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      Legacy of Lies

      R 2020 1h 41m Action Mystery & Thriller TRAILER for Legacy of Lies: Trailer 1 List Legacy of Lies: Trailer 1 Legacy of Lies: Trailer 1 1:28 View more videos
      86% Tomatometer 7 Reviews 40% Audience Score 50+ Ratings A former MI6 agent teams up with a Ukrainian journalist to uncover the truth behind Russian covert operations. Read More Read Less Watch on Fandango at Home Buy Now

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      Legacy of Lies

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      Ellen E Jones Guardian Despite the script's investment in character development, the power dynamic in any given scene always boils down to who has the biggest Uzi. Rated: 1/5 Oct 14, 2020 Full Review Linda Cook Quad City Times (Davenport, IA) Scott Adkins latest has heart ... and great fight choreography. Rated: 3/4 Aug 8, 2020 Full Review Tom Jolliffe Flickering Myth Another film where Adkins hits the right notes more often than not and delivers something with a mark of quality that many of his contemporaries are regularly failing to hit. Aug 5, 2020 Full Review Brian Costello Common Sense Media Action movie with a pro-free speech message; violence. Rated: 3/5 Aug 4, 2020 Full Review Ed Travis Cinapse This here is a message movie, a genuine Ukrainian thumbing of the nose at Vladimir Putin, and it's packaged as a Scott Adkins movie loaded with thrills and spills. I can get behind that. Jul 28, 2020 Full Review Fred Topel Showbiz Cheat Sheet Martin's encounters in Russia are more innovative and engaging than The Old Guard which had $70 mil with 87eleven team. Fight choreographer Tim Man created bigger thrills by keeping it simple and letting Adkins perform it in long takes. Jul 28, 2020 Full Review Read all reviews

      Audience Reviews

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      Rebecca S One of the better Adkins movies, martial arts usually is good in his movies but here you can really see the possibility oh him being an actor, too. Good chemistry between the leads. Rated 3.5 out of 5 stars 02/17/24 Full Review Jim W It was so formulaic it was boring to watch. They took an hour and a half of lines and scenes from other movies, mashed them together, and went to print. Summary: a movie made completely of video and script cliches. Rated 3 out of 5 stars 01/05/24 Full Review mark p TERRIBLE! START TO FINISH. I cannot believe anyone would rate this over 1 star. I did laugh out loud more thsbjs once. Like when he had his hand broken with a hammer, then it's punching people in the next scene. OR when he gets shot twice in the arm, then hit by a bus, but has zero issues chasing down the chick, or when he gets beat up, concussed, cut and bleeding, and then 0 marks the next day. Rated 0.5 out of 5 stars 03/31/23 Full Review jelisije j A surprisingly good action film that relied on a more realistic story than an over the top one. Rated 3 out of 5 stars 03/31/23 Full Review Late R Yeah alright, story-wise it feels rather familiar and doesn't do anything we haven't seen before, but I'll be damned if Scott Adkins isn't one of the best action film stars currently around. Consistently underrated compared to his peers, the man's the real deal and with ‘Legacy of Lies', he once again proves that with the right fight choreographer and a director that knows how to shoot a brawl, he'll provide you with an abundance of high-octane, thrilling action sequences that involve a lot of people getting their asses handed to them in spectacular fashion. This one also has a bit of heart and humanity to go with the beatings, as well as being visually polished and boasting acting that's as good as you could hope for in the genre. Basically, it's just bloody entertaining stuff, and that's exactly what you came for. Rated 4 out of 5 stars 01/07/22 Full Review Audience Member Spoilers: Looks like Ben Affleck, talks like Jason Statham. Kicks butt like Jason Bourne his own self!! Whatever. London? Ukraine? Moscow? Where are we? Ukraine ingenue, bad women, news reporters, a ghost, a badass with little girl (the Professional Jean Reno with Natalie Portman?). CIA, MI6, FSB, Russians? Where's the mob? Hey, they are the mob! Fistfights, shootings, everybody was kung fu fighting! WTF? Blood thicker than vodka -- if only they hadn't jeopardized his kid. Bad rich guys runnin the world with lies. Take that, Vladdy! Tell us something we don't know. Precocious kids running the world is the ticket. Greta, where are you? Wait ... it's still the Russians ... or the CIA or MI6 ... or whatever. Actually not awfully done. Rated 2.5 out of 5 stars 02/07/23 Full Review Read all reviews
      Legacy of Lies

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      0% 38% The Painter TRAILER for The Painter 60% 38% The Veteran 48% 42% The Take TRAILER for The Take 23% 24% All the Devil's Men TRAILER for All the Devil's Men 29% 68% Dangerous TRAILER for Dangerous Discover more movies and TV shows. View More

      Movie Info

      Synopsis A former MI6 agent teams up with a Ukrainian journalist to uncover the truth behind Russian covert operations.
      Adrian Bol
      Adrian Bol, Alla Belaya
      Adrian Bol
      Production Co
      Eager Films B.V., Sarke Studio, 13 Films, Legacy Films
      R (Violence|Some Sexuality/Nudity|Language)
      Action, Mystery & Thriller
      Original Language
      Release Date (Streaming)
      Jul 26, 2020
      1h 41m
      Aspect Ratio
      Scope (2.35:1)
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