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Make Them Die Slowly

Released Nov 11, 1983 1h 33m Horror List
40% Tomatometer 5 Reviews 44% Audience Score 5,000+ Ratings
A cocaine dealer and an anthropology student fall victim to cannibalistic Colombian natives. Read More Read Less

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Anton Bitel Little White Lies Cannibal Ferox remains a hard watch, playing a duplicitous game with our own sense of moral orientation as it both feeds and condemns our desire for the taboo sensations promised by its title. Jul 30, 2018 Full Review Nick Schager Lessons of Darkness The most shocking thing about Cannibal Ferox is that it remains a somewhat popular entry in the largely worthless Italian cannibal genre. Rated: C- Oct 21, 2005 Full Review Michael Coldwell Starburst Cannibal Ferox might not fit most people's idea of entertainment but you, dear readers, are not most people. Well worth a look if you have the stomach for it. Rated: 7/10 Jul 30, 2018 Full Review Felix Vasquez Jr. Cinema Crazed While it has its up points, it's clunky, tedious, and is a basic retread of material from Deodato's horror flick... Jun 16, 2008 Full Review Scott Weinberg Rent it if you're that curious; all others can safely avoid it and still lead a perfectly happy life. Rated: 2/5 Nov 20, 2006 Full Review Read all reviews

Audience Reviews

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Justin T All of these cannibal films are the same. Except possibly that good one where they didn't go to the jungle. There is some genuine animal killing (which should never be in a film ever and a good reason to avoid this already), some nudity, some fake gore but nothing original. The only original bit was the whole hooks through the breasts sequence. That was sickening but could not take this film away from boredom. The problems are obvious: poor script, bad acting, low production value and all the rest of the problems. Stick to Cannibal Apocalypse (1980) for a semi-decent cannibal movie or Cannibal Holocaust (1980) for a truly sick one if you are that way inclined but for the vast majority of people don't watch Holocaust. Ferox is unoriginal and not worth your time. Rated 1.5 out of 5 stars 02/22/24 Full Review Kyle J A boring and pointless exploitation flick with a few unintentionally funny moments but nowhere near enough to garner it "so bad, it's good" status. Rated 1 out of 5 stars 09/01/23 Full Review Tom L It's no Cannibal Holocaust, which would be the "gold standard" of these movies, if you will. Not quite as gory or disturbing as expected. Horribly acted, terrible music score, and generally unlikeable characters. Gloria and Rudy are too naive to realize the danger they are in while the other characters put themselves in situations where it's hard to feel sympathy for them. The segues between New York and Columbia are clunky, at best. It doesn't even qualify as over the top ridiculous gore and horror, it's just ridiculous. I'd like to have that hour and thirty-one minutes of my life back. There are far better terrible movies you could spend your time watching. Rated 0.5 out of 5 stars 08/16/23 Full Review richard t Absolutely not worth your time. Try Cannibal Holocaust instead (it's the marginally "better" movie), but prepare for disgust whichever you go with. Rated 0.5 out of 5 stars 03/30/23 Full Review R P What can be said about Cannibal Ferox? Many people consider it a knock of or similar movie to Cannibal Holocaust. Yes, they both have to do with cannibals, but the reasoning or plot is different. A cocaine dealer and an anthropology student fall victim to cannibalistic Colombian natives. Where to begin with Cannibal Ferox? First, it's also known as Make Them Die Slowly and as Woman From Deep River. Read the rest of my review here: Rated 2 out of 5 stars 10/06/21 Full Review Liam K Cannibal Ferox was made in the success of cannibal holocaust and its different while maintaining the high levels of gore. It is sort of similar and different about people imprisoned inside a village of cannibals. Overall worth a watch and there are free streaming service with uncut copies Rated 5 out of 5 stars 07/30/21 Full Review Read all reviews
Make Them Die Slowly

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Synopsis A cocaine dealer and an anthropology student fall victim to cannibalistic Colombian natives.
Umberto Lenzi
Luciano Martino, Mino Loy
Umberto Lenzi
Original Language
Release Date (Theaters)
Nov 11, 1983, Original
Release Date (Streaming)
Mar 10, 2016
1h 33m