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Counselor at Crime

R 1973 1h 41m Crime Drama List
Reviews 33% Audience Score Fewer than 50 Ratings
A San Francisco mobster's (Martin Balsam) treatment of his godson (Tomás Milián) is seen as a sign of weakness. Read More Read Less

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Audience Member It is extremely hard to fully understand a movie in Italian without subtitles if you’re someone who doesn’t master the language (and, needless to say, I regrettably fit into the aforementioned category). Therefore, I can only judge this movie on the basis of what I see and what I’ve read about it. The story is plain and simple, but this goes for so many movies of the genre. It is unmistakably a B-movie, but as such, it is not too bad. The flow of the story seems OK and the action scenes are adequate and convincing. For an Italian movie, it has a remarkable American feel to it, which is not surprising with an overall setting in San Francisco and a great number of non-Italian actors. The American influence will also account for the early date: American mafia/gangster movies tend to peak in the early seventies rather than the later. Most Italian poliziotteschi date from the second half of the same decade. “Il consigliori” is from 1973. I suppose this makes it different from most American and most Italian crime movies. It is a real pity I couldn’t get most of the dialogue, for then I might have understood why Thomas Accardo (Tomas Milian) and Don Antonio Macaluso (Martin Balsam) take refuge in Sicily (which does provide us with some more nice pictures, though) or why the guy arrested at the bowling centre is killed in prison by the (bent?) copper. Intuitively, I find this a palatable B-movie with a simple story but with enough action to get satisfied, though I wouldn’t want to be pinned down to my judgement just yet. Maybe, I’ll rate it again one day, when I speak perfect Italian [demonic laughter]. Rated 3 out of 5 stars 01/14/23 Full Review Read all reviews
Counselor at Crime

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Synopsis A San Francisco mobster's (Martin Balsam) treatment of his godson (Tomás Milián) is seen as a sign of weakness.
Alberto de Martino
Crime, Drama
Original Language
1h 41m