
      Release Date (Theaters)
      Nov 12, 1982, Original
      Release Date (Streaming)
      May 1, 2008
      1h 57m
      Sound Mix
      Surround, Stereo
      Aspect Ratio
      Flat (1.85:1)
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