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      Season 1 – Outriders

      2001 Kids & Family Drama List
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      Episode 1 Aired Jul 8, 2001 Eye of the Dragon German Julia doesn't have a very happy life at the moment; her mother has died and bad luck seems to be following her everywhere. Details Episode 2 Aired Jul 9, 2001 Eye of the Dragon A chain of events connected to Julia's bad luck causes her father to rethink regarding the trip to Australia. Details Episode 3 Aired Jul 10, 2001 Eye of the Dragon Julia arrives in Australia, but the bad luck still follows; Vince, one of Tori's kids, runs into some bad luck himself riding a horse called Capone. Details Episode 4 Aired Jul 11, 2001 Eye of the Dragon When it seems an ornamental dragon is the cause of Julia's bad luck, she tries to get rid of it. Details Episode 5 Aired Jul 12, 2001 Eye of the Dragon The kids discover faults in the story of a man trying to make a business deal with Tori. Details Episode 6 Aired Jul 15, 2001 Eye of the Dragon The Outriders plan to foil Jansen's schemes, despite the fact he claims to be returning the microchip. Details Episode 7 Aired Jul 16, 2001 Ghost of the Past Jake investigates the history of a now destroyed house and learns of a ghost called Bess Hartley; meanwhile, Julia is feeling more at home both with Shane and in entering the Forest Cup race. Details Episode 8 Aired Jul 17, 2001 Ghost of the Past The ghost of Bess Hartley begins to haunt Jake while Reggie's tampering with a forest map. Details Episode 9 Aired Jul 18, 2001 Ghost of the Past After another run-in with Bess, Jake is frightened out of his skin; Julia is furious with Reggie after the map incident. Details Episode 10 Aired Jul 19, 2001 Ghost of the Past Jake finally meets Bess Hartley while Julia and Reggie compete in the Forest Cup, but an accident causes all sorts of surprises. Details Episode 11 Aired Jul 22, 2001 Dirty Business When the horses are becoming poisoned, the teens start an investigation. Details Episode 12 Aired Jul 23, 2001 Dirty Business After the kids discover a truck driver is dumping chemicals into the river and killing horses, they are determined to catch him. Details Episode 13 Aired Jul 24, 2001 Dirty Business While the kids' investigation of Murdoch results in some evidence, Vince's new job turns out to be a bike-stealing gang. Details Episode 14 Aired Jul 25, 2001 Dirty Business Vince, Reggie and Julia go searching for the missing motorbikes. Details Episode 15 Aired Jul 26, 2001 Paradise Lost When Reggie is injured in the National Park, her rescuer, a strange woman named Rachel, disappears quickly; Jake begins caring for sick animals after someone is trapping animals around the Park. Details Episode 16 Aired Jul 29, 2001 Paradise Lost Reggie's rescuer Rachel claims to be a sculptor, but sceptics Shane and Vince figure she is the trapper and is responsible for Reggie being injured. Details Episode 17 Aired Jul 30, 2001 Paradise Lost When Rachel is arrested for trapping, the boys are sure justice is done but Reggie isn't; Julia's friend Michael in Germany is injured. Details Episode 18 Aired Jul 31, 2001 Paradise Lost Julia's concern for Michael intensifies while Shane is worried about where he stands; the boys agree to take the night shift in looking for the real trapper. Details Episode 19 Aired Aug 1, 2001 Aliens When Jake's belongings go missing, he is the only one worried; setting a trap, he discovers a Romanian family living in a old house and is taken hostage by them. Details Episode 20 Aired Aug 2, 2001 Aliens While Jake escapes from the house, having met the thief's sister, Anisa, he is sure something strange is going on. Details Episode 21 Aired Aug 5, 2001 Aliens Julia tries to break Anisa's barrier and discover the truth while Vince is put in a tough position when Mel backs away from him since he knew about Reggie all along. Details Episode 22 Aired Aug 6, 2001 Aliens Vince manages to get Jason to come to Sydney so Reggie's horse show can go ahead; Julia is excited over a Christmas in Australia. Details Episode 23 Aired Aug 7, 2001 Web of Lies Vince is excited about an upcoming meeting with his probation officer; an old friend of his, Mac, virtually homeless, convinces him to help him out. Details Episode 24 Aired Aug 8, 2001 Web of Lies Julia closes in on the identity of Jessie while Mac brings nothing but trouble to Vince. Details Episode 25 Aired Aug 9, 2001 Web of Lies After days of hard work, Shane finally manages to get a saddle on Lucky; Vince gets involved in Mac's deal and realizes he can get Mac out of the way two hours before his probation officer arrives. Details Episode 26 Aired Aug 12, 2001 Web of Lies Shane is upset over having to give Lucky back and Vince is depressed over the conflicting times of the deal and Mr. Miller. Details

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      Season Info

      Kevin James Dobson
      Executive Producer
      Kris Noble, Noel Price, Hermann Florin
      Mimi Butler, Kym Goldsworthy, David Ogilvy, Debra Oswald, Chris Roache, Rhett Walton, Linden Wilkinson, Alexa Wyatt
      Kids & Family, Drama
      Original Language
      English (Australia)
      Release Date
      Jul 8, 2001