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I Am the Cheese

PG 1983 1h 35m Drama List
Reviews 35% Audience Score 500+ Ratings
A Vermont teenager (Robert MacNaughton) sees a psychiatrist (Robert Wagner) after seeing his parents die in a car crash. Read More Read Less

Critics Reviews

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Rob Gonsalves Rob's Movie Vault A bland, amateurishly directed adaptation of one of Robert Cormier’s lesser books. Rated: C- Aug 30, 2022 Full Review Philip Martin Arkansas Democrat-Gazette odd bit of storytelling, a black fantasy lent resonance by the current events revelations of the 1970s Rated: C- Jun 27, 2005 Full Review Christopher Null But so much of Cheese makes so little sense, it all comes off like an after-school special Rated: 2/5 May 31, 2005 Full Review Read all reviews

Audience Reviews

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Audience Member This was a good movie based off of really good book. The best part was Robert Cormier's appearance. Rated 3.5 out of 5 stars 11/08/14 Full Review Audience Member gos nowhere special. Rated 1.5 out of 5 stars 01/22/23 Full Review Audience Member Why ruin every good book ever written? Rated 1.5 out of 5 stars 01/17/23 Full Review Audience Member You can't say this movie isn't original, that's for sure. However, it turns into an overly confusing story within the first ten minutes due to the editing and lack of information. I kind've like that Robert MacHaughton is so amateuristic in this, it sort of fits Adam as a character. Emotions are so inconsistent that you really don't know what to expect. The look of the movie is really interesting, it looks like it was filmed on a 4:3 super 8 camera. Rated 3.5 out of 5 stars 01/28/23 Full Review Audience Member Mediocre adaptation of a great young adult novel by Robert Cormier. It would be nice to see a decent film adaptation of this classic work in the future. Rated 2 out of 5 stars 02/08/23 Full Review Audience Member Slow moving odd drama of boy with mysterious past, told through flashbacks and the danger that past presents to his present. Interesting to see Hope Lange and Don Murray playing a married couple 20 years after their real life marriage ended. Rated 2.5 out of 5 stars 02/27/23 Full Review Read all reviews
I Am the Cheese

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Synopsis A Vermont teenager (Robert MacNaughton) sees a psychiatrist (Robert Wagner) after seeing his parents die in a car crash.
Bob Jiras
David Lange
David Lange, Bob Jiras
Original Language
Release Date (DVD)
May 31, 2005
1h 35m