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      Season 3 – Dr. Kildare

      Drama List
      Reviews A young intern deals with life in a metropolitan hospital. Read More Read Less

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      Episode 1 Aired undefined Who Ever Heard of a Two-Headed Doll? Named resident at Blair, Kildare faces a dilemma, and a conflict with Gillespie. Details Episode 2 Aired Oct 3, 1963 The Good Samaritan A farm couple sues Kildare after he delivers a stillborn child at the roadside following a traffic accident. Details Episode 3 Aired Oct 10, 1963 If You Can't Believe the Truth An industrialist (James Whitmore) being treated at Blair responds to a gold-digging nurse (Barbara Eden). Details Episode 4 Aired Oct 17, 1963 The Heart: An Imperfect Machine A medical scientist (Pat Hingle) working on a heart/lung machine decides to use it on his ailing wife (Diane Baker) before it is perfected. Details Episode 5 Aired Oct 24, 1963 A Game for Three An irresponsible intern accuses Kildare of having an affair with his wife. Details Episode 6 Aired Oct 31, 1963 The Exploiters A nurse begs Kildare to keep her father alive to avoid funeral costs. Details Episode 7 Aired Nov 7, 1963 One Clear, Bright Thursday Morning A doctor's pregnant wife was exposed to atomic radiation at Nagasaki. Details Episode 8 Aired Nov 14, 1963 The Eleventh Commandment Kildare makes roommates of a widow and an embittered young artist (Molly Picon, Susan Oliver), then regrets it. Details Episode 9 Aired Nov 21, 1963 Four Feet in the Morning A teen (Marta Kristen) nearly dies from an attempted abortion, which also affects her boyfriend (Tony Dow). Details Episode 10 Aired Nov 28, 1963 The Pack Rat and the Prima Donna Kildare works with Central Supply to dispose of obsolete equipment. Details Episode 11 Aired Dec 5, 1963 The Backslider Gillespie investigates a staff doctor whose carelessness endangers patients. Details Episode 12 Aired Dec 12, 1963 Charlie Wade Makes Lots of Shade An overweight patient gains rather than loses on a low-calorie diet. Details Episode 13 Aired Dec 19, 1963 The Oracle A glamorous female White House correspondent has multiple sclerosis. Details Episode 14 Aired undefined Vote of Confidence A brilliant young surgeon challenges Gillespie for Chief of Staff. Details Episode 15 Aired Jan 9, 1964 A Willing Suspension of Disbelief A surgeon, an ex-football player, tries to hide his severe arthritis. Details Episode 16 Aired Jan 16, 1964 Tyger, Tyger A young woman (Yvette Mimieux) who blacked out while surfing is discovered to have epilepsy. Details Episode 17 Aired Jan 23, 1964 Tyger, Tyger Kildare falls for surfer Pat Holmes (Yvette Mimieux), who must adjust to epilepsy and life away from the ocean. Details Episode 18 Aired Jan 30, 1964 Never Too Old for the Circus A retired heart surgeon tries to take over Kildare's case. Details Episode 19 Aired Feb 6, 1964 Onions, Garlic and the Flowers That Bloom in the Spring Kildare takes over a difficult practice in a near-tenement neighborhood. Details Episode 20 Aired Feb 13, 1964 To Walk in Grace An attractive novelist tours the hospital researching for a new book. Details Episode 21 Aired Feb 20, 1964 Goodbye, Mr. Jersey A woman (Suzanne Pleshette) whom men find persuasive brings a mysterious patient to Blair. Details Episode 22 Aired Feb 27, 1964 Why Won't Anybody Listen? The grandfather of a dead patient plants a bomb in Gillespie's office. Details Episode 23 Aired Mar 5, 1964 The Child Between A young diabetic, bitter about his parents' divorce, refuses medication. Details Episode 24 Aired Mar 12, 1964 A Hundred Million Tomorrows A young corporation president won't slow down after a heart attack. Details Episode 25 Aired Mar 19, 1964 Tomorrow Is a Fickle Girl A brilliant ghetto youth forges prescriptions as a fake doctor. Details Episode 26 Aired Mar 26, 1964 Quid Pro Quo Kildare befriends a panic-stricken intern on scholastic probation. Details Episode 27 Aired Apr 2, 1964 A Day to Remember A volunteer applicant determines to give a sick boy one day of happiness. Details Episode 28 Aired Apr 9, 1964 An Ungodly Act A private hospital refuses to admit a little girl in respiratory distress because her mother can't pay and doesn't have insurance. The girl is rushed to Blair, where she dies. Details Episode 29 Aired Apr 16, 1964 A Nickel's Worth of Prayer Two disgruntled patients, an old man and a teenage girl, form a friendship. Details Episode 30 Aired Apr 23, 1964 Night of the Beast A psychotic beach bum attacks Kildare and a pretty intern on the beach. Details Episode 31 Aired Apr 30, 1964 The Middle of Ernie Mann Overwhelming debt drives a prizefighter suffering from a severe ulcer to risk his life and keep fighting. Details Episode 32 Aired May 7, 1964 A Sense of Tempo A healthy man claiming ESP enters the hospital because of a "premonition". Details Episode 33 Aired May 14, 1964 Speak Not in Angry Whispers A hospital kitchen worker's estranged wife has a fatal tumor. Details Episode 34 Aired May 21, 1964 Dolly's Dilemma Gillespie wants a wealthy widow on the Board of Directors, but she wants him. Details

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      Season Info

      Paul Wendkos, Leonard Horn, Allen H. Miner, Leo Penn, John Newland, Don Medford
      Executive Producer
      Norman Felton
      Jerry McNeely, Archie L. Tegland, Joy Dexter, Calvin Clements Jr., Ken Kolb, Jameson Brewer, Edward J. Lakso, Agnes Ridgway, Richard Levinson, Theodore Apstein, Eric Peters, Paul Schneider
      Original Language
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