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      Season 2 – The Great

      2021 History Comedy Drama TRAILER for The Great: Season 2 Trailer List
      100% 35 Reviews Tomatometer 88% 100+ Ratings Audience Score A genre-bending, anti-historical ride through 18th-century Russia following the wildly comedic rise of Catherine the Nothing to Catherine the Great. Read More Read Less Watch on Vudu Premiered Jan 24 Buy Now

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      The Great — Season 2

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      The Great — Season 2

      What to Know

      Critics Consensus

      The Great continues its revisionist reign stronger than before thanks to its addictive wit and marvelous cast -- huzzah!

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      Previous Episode 1 Aired Nov 19, 2021 Heads It's Me Four months after she launched a coup against her husband, a pregnant Catherine gains the upper hand in her war against Peter. Details Episode 2 Aired Nov 19, 2021 D...head Catherine, Orlo, and Velementov begin their rule of Russia and unexpected obstacles appear; Peter is on a journey of self-improvement under house arrest but convinces Catherine to let him attend her coronation and hand over his crown. Details Episode 3 Aired Nov 19, 2021 Alone at Last Catherine's grief over the loss of Leo during the coup finally catches up with her; Peter's part in Leo's death, and the discovery that he just murdered a noble, causes Catherine to lock Peter in his flat with his mummified mother. Details Episode 4 Aired Nov 19, 2021 The Devil's Lunch The Ottoman Ambassador pays Catherine a visit as tensions between the regions run high. Details Episode 5 Aired Nov 19, 2021 Animal Instincts A crocodile roams the court, and Archie sends everyone into an uproar by suggesting it might be an omen against Catherine's leadership. Details Episode 6 Aired Nov 19, 2021 A Simple Jape Catherine is frustrated by the lack of meaningful change in her rule of Russia; seeking to shake the court out of its complacency, she plays a joke on them. Details Episode 7 Aired Nov 19, 2021 Stapler Catherine's team is falling apart and she begins doubting her reign when her mother comes to visit; she works hard to hide the realities of the court from her mother and puts on a science fair. Details Episode 8 Aired Nov 19, 2021 Five Days Elizabeth pronounces that Catherine's baby will be born in five days; the court begins preparations and performs rituals for Peter and Catherine; conflict with the Ottomans heightens, and Catherine tries to run the country while on forced bed rest. Details Episode 9 Aired Nov 19, 2021 Walnut Season Catherine and Peter co-parent their newborn son, Paul, with the help of Elizabeth and try to avoid their feelings for each other. Details Episode 10 Aired Nov 19, 2021 Wedding Catherine makes a devastating discovery about Peter before traveling to the war front for a meeting with the Sultan; Peter considers his options now that Catherine knows his secret. Details Next
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      Critics Reviews

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      Previous Jack Seale Guardian Every scene, every line of Tony McNamara’s script carries its own wicked hedonism: there is always something to enjoy that’s ruder, sillier or sharper than other shows would dare to include. 5/5 Jul 28, 2022 Full Review Anita Singh Daily Telegraph (UK) A bawdy romp that revels in its own absurdity, an X-rated Horrible Histories filled with dialogue that feels made for TikTok. 3/5 Jul 28, 2022 Full Review Brad Newsome Sydney Morning Herald This rambunctiously dark and anti-historical comedy from Australian playwright Tony McNamara has returned in brilliant style. Nov 30, 2021 Full Review Rick Bentley KGET-TV (Bakersfield, CA) It is a fun historical romp powered by the energy brought to the small screen by Fanning and Hoult. 3.4/5 Aug 10, 2023 Full Review Alison Rowat The Herald (Scotland) The Great roared back for a second series, just as delightfully anarchic as ever. Aug 5, 2022 Full Review Christopher Stevens Daily Mail (UK) The first season was often cluttered and confused, crowded with too many actors fighting for the camera’s attention in outlandish costumes. But this time round, a smaller cast with plenty of space between them evokes the grandeur of a royal court. 4/5 Aug 4, 2022 Full Review Read all reviews Next
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      Audience Ratings

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      Previous Will B The show went from bad to worse. Not only does it continue its historically insulting narrative, but it takes Catherine from being a visionary to simply being a bitch. It also begins to push a false dichotomy between reason and religion. This is a show that continues the modern narrative that white men and a version of Christianity in power is bad - while women, ethnic minorities, and any religion other than Christianity are good. It's identity politics and cultural propaganda. Nothing more. Rated 0.5 out of 5 stars 11/27/23 Full Review Ashley R My favorite season of the show. I felt that we really got to explore the characters a bit more in this season. Love that the silliness and humor of the series continues. Rated 5 out of 5 stars 10/03/23 Full Review Harsh C Took a couple of episodes to get going but really enjoyed the character developments in this season Rated 4 out of 5 stars 10/01/23 Full Review Ryan K Historical fiction that features more character growth for the leads than the first season. Season two of The Great is as entertaining as the first season, while fleshing out some of the characters more than in the previous season. The costumes and sets are as marvelous as the previous season, and there is less emphasis on ridiculous antics and more emphasis on relationships in the current season. The wordplay is clever and hilarious at times. The show continues to take massive liberties with history, but it doesn't affect the audience's enjoyment of the show given that caveat. Overall, fans of comedic historical fiction will enjoy season two of The Great. Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars 09/18/23 Full Review Thom M ...............Huzzah! Rated 5 out of 5 stars 06/08/23 Full Review Maggie M I am hooked. I am so happy that I happened upon this series. I love the wit and drama and the sex is fun too! Rated 5 out of 5 stars 06/02/23 Full Review Read all reviews Next Post a review

      Season Info

      Executive Producer
      Tony McNamara, Marian Macgowan, Josh Kesselman, Ron West, Brittany Kahan Ward, Doug Mankoff, Andrew Spaulding, Elle Fanning, Mark Winemaker, Matt Shakman
      History, Comedy, Drama
      Original Language
      Release Date
      Nov 19, 2021
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