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      Season 3 – The Rookie

      2021 Crime Drama TRAILER for The Rookie: Season 3 First Look List
      Reviews 34% 250+ Ratings Audience Score Starting over isn't easy, especially for small-town guy John Nolan, who, after a life-altering incident, is pursuing his dream of becoming an LAPD officer. As the force's oldest rookie, he's met with skepticism from some higher-ups who see him as just a walking midlife crisis. If he can't keep up with the young cops and the criminals, he'll be risking lives -- including his own -- but if he can use his life experience, determination and sense of humor to give him an edge, he may just become successful in this new chapter of his life. Read More Read Less Watch on Vudu Premiered Jan 04 Buy Now

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      Episode 1 Aired Jan 3, 2021 Consequences Nearing the end of his training, Nolan faces his biggest challenge as a police officer yet when he must come to terms with the choices he has made in pursuit of the truth. Details Episode 2 Aired Jan 10, 2021 In Justice Officer John Nolan and Officer Nyla Harper are assigned to a community policing center in an attempt to rebuild their station's reputation in the community. Details Episode 3 Aired Jan 17, 2021 La Fiera Officer John Nolan's mom makes an unannounced visit, which complicates his life; Sgt. Grey considers retiring. Details Episode 4 Aired Jan 24, 2021 Sabotage Officer Jackson West's relationship with his new training officer, Stanton, escalates, and he begins to work with Sgt. Grey to find a solution. Details Episode 5 Aired Feb 14, 2021 Lockdown Officer Nolan is taken hostage by a man with nothing to lose; Officer Jackson and his training officer, Officer Doug Stanton, reach a tipping point in their relationship that could end Jackson's career. Details Episode 6 Aired Feb 21, 2021 Revelations Officer Nolan's decision to return to school to become a training officer proves to be much harder than he expected; Officer Chen considers going into undercover work after getting a taste of the job. Details Episode 7 Aired Feb 28, 2021 True Crime The team gets the true crime docuseries treatment when it analyzes a recent case featuring a former child actor whose adult life has garnered him a cult following. Details Episode 8 Aired Mar 28, 2021 Bad Blood Officer Nolan, Officer Harper and Detective Lopez are assigned to the kidnapping of the son of a criminal court judge who has a long list of enemies who could possibly be involved. Details Episode 9 Aired Apr 4, 2021 Amber An Amber Alert sends the team on a race against time to find a newborn infant who was stolen from a local hospital; Officers Jackson and Chen work their last shift as rookies as Officer Nolan continues for 30 more days. Details Episode 10 Aired Apr 11, 2021 Man of Honor Harper and Nolan respond to a bank robbery in progress and realize the motives of the thief run much deeper than just needing money; Jackson and Chen's first day riding without training officers isn't what they thought it would be. Details Episode 11 Aired Apr 18, 2021 New Blood When professor Fiona Ryan's car window is smashed following a series of mysterious notes, Nolan volunteers to guard her house overnight; Lucy notices that Tim is being much nicer to his new trainee than he was with her and she does not like it. Details Episode 12 Aired May 2, 2021 Brave Heart After rushing his son to the hospital following his collapse, Nolan is reunited with his ex-wife, and they must come together to help their son; Detective Lopez discovers La Fiera is in the same hospital and wants to find out exactly why. Details Episode 13 Aired May 9, 2021 Triple Duty Officers Nolan and Bradford hope they can de-escalate a drug war before any innocent lives are lost; Officer Harper hopes she can get Officer Chen ready to go under cover. Details Episode 14 Aired May 16, 2021 Threshold Officer Nolan mildly injures himself while chasing down a shoplifter and the local district attorney wants to charge the suspect with assault, despite Nolan's wishes; Lucy goes under cover; Lopez' wedding venue is seized by the FBI. Details

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      Christine Orlando TV Fanatic There are plenty of police dramas that concentrate on detectives, and I love those shows, but following cops on the streets of LA is what makes The Rookie special. Rated: 4.5/5 Jan 14, 2021 Full Review

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      Katelyn W I read a lot of bad reviews about this season but I personally loved it. We got to see 2 of the main characters develop into p2s and I didn't mind them talking about the system being corrupted. I liked how they used Jackson to convey this idea even though it did annoy me sometimes I really liked the way they developed Jackson's character if you take out the part where they killed him. Rated 4 out of 5 stars 02/02/24 Full Review Steven V Enjoyed the first 2 seasons a lot, but they changed their writing for the 3rd season. They went from writing a good story to fill in justice worrier. Rated 1 out of 5 stars 01/16/24 Full Review Andrew G Seasons 1 and 2 were fantastic, with great writing. This season is unbearable. How did anyone think this would be watchable? I'm surprised the show recovered from Season 3. Rated 0.5 out of 5 stars 01/08/24 Full Review Telecom Reporter G S3 continues to keep us glued to the TV, and we thoroughly enjoyed it. Each year seems to surpass the previous, making the show better with each season. Rated 5 out of 5 stars 12/29/23 Full Review Ingvar Andri S Enjoyed season 1 and 2 but this is just terrible the writing went off a cliff, its just hammering "the message" with all the subtlety of a blunderbuss, i kept trying to watch thru it but it was just terrible ive seen better written character conflicts in a 12year olds fan fiction stories, Rated 0.5 out of 5 stars 12/22/23 Full Review Stephan G Season 1 and 2 ... great! But then this series did, what all the shows do these days: They start to pander. Not in an intelligent or fun way. But in your face and nonsensical. It drained all the fun and excitement out of the show. Rated 0.5 out of 5 stars 12/18/23 Full Review Read all reviews Post a review

      Season Info

      Bill Roe, Lisa Demaine, Sylvain White
      Executive Producer
      Alexi Hawley, Mark Gordon, Nathan Fillion, Michelle Chapman, Jon Steinberg, Terence Paul Winter, Rob Bowman, Bill Norcross, Bill Roe
      Brynn Malone, Alexi Hawley, Cory "Zooman" Miller, Natalie Callaghan, Zoe Cheng, Paula Puryear, Diana Mendez
      TV-14 (V)
      Crime, Drama
      Original Language
      Release Date
      Jan 3, 2021