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      James Cromwell

      James Cromwell

      Highest Rated: 100% Fail Safe (2000)

      Lowest Rated: 8% The Bachelor (1999)

      Birthday: Jan 27, 1940

      Birthplace: Los Angeles, California, USA

      James Cromwell grew up in a show business family, and piqued his desire to be an actor at an early age. But he set his sights on becoming an engineer, attending Middlebury College in Vermont, then Carnegie Institute of Technology (later renamed Carnegie Mellon University ). After a year at Carnegie, Cromwell dropped out to pursue acting full-time, working regional theater as an actor and director. Cromwell joined director John O'Neal's Free Southern Theater in New Orleans, where the young actor had his first taste of racial injustice, leading to a lifetime of social and political activism. He made his first strides in the early 1970s while performing in a play where he was spotted and subsequently cast as Jerome "Stretch" Cunningham, comic foil for famed curmudgeon Archie Bunker (Caroll O'Connor), on "All in the Family." Cromwell was cast as Bill the Desk Clerk on the sitcom, "The Hot L Baltimore" ( ABC, 1974-75), then made his feature film debut in "Murder by Death" (1976). Continuing to appear on television, he was the absentee husband to the dim-witted daughter (Beverly Archer) of a Hollywood agent (Nancy Walker) on the short-lived sitcom, "The Nancy Walker Show" (ABC, 1976). Cromwell was the nerd father of an even nerdier son in "Revenge of the Nerds" (1984), a role he reprised in the sequels, "Revenge of the Nerds II" (1987), "Revenge of the Nerds III: The Next Generation" (Fox, 1992) and "Revenge of the Nerds IV: Nerds in Love" (Fox, 1994). Meanwhile, he maintained a steady, albeit unrecognized presence, on the small screen, in "Easy Street" (NBC, 1986-87), and "Mama's Boy" (NBC, 1987-88). In Arthur Hiller's "The Babe" (1992), an endearing chronicle of the life and career of George Herman "Babe" Ruth (John Goodman), he appeared briefly as a monk who introduces a young boy and future slugger to the game of baseball as a means of unleashing his pent-up anger. Cromwell finally earned his due in Chris Noonan's "Babe" (1995), playing Farmer Hoggett, a gentle shepherd who recognizes the special qualities of a piglet adept at herding sheep. Cromwell's portrayal of the farmer earned him a 1995 Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor. After tackling a supporting role in the Arnold Schwarzenegger action thriller "Eraser " (1996), Cromwell delivered an uncanny performance in Milos Foreman's excellent biopic, "The People vs. Larry Flyn " (1996) with Woody Harrelson. Returning to a softer mode, Cromwell was cast as an Appalachian mountain man in the family drama "The Education of Little Tree" (1997) and reprised his role as Farmer Hoggett in the sequel "Babe: Pig in the City" (1998). With his star on the rise, he played a cold-hearted Army captain in the big-screen adaptation of Nelson DeMille's novel "The General's Daughter" (1999) and earned an Emmy nomination for his portrayal of William Randolph Hearst in "RKO 281" (HBO, 1999), the critically acclaimed drama about the making of Orson Welles' (Liev Schreiber) classic "Citizen Kane" (1941). Cromwell then had the pivotal role of a judge overseeing a murder trial in the Ethan Hawke weeper "Snow Falling on Cedars" (1999), followed by a small part as a private detective in the crime drama "A Slight Case of Murder" ( TNT, 1999). The actor followed those projects up by appearing in the live televised version of the Cold War thriller "Fail Safe" (CBS, 2000) opposite George Clooney and Richard Dreyfuss, then supported Clint Eastwood, James Garner and Tommy Lee Jones in the comedic drama about aging astronauts going back into space in "Space Cowboys" (2000). Cromwell played the president in the Tom Clancy military thriller "The Sum of All Fears" (2002) and a resentful Vice President Lyndon Johnson in the cable biopic "RFK" (FX Network, 2002). The actor continued to leapfrog successfully between high-profile film and television projects with "I, Robot" (2004 and "The Longest Yard" (2005). In 2004, Cromwell enjoyed another career-defining role in "Six Feet Under" (HBO, 2000-05), playing professor George Sibley through its final season. In perhaps one of his most anticipated roles, Cromwell portrayed former president George H.W. Bush in "W" (2008). Following supporting turns in the sci-fi/action thriller "Surrogates" (2009) and the heartwarming drama "Secretariat" (2010), Cromwell was part of an exceptional cast for the silent black-and-white critical darling, "The Artist" (2011). Back on the small screen, he played American industrialist Andrew Mellon in three episodes of "Boardwalk Empire" (HBO, 2010-14) before portraying a doctor and former Nazi engaging in sadistic experiments on the second season of the anthology series "American Horror Story" (FX, 2011- ). His uncharacteristically sinister turn was well received and resulted in his first Emmy win in 2013. Since then he has portrayed Ewan Ray in "Succession" (HBO, 2018- ), was the voice of Robert Callaghan in "Big Hero 6" (2014) and has additional roles in the works.

      Highest rated movies

      100% Fail Safe
      99% L.A. Confidential
      97% The Queen
      97% Babe
      95% The Artist
      93% Star Trek: First Contact
      92% Still
      92% RKO 281


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      No Score Yet 88% Prancer: A Christmas Tale Bud (Character) - 2022
      88% 85% Mondo Hollywoodland Executive Producer - 2021
      67% 63% Emperor John Brown (Character) - 2020
      46% 58% Never Too Late Jack Bronson (Character) - 2020
      No Score Yet No Score Yet Countdown to Year Zero Self - 2019
      No Score Yet No Score Yet Running For Good: The Fiona Oakes Documentary Executive Producer - 2018
      47% 48% Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Benjamin Lockwood (Character) $416.7M 2018
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      80% 67% Imminent Threat Executive Producer - 2015
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      90% 91% Big Hero 6 Professor Robert Callaghan (Voice) $222.5M 2014
      No Score Yet 35% The Trials of Cate McCall Justice Sumpter (Character) - 2013
      92% 82% Still Craig Morrison (Character) $1.2M 2012
      14% 10% Soldiers of Fortune Haussman (Character) $38.8K 2012
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      64% 76% Secretariat Ogden Phipps (Character) $59.7M 2010
      No Score Yet No Score Yet Sotto Il Cielo Di Roma Papa Pio XII (Character) - 2010
      No Score Yet 67% A Lonely Place for Dying Howard Simons (Character) - 2009
      37% 38% Surrogates Older Canter (Character) $38.5M 2009
      No Score Yet No Score Yet Impact Unknown (Character) - 2009
      58% 42% W. George H.W. Bush (Character) $25.5M 2008
      No Score Yet 47% Tortured Jack (Character) - 2008
      No Score Yet 70% Dante's Inferno Virgil (Voice) - 2007
      58% 74% Becoming Jane Mr. Austen (Character) $18.7M 2007
      63% 51% Spider-Man 3 Capt. George Stacy (Character) $336.5M 2007
      No Score Yet 27% Avenger Paul Devereaux (Character) - 2006
      97% 76% The Queen Prince Philip (Character) $56.4M 2006
      31% 62% The Longest Yard Warden Hazen (Character) $158.1M 2005
      68% 49% Salem's Lot Father Donald Callahan (Character) - 2004
      57% 70% I, Robot Dr. Alfred Lanning (Character) $144.8M 2004
      No Score Yet 80% Angels in America Roy's Doctor (Character) - 2003
      41% 42% Blackball Ray Speight (Character) - 2003
      86% 79% The Snow Walker Shepherd (Character) - 2003
      No Score Yet 30% The Magnificent Ambersons Major Amberson (Character) - 2002
      59% 49% The Sum of All Fears President Fowler (Character) $118.5M 2002
      69% 77% Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron The Colonel (Voice) $73.2M 2002
      No Score Yet No Score Yet A Death in the Family Joel Lynch (Character) - 2002
      100% 79% Fail Safe Gordon Knapp (Character) - 2000
      78% 53% Space Cowboys Bob Gerson (Character) $90.4M 2000
      39% 67% Snow Falling on Cedars Judge Fielding (Character) $14.4M 1999
      92% 75% RKO 281 William Randolph Hearst (Character) - 1999
      21% 46% The General's Daughter Lt. Gen. Joseph Campbell (Character) $102.7M 1999
      79% 94% The Green Mile Warden Hal Moores (Character) $136.8M 1999
      8% 28% The Bachelor The Priest (Character) $21.7M 1999
      No Score Yet 67% A Slight Case of Murder John Edgarson (Character) - 1999
      65% 41% Babe: Pig in the City Farmer Hoggett (Character) $18.3M 1998
      45% 43% Deep Impact Alan Rittenhouse (Character) $140.4M 1998
      9% 18% Species II Senator Judson Ross (Character) $19.2M 1998
      No Score Yet 62% Owd Bob Adam MacAdam (Character) - 1997
      99% 94% L.A. Confidential Capt. Dudley Liam Smith (Character) $64.6M 1997
      59% 75% The Education of Little Tree Granpa (Character) $320.7K 1997
      88% 80% The People vs. Larry Flynt Charles Keating (Character) $20.2M 1996
      93% 89% Star Trek: First Contact Dr. Zefram Cochrane (Character) $92.0M 1996
      43% 40% Eraser William Donohue (Character) $101.3M 1996
      97% 67% Babe Farmer Arthur Hoggett (Character) $63.6M 1995
      No Score Yet No Score Yet The Shaggy Dog Charlie Mulvihill (Character) - 1994
      27% 61% Romeo Is Bleeding Cage (Character) $3.3M 1993
      No Score Yet 21% Revenge of the Nerds III: The Next Generation Mr. Skolnick (Character) - 1992
      47% 38% The Babe Brother Mathias (Character) $17.0M 1992
      No Score Yet No Score Yet Miracle Landing B.J. Cocker (Character) - 1990
      No Score Yet No Score Yet Christine Cromwell: Things That Go Bump in the Night Arthur (Character) - 1989
      No Score Yet 68% The Rescue Adm. Rothman (Character) $5.8M 1988
      72% 66% Explorers Mr. Müller (Character) - 1985
      20% 47% Tank Deputy Euclid Baker (Character) - 1984
      No Score Yet No Score Yet The House of God Officer Quick (Character) - 1984
      79% 64% The Man With Two Brains Realtor (Character) - 1983
      No Score Yet 86% The Wall Francisek (Character) - 1982
      No Score Yet No Score Yet Nobody's Perfekt Dr. Carson (Character) - 1981
      No Score Yet 40% A Christmas Without Snow Reverend Lohman (Character) - 1980
      53% 57% The Cheap Detective Schnell (Character) - 1978
      No Score Yet No Score Yet Deadly Game Deputy Malcolm Rossiter Jr. (Character) - 1977
      No Score Yet No Score Yet The Girl in the Empty Grave Deputy Malcolm Rossiter Jr. (Character) - 1977
      68% 82% Murder by Death Marcel (Character) - 1976


      82% 75% Sugar Jonathan Siegel (Character) 2024
      96% 88% Julia John McWilliams (Character) 2022-2023
      No Score Yet 80% Law & Order: Organized Crime Miles Akman (Guest Star) 2022
      No Score Yet No Score Yet Operation Buffalo Unknown (Character) 2020
      95% 87% Succession Ewan (Guest Star) 2018-2019
      100% 89% Counterpart Yanek (Character) 2018-2019
      No Score Yet 59% Big Hero 6 The Series Professor Callaghan (Guest Voice) 2018
      No Score Yet 81% Last Week Tonight With John Oliver Albert Fall (Guest Star) 2017
      80% 87% The Young Pope Cardinal Michael Spencer (Character) 2016
      90% 91% Halt and Catch Fire Jacob Wheeler (Guest Star) 2015
      No Score Yet 81% Murder in the First Warren Daniels (Character) 2014
      8% 67% Betrayal Thacher Karsten (Character) 2013-2014
      92% 95% Boardwalk Empire Andrew W. Mellon (Guest Star) 2012-2013
      77% 66% American Horror Story Dr. Arthur Arden (Character) 2012-2013
      72% No Score Yet My Own Worst Enemy Unknown (Guest Star) 2008
      No Score Yet No Score Yet Stephen Hawking's Sci Fi Masters Randolph Ludwin (Character) 2007
      87% 87% 24 Phillip Bauer (Guest Star) 2007
      81% 96% Six Feet Under George Sibley (Character),
      Unknown (Guest Star)
      No Score Yet No Score Yet Salem's Lot Father Donald Callahan (Character) 2004
      81% 95% The West Wing President D. Wire Newman (Guest Star) 2004
      90% 93% Angels in America Unknown (Character) 2003
      No Score Yet No Score Yet Citizen Baines Elliott Baines (Character) 2001
      No Score Yet 85% ER Bishop Stewart (Guest Star) 2001
      25% No Score Yet The Client Unknown (Guest Star) 1996
      38% No Score Yet Partners Mr. Saxonhouse (Guest Star) 1995-1996
      100% No Score Yet Strange Luck Unknown (Guest Star) 1996
      91% 89% Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Hanok (Guest Star) 1995
      82% 92% Picket Fences Unknown (Guest Star) 1995
      No Score Yet 71% Home Improvement Unknown (Guest Star) 1994
      92% 89% Star Trek: The Next Generation Jaglom Shrek (Guest Star) 1990 1993
      No Score Yet No Score Yet Jake and the Fatman Unknown (Guest Star) 1991
      No Score Yet No Score Yet Matlock Unknown (Guest Star) 1990
      No Score Yet No Score Yet Mr. Belvedere Unknown (Guest Star) 1988
      No Score Yet No Score Yet Easy Street Quentin Standard (Character) 1986-1987
      No Score Yet No Score Yet Last Precinct Chief Bludhorn (Character) 1986
      No Score Yet 82% Amazing Stories Unknown (Character) 1986
      97% No Score Yet Hill Street Blues Lowenhandler (Guest Star) 1985
      No Score Yet No Score Yet Hunter Seymour Robbins (Guest Star) 1985
      No Score Yet 80% Knight Rider Curtis (Guest Star) 1985
      No Score Yet No Score Yet Riptide Unknown (Character) 1985
      No Score Yet 88% Family Ties Unknown (Guest Star) 1985
      No Score Yet No Score Yet Gimme a Break Unknown (Guest Star) 1984
      No Score Yet No Score Yet Barney Miller Dr. Edmund Danworth (Guest Star) 1977 1981
      No Score Yet No Score Yet Plain Indians Fish Belly (Character) 1981
      No Score Yet No Score Yet Little House on the Prairie Unknown (Guest Star) 1980
      No Score Yet No Score Yet Flo Unknown (Guest Star) 1980
      No Score Yet No Score Yet The White Shadow Unknown (Guest Star) 1980
      No Score Yet No Score Yet Diff'rent Strokes Unknown (Guest Star) 1979
      No Score Yet No Score Yet Eight Is Enough Unknown (Guest Star) 1979
      No Score Yet No Score Yet Alice Unknown (Guest Star) 1978
      No Score Yet No Score Yet Maude Unknown (Guest Star) 1974 1978
      No Score Yet 95% Three's Company Unknown (Guest Star) 1977
      No Score Yet 87% M*A*S*H Leo Bardonaro (Guest Star) 1977
      No Score Yet No Score Yet Hot L Baltimore Bill Lewis (Character) 1975
      No Score Yet 88% All in the Family Unknown (Guest Star) 1974