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1957 1h 30m Drama List
Reviews 95% Audience Score 100+ Ratings An Indian is envied by many for his expertise to hunt animals without ruining their skin, and for his wisdom and goodness. Read More Read Less

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Audience Member Gorgeous. The idealistic formula of Ismael for tragedies and brief interruptions of the dramatic pace with tender musical numbers as eternal as they are classic in the national folklore works on superior levels than the main idea of the movie. Allegorical and metaphysical elements are displayed as Mother Nature sings its song of love among the two protagonists; Cinemascope in its full glory enlightens the romantic aura surpassing racial barriers, discrimination and even death itself. One of the most important Mexican classics with even memorable displays of poetry! 99/100 Rated 5 out of 5 stars 01/22/23 Full Review Audience Member No me parece la mejor película que haya visto de Ismael Rodriguez pero esta versión indígena de Romeo y Julieta parece funcionar para los demás. En lo personal, una molestia constante por la fotografía que me parece terrible y que brinca en muchas partes. La cinta como producto dramático siento que no está tan bien actuada. No me parece lo más brillante ni de María Felix ni de Pedro Infante, aunque sin quitarle mà (C)ritos a ninguno de los dos. Vaya, que se me hace una cinta promedio con tinturas telenovelescas pero con final trágico. Perdón si hiero susceptibilidades. Rated 3.5 out of 5 stars 02/20/23 Full Review Audience Member Tizoc a great unknown movie although it won a Golden Globe and was an Osar nominee for Best Foreign Film, is one of the great romantic films of all times . "Tizoc " tells an impossible love between an Indigenous man and an upper-class woman. Love, sacrifice and death are the themes it address as well as class differences and cultural miscues.Two great stars shine in the beautiful and poignant images of this mexican tragedy : Pedro Infante, Singer, Actor and Mexican Icon , who died in 1957 tragically in a plane crash and María Felix, who died in 2002. She was one of the most beautiful women of the Gloden Age of Mexican Cinema, better konwn as "La Doña " o "María Bonita ". Her international career includes films directed by Luis Buñuel, Rafael Gil, Jose Luis Saenz de Heredia and Jean Renoir. Rated 5 out of 5 stars 02/19/23 Full Review Audience Member Espectaculares películas de la época de oro.. Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars 02/10/23 Full Review Read all reviews

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Synopsis An Indian is envied by many for his expertise to hunt animals without ruining their skin, and for his wisdom and goodness.
Ismael Rodríguez
Original Language
1h 30m
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