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The Planters

Released Oct 9, 2020 1h 18m Comedy TRAILER for The Planters: Trailer 1 List The Planters: Trailer 1 The Planters: Trailer 1 1:51 The Planters: Teaser Trailer 1 The Planters: Teaser Trailer 1 1:22 View more videos
95% Tomatometer 20 Reviews 77% Audience Score Fewer than 50 Ratings A down-and-out telemarketer develops an unlikely friendship with a vagrant who has multiple personalities. Read More Read Less Watch on Fandango at Home Buy Now

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The Planters

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The Planters

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Brimming with whimsy and wonder, The Planters is a hilarious and unconventional look at the need for human connection.

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Critics Reviews

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Kathleen Sachs Chicago Reader Alexandra Kotcheff and Hannah Leder wrote, directed, starred in, and even did most of the crew work for this intriguing dark comedy, which is better than it has any business being. Oct 28, 2020 Full Review Josh Kupecki Austin Chronicle The Planters is a lovingly crafted film full of genuine wonder and surprise, like finding buried treasure. Rated: 3.5/5 Oct 21, 2020 Full Review Justin Lowe Hollywood Reporter Writing, designing, directing and shooting their feature virtually unassisted, the filmmakers grace the production with keen attention to detail and nuance... Nov 19, 2019 Full Review Carey-Ann Pawsey Orca Sound Odd. Quirky. Deliberately stilted at times. Colourfully shot with interesting camera angles. Filled with eccentric characters. Could be set in a couple of different decades. An interesting look at mental health. Rated: 3/5 Dec 17, 2020 Full Review Nathaniel Muir AIPT A hilarious movie that uses a unique premise and strong comedic elements to win the audience over. A charming movie that knows how to have fun. Rated: 9/10 Dec 6, 2020 Full Review Roger Moore Movie Nation Doesn't amount to much more than some winsome smirks and a chuckle or two, but its mere existence is a delight. Rated: 2.5/4 Dec 6, 2020 Full Review Read all reviews

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Ding D Super quirky and fun Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars 03/21/24 Full Review wayne m The Planters is a small and delightful film that does a very nice job for most of its brief running time even if ultimately it feels slightly undercooked. It's a small budget film but it doesn't look like one. It was written, directed and stars Hannah Leder and Alexandra Kotcheff. They play two women with unique personalities who combine to enrich each others lives. Martha Plant, still grieving from her parents deaths, lives alone in a desert community. Her day job is selling air conditioners on the phone but her passion is planting tins in the desert, hoping for money in return. One day a strange woman comes into her existence. Sadie, who has multiple personalities, helps Martha and together they form a unique bond. This is a quirky film with some lovely scenes, although it does feel a bit slight at times. But for a small budget film it does enough to intrigue mostly. Rated 3.5 out of 5 stars 03/31/23 Full Review Audience Member One of the best films I have seen in ages. I laughed with the two leading ladies who created a can't pause film. Kudos ladies! Rated 5 out of 5 stars 01/19/23 Full Review tom m Quirky and oddball pulled off really well. The actors did a wonderful job not going too far in the peculiarity of their characters. A charming story. Rated 3.5 out of 5 stars 03/31/23 Full Review Jaycee M I love this movie. But I don't know why. 😁 Rated 5 out of 5 stars 05/10/21 Full Review dave d Alexandra Kotcheff and Hannah Leder made a movie together. They wrote, directed, produced, and starred in a film that has a germ of an idea that never quite reaches full comedic potential. It's certainly hard to look away from, but the sum of the parts don't add up to much. It's a picture you're more likely to remember than most, but that's damning with faint praise. Mental illness meets claymation meets who the hell knows. Don't take this too seriously. Final Score: 5/10 Rated 2.5 out of 5 stars 03/31/23 Full Review Read all reviews
The Planters

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Movie Info

Synopsis A down-and-out telemarketer develops an unlikely friendship with a vagrant who has multiple personalities.
Alexandra Kotcheff, Hannah Leder
Jacqueline Beiro, Alexandra Kotcheff, Hannah Leder
Alexandra Kotcheff, Hannah Leder
Production Co
Fire Tiger Films
Original Language
Release Date (Theaters)
Oct 9, 2020, Limited
Release Date (Streaming)
Dec 8, 2020
1h 18m
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