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      Season 4 – Casual

      2018 Comedy TRAILER for Casual: Season 4 Trailer List
      100% 10 Reviews Tomatometer 95% Fewer than 50 Ratings Audience Score You can go home again -- sort of. Bachelor Alex Cole finds himself living with his newly divorced sister in this Hulu original series. This time around, though, he and his sister are adults and they find themselves navigating the waters of the dating pool again -- all the while trying to raise Valerie's teenage daughter, who's also dipping her toes into the dating pool. Each one seems to have only casual relationships (hence the show's title): Valerie because she's newly divorced and trying to have fun; Alex because he's sort of a stereotypical bachelor who has yet to really grow up; and Laura, because she's a teenager. But the new living arrangement turns out to be a learning experience for everyone, punctuated, of course, by typical show devices (blind dates, one-night stands, parental visits, etc.) that lead to moments of hilarity, in between which nuggets of truth can be found. Read More Read Less Watch on Vudu Premiered Oct 08 Buy Now

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      Casual — Season 4

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      Casual — Season 4

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      Casual stands out as an uncommonly solid series thanks its commitment to organically paced character development and trust in the power of understated love.

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      Episode 1 Aired Jul 31, 2018 Carrie When Laura returns following an extended period abroad, Valerie quickly discovers that restoring their fractured relationship might be more difficult than she had hoped; Alex's attempts at controlling his new family order are thwarted. Details Episode 2 Aired Jul 31, 2018 The Missing Piece A sudden death has Val questioning her life choices, while Alex struggles with Jeff's intrusion in his family; Laura finds it difficult to balance her relationship with her new career; Leon and Leia receive unexpected news. Details Episode 3 Aired Jul 31, 2018 Virtual Reality The realities of Valerie's impulsive decision begin to take hold as Laura endures the fallout from her fight with Tathiana; Alex navigates the bizarre world of virtual dating and makes a surprising connection. Details Episode 4 Aired Jul 31, 2018 Dreams Stay With You Alex embarks on a psychedelic getaway only to encounter an unpleasant figure from his past, while Valerie runs into an old flame during a night out with John; Laura maneuvers a new career opportunity around an inscrutable boss. Details Episode 5 Aired Jul 31, 2018 The Last Super Bowl During Alex's Last Super Bowl party gone awry, Valerie introduces John to the gang as Alex processes Rae's decision to move out; Laura has a chance run-in with Tathiana; Leon and Leia are at an impasse after her recent revelation. Details Episode 6 Aired Jul 31, 2018 Faultless Bodies and Blameless Minds Following a day of misguided decisions, Alex, Valerie and Laura begin their overdue pilgrimage to Dawn's; when their road trip takes an accidental turn, each faces an obstacle that tests their willpower in different ways. Details Episode 7 Aired Jul 31, 2018 All About You Alex's "first date" with Rae goes less smoothly than planned, while stubborn John tries Val's patience; Laura returns to Tathiana with a newfound resolve; Leon and Leia begin the process of mediation. Details Episode 8 Aired Jul 31, 2018 Finale Alex and Valerie grapple with an unexpected death in the family and put big life decisions on hold to go on a double date; Laura finds clarity in her love life. Details

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      Marc Silver Washington Post "Casual" packs an extraordinary amount of plot and wit into each half-hour episode. Dec 20, 2018 Full Review John Doyle Globe and Mail Casual is a brittle but sharp and adult comedy-drama about life, love, family, friendship and figuring out that, if your parents screwed up, it's up to you to make a better life. Dec 11, 2018 Full Review Ben Travers indieWire It's about love, not hate, so while certain critics may feel the need to lash out in anger at a thing of beauty pulled from us too soon, these four seasons provide a lifetime of moments to treasure. Rated: A Aug 1, 2018 Full Review Megan McLachlan Awards Daily The season leads you down the rabbit hole toward what would be a cliche happy ending for some of these characters, but like quintessential Casual, what you expect to happen doesn't always happen. May 10, 2019 Full Review Pilot Viruet The Verge Casual never hesitated to dig into its uncomfortable interpersonal relationships, but it always managed to do so with humor. And it remained fully committed to having its characters grow and evolve realistically, right until the very end. Dec 20, 2018 Full Review Alci Rengifo Entertainment Voice For fans of the last three seasons there will be some fitting resolutions and fun surprises. Aug 24, 2018 Full Review Read all reviews

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      Audience Member I really liked this series, but this is one really messed up family. Season 4 brought them closer to a healthier place. They struggled, but achieved some sort of sanity and I'm thrilled that the series ended the way it did. With hope for these flawed characters. Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars 01/09/23 Full Review Audience Member Cast is just so good in season 4, everyone has so many special moments, I had at least 2 crying scenes (Julie Berman ep7, wow). Maya Erskine's Rae is wonderful. Characters have all grown/changed nicely. Sad it all has to end, but a well written story line to see them off. Will miss this show! Rated 5 out of 5 stars 01/09/23 Full Review Audience Member Just watch it. Trust me. Rated 5 out of 5 stars 01/09/23 Full Review Audience Member One of the best final seasons I have watched in a long time. Every episode had that same casual chaotic feeling. The writers and directors did this series justice. It ended with a not finished, but reality finished type of feeling. I will miss this show, but I am glad that it ended the way it did. Rated 5 out of 5 stars 01/09/23 Full Review Post a review

      Season Info

      Gillian Robespierre, Michael Weaver, Hannah Fidell, Helen Estabrook, Zander Lehmann
      Executive Producer
      Jason Reitman, Helen Estabrook, Zander Lehmann
      Zander Lehmann, Nick Jones Jr., Rosa Handelman, Tess Morris, Zander Lehmann, Harris Danow
      TV-MA (L)
      Original Language
      Release Date
      Jul 31, 2018