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      Richard Harris

      Richard Harris

      Highest Rated: 97% Major Dundee (1965)

      Lowest Rated: 7% Kaena: The Prophecy (2003)

      Birthday: Oct 1, 1930

      Birthplace: Limerick, Ireland

      An Irish rogue who emerged from England as one of its most accomplished performers, actor Richard Harris typified the angry young man persona of 1960s British cinema, both on and off the screen. Having come into his own as a rough-and-tumble rugby player in "This Sporting Life" (1963), Harris quickly became one of England's preeminent actors, with quality turns in prominent American films like "Mutiny on the Bounty" (1962), "Major Dundee" (1965) and the adaptation of the popular musical "Camelot" (1967). Behind the scenes, much like his contemporaries Richard Burton, Peter O'Toole and Oliver Reed, Harris was a student of the bad boy school of talented thespians, with an unquenchable taste for booze and women who never let a bender get in the way of a sterling performance. Because of his experience with "Camelot," Harris embarked on a surprisingly successful singing career that reached its peak when his single, "MacArthur Park," became a big hit in 1968. Following a fine leading turn in "A Man Called Horse" (1970), his acting career began to slide, thanks to a string of rather mediocre genre films and diminishing performances brought on by his worsening alcoholism. After sobering up toward the end of the 1980s, the newly confident actor earned an Oscar nod for his excellent performance in Jim Sheridan's "The Field" (1990). He next chewed up the scenery as the flashy gunman English Bob in "Unforgiven" (1992) before playing Marcus Aurelius in "Gladiator" (2000) and Professor Dumbledore in the first two "Harry Potter" movies. Having died before "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets" (2002) was released, Harris left behind a trail of broken bottles and shattered hearts, as well as a legacy of being one of Ireland and England's most important and beloved performers.

      Highest rated movies

      Major Dundee
      This Sporting Life
      Red Desert
      The Guns of Navarone
      The Molly Maguires
      A Man Called Horse
      Cry, the Beloved Country


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      7% 43% Kaena: The Prophecy Opaz (Voice) $7.7K 2003
      No Score Yet 44% The Apocalypse John (Character) - 2002
      82% 80% Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Professor Albus Dumbledore (Character) $262.0M 2002
      73% 88% The Count of Monte Cristo Abbe Faria (Character) $54.2M 2002
      No Score Yet No Score Yet Julius Caesar Lucius Cornelius Sulla (Character) - 2002
      40% 53% My Kingdom Sandeman (Character) $2.6K 2001
      81% 82% Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Professor Dumbledore (Character) $317.9M 2001
      No Score Yet No Score Yet The Pearl Dr. Karl (Character) - 2001
      50% 35% Grizzly Falls Old Harry (Character) $163.3K 2000
      79% 87% Gladiator Marcus Aurelius (Character) $187.7M 2000
      No Score Yet 77% To Walk With Lions George Adamson (Character) - 1999
      13% 89% The Barber of Siberia Makkreken (Character) - 1998
      No Score Yet 25% This Is the Sea Old Man Jacobs (Character) - 1997
      No Score Yet 31% The Hunchback Dom Frollo (Character) - 1997
      53% 57% Smilla's Sense of Snow Dr. Andreas Tork (Character) $2.3M 1997
      No Score Yet 14% Trojan Eddie John Power (Character) $11.9K 1996
      85% 73% Cry, the Beloved Country James Jarvis (Character) $337.2K 1995
      No Score Yet No Score Yet Savage Hearts Sir Roger Foxley (Character) - 1995
      No Score Yet No Score Yet The Great Kandinsky Ernest Kandinsky (Character) - 1995
      38% 46% Silent Tongue Prescott Roe (Character) - 1994
      No Score Yet 71% Abraham Unknown (Character) - 1994
      59% 69% Wrestling Ernest Hemingway Frank (Character) $62.6K 1993
      96% 93% Unforgiven English Bob (Character) $100.0M 1992
      72% 72% Patriot Games Paddy O'Neil (Character) $82.7M 1992
      43% 82% The Field `'Bull'` McCabe (Character) $168.2K 1990
      No Score Yet 57% King of the Wind King George II (Character) - 1989
      20% 48% Mack the Knife Mr. Peachum (Character) $16.1K 1989
      No Score Yet 20% Strike Commando 2 Maj. Vic Jenkins (Character) - 1988
      No Score Yet No Score Yet Maigret Jules Maigret (Character) - 1988
      No Score Yet 82% Martin's Day Martin Steckert (Character) - 1984
      No Score Yet 50% Triumphs of a Man Called Horse John Morgan - Man Called Horse (Character) - 1983
      10% 18% Tarzan, the Ape Man James Parker (Character) - 1981
      No Score Yet No Score Yet Highpoint Lewis Kinney (Character) - 1980
      No Score Yet No Score Yet Bloody Avengers Unknown (Character) - 1980
      No Score Yet No Score Yet The Last Word Danny Travis (Character) - 1979
      No Score Yet No Score Yet Ravagers Falk (Character) - 1979
      No Score Yet No Score Yet Your Ticket Is No Longer Valid Jason (Character) - 1979
      No Score Yet 25% Game for Vultures David Swansey (Character) - 1979
      70% 75% The Wild Geese Capt. Rafer Janders (Character) - 1978
      9% 33% Orca Captain Nolan (Character) - 1977
      36% 52% The Cassandra Crossing Dr. Jonathan Chamberlain (Character) - 1977
      No Score Yet 13% Gulliver's Travels Gulliver (Character) - 1977
      No Score Yet 43% Golden Rendezvous John Carter (Character) - 1977
      73% 53% Robin and Marian Richard the Lionheart (Character) - 1976
      55% 43% The Return of a Man Called Horse John Morgan (Character) - 1976
      No Score Yet 57% Echoes of a Summer Eugene Striden (Character) - 1976
      No Score Yet 35% 99 and 44/100 Percent Dead Harry Crown (Character) - 1974
      80% 56% Juggernaut Lt. Cmdr. Anthony Fallon (Character) - 1974
      No Score Yet 33% The Deadly Trackers Sheriff Sean Kilpatrick (Character) - 1973
      No Score Yet No Score Yet Burt Bacharach in Shangri-La Unknown (Character) - 1973
      No Score Yet 60% The Hero Eitan (Character),
      - 1972
      No Score Yet 71% Man in the Wilderness Zachary Bass (Character) - 1971
      90% 62% The Molly Maguires Detective James McParlan (Character) - 1970
      43% 70% Cromwell Oliver Cromwell (Character) - 1970
      86% 60% A Man Called Horse John Morgan (Character) - 1970
      14% 60% Caprice Christopher White (Character) - 1967
      41% 68% Camelot King Arthur (Character) - 1967
      70% 54% Hawaii Capt. Rafer Hoxworth (Character) - 1966
      33% 55% The Bible Cain (Character) - 1966
      67% 57% The Heroes of Telemark Knut (Character) - 1965
      97% 67% Major Dundee Captain Benjamin Tyreen (Character) $14.9K 1965
      No Score Yet No Score Yet Three Faces of a Woman Robert (Character) - 1965
      94% 85% Red Desert Corrado Zeller (Character) - 1964
      96% 86% This Sporting Life Frank Machin (Character) - 1963
      70% 73% Mutiny on the Bounty Seaman John Mills (Character) - 1962
      No Score Yet 55% Jungle Fighters Cpl. Johnstone (Character) - 1961
      92% 86% The Guns of Navarone Squadron Leader Howard Barnsby RAAF (Character) - 1961
      No Score Yet No Score Yet Night Fighters Sean Reilly (Character) - 1960
      No Score Yet 57% The Wreck of the Mary Deare Higgins (Character) - 1959
      No Score Yet No Score Yet Alive and Kicking Lover (Character) - 1959


      No Score Yet 71% The Nanny Unknown (Guest Star) 1998
      No Score Yet No Score Yet What's My Line? Guest 1971