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      Season 1 – Doctor Who

      2024 Sci-Fi Fantasy Adventure Drama TRAILER for Doctor Who: Season 14 Trailer List Doctor Who: Season 14 Trailer Doctor Who: Season 14 Trailer 2:05 View more videos
      95% Tomatometer 160 Reviews 27% Audience Score 1,000+ Ratings The Doctor and friends travel from the dawn of human history to distant alien worlds; everywhere they go, they find adventure, terror, fun, chases, joy and monsters. Read More Read Less Watch on Disney+ Stream Now

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      Doctor Who — Season 1


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      Doctor Who — Season 1

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      Ncuti Gatwa's dashing interpretation of The Doctor brings a breath of fresh air aboard the TARDIS, piloting this perennial sci-fi series into an exciting new era.

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      Verne Gay Newsday Fun, lively, imaginative — with a whiff of Disneyfication. Rated: 3/4 May 22, 2024 Full Review Hugo Rifkind Times (UK) Gatwa is magnetically watchable and not technically gay as a sexless alien, but also, come on. His chemistry with Gibson works, if anything, a little too well. May 17, 2024 Full Review Wenlei Ma The Nightly (AU) Ncuti Gatwa’s full radiance and considerable charisma is on display in every scene. May 15, 2024 Full Review Alberto Carlos Espinof The new era of 'Doctor Who' knows how to have fun and entertain us, gifting us that magic that at some point had faded. [Full review in Spanish] Rated: 4/5 Jun 24, 2024 Full Review Pat Stacey Irish Independent If the episodes are mostly forgettable, Gatwa, the first black Doctor and the first openly queer actor to take on the role... is the opposite. May 30, 2024 Full Review Erin Maxwell LA Weekly/Village Voice The newest Doctor assures an injection of much-needed vigor, as these episodes promise to be more vivacious and slightly more demented than previous outings, with far more to say about the state of the world, without blatantly stating it. May 19, 2024 Full Review Read all reviews

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      Audience Member Watched 3 episiodes and find the stories are entertaining and worth watching. There are superficial parts of the episodes I would change, but by and large 4.5/5 Edit: They missed an opportunity to mix another Disney film, Matilda, up with the orbital Space Babies episode. That'd have raised my rating to 5/5. Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars 06/24/24 Full Review Ewan H we're so back! bit of an iffy start but series overall is quality Rated 5 out of 5 stars 06/24/24 Full Review Chris W It was a very good season, I feel Russel T. Davis brought back the feeling and soul of the doctor in episode 4 and on. I loved Jodie Whittaker as the doctor, but the writting fell flat, but I do feel Ncuti Gatwa is embrassing the nature of the doctor and his love for the humans. If you felt The Doctor has lost his way, give this season a try Rated 4 out of 5 stars 06/24/24 Full Review William H A few ok episodes but the whole thing decends into a mess. Gatwa is alright but fails to ever really feel like The Doctor. Rated 1.5 out of 5 stars 06/23/24 Full Review Stevew H I've been watching Doctor Who for over 40 years. I'm certainly not going to let anybody else's opinions say mine. Russell T. Davies has really brought Doctor Who back in fun way and Gatwa is amazing as the Doctor. Love it and I can hardly wait to see more. Rated 5 out of 5 stars 06/24/24 Full Review Steve S Doctor Who is BACK! Ncuti Gatwa is brilliant as the Doctor and it's a real loss for you if you let factors like race and gender identity get in the way of your enjoying the show. Give it a chance, you'll be pleasantly surprised; it's not at all what people are saying it is, people, who, despite not even watching, are posting negative reviews en masse. Rated 5 out of 5 stars 06/24/24 Full Review Read all reviews
      Doctor Who — Season 1

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      Episode 1 Aired May 10, 2024 Space Babies Ruby learns the Doctor's secrets when he takes her to the far future; there, they find a baby farm run by babies. Details Episode 2 Aired May 10, 2024 The Devil's Chord The Doctor and Ruby meet the Beatles but discover that the all-powerful Maestro is changing history; London becomes a battleground with the future of humanity at stake. Details Episode 3 Aired May 17, 2024 Boom While caught in the middle of a devastating war on Kastarion 3, the Doctor must figure out how to save himself, Ruby, and the entire planet after he steps on a landmine and finds himself unable to move. Details Episode 4 Aired May 25, 2024 73 Yards Landing on the Welsh coast, the Doctor and Ruby embark on the strangest journey of their lives; in a rain-lashed pub, the locals sit in fear of ancient legends coming to life. Details Episode 5 Aired Jun 1, 2024 Dot and Bubble The world of Finetime seems happy and harmonious, but an awful terror is preying on the citizens; The Doctor and Ruby must make them see the truth before it's too late. Details Episode 6 Aired Jun 8, 2024 Rogue A mysterious bounty hunter, Rogue, is about to change the Doctor's life forever when he and Ruby arrive at an 1813 ball. Details Episode 7 Aired Jun 15, 2024 The Legend of Ruby Sunday As the Doctor and UNIT investigate Ruby's past, horrifying secrets from Christmas Eve are revealed; The mysterious Triad Technology unleashes the greatest evil of all. Details Episode 8 Aired Jun 22, 2024 Empire of Death The Doctor has lost, his ageless enemy reigns supreme, and a shadow falls over creation. Nothing can stop the devastation, except one woman. Details
      94% 81% American Born Chinese TRAILER for American Born Chinese % 87% Intertwined % 33% The Quest TRAILER for The Quest 100% 89% Kizazi Moto: Generation Fire % 38% Journey to the Center of the Earth Discover more movies and TV shows. View More

      Season Info

      Dylan Holmes Williams, Jamie Donoughue, Julie Anne Robinson, Ben Chessell
      Executive Producer
      Russell T. Davies, Julie Gardner, Jane Tranter, Joel Collins, Phil Collinson, Julie Anne Robinson, Steven Moffat
      Russell T. Davies, Kate Herron, Briony Redman, Steven Moffat
      Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Adventure, Drama
      Original Language
      English (United Kingdom)
      Release Date
      May 10, 2024